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This mod works to replace the low-res facial textures in oblivion for a much more pleasant viewing experience. No longer will you notice dis...


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This mod works to replace the low-res facial textures in oblivion for a much more pleasant viewing experience. No longer will you notice discolored squares on people’s faces or jaggedy wrinkles. The facial textures have been COMPLETELY overhauled. While this may change the way the faces look, rather than just making them look sharper, believe me when I say it will look much more natural because unlike the textures that came with oblivion, my facial textures are made from real life photography.

I believe the screenshots do a moderate job of showing how much the facial textures are improved. When you install this mod you can expect improved facial textures for sure, but remember the golden rule: If your faces don’t look as good as the before screenshot, they won’t look as good as the after screenshot. Don’t expect miracles from my mod. This is because of a thing called MIPMAPS. Even though you may have all the settings in oblivion for textures maxed out, if you have an older video card, it will decrease the quality of the textures automatically. This is true for all textures in oblivion, not just mine.

Version History

IFT didn’t start on 2.0, believe it or not. This section will help you track the changes that have been made in each new version of IFT. The newest version is at the top, and the oldest is a the bottom.

V2.0 released on July 18, 2006 – Many improvements have been made to IFT since 1.9. I basically took everything that I didn’t like, and re-did it. For instance, I never liked the couple oldest age textures for human males and females. They have been re-done. I also added many new textures as well. For instance, the orc female age textures are complete. W00t. Now every person who you seen in Oblivion, unless you are using a custom race or it’s an argonian, will be using my new facial textures. Grimdeath approached me with some upgraded base textures. I tweaked them and included them in the mod. Very special thanks to him for making faces look more lifelike than ever. Dark elf textures have been re-done as well. I took the khajiit texture and downsized it. To compensate I upsized the normal map. The dremora textures have been pinched in certain places to make the lava cracks look less like big orange streaks and more like lava cracks on the skin. I wanted this mod to be worthy of the 2.0 version number, and it very much is.

V1.9 released on June 18, 2006 – Getting back in the groove now! This version will add the rest of the male orc age difference textures. Also the mod will now have better base textures. That will make the youngest age group look better than it does already. Parts of the readme have been re-written, and the entire thing has been spell-checked. 5 new screenshots have been added with little descriptions.

v1.8 released on June 12, 2006 - Long time no update! In this new version I re-did the eyebrows again, and re-colored the lips of dunmer. My friend came over and helped me by giving his opinion on how they looked and we worked out a version that we both like. I experemented with orc age textures. The last two male orc age textures are included in this update, and I think they look great! Look for more orc textures in the future. I also fixed a glitch that would cause super-shiney faces when using the lowest age slider setting with certain mods.

v1.7 released on May 30, 2006 - Re-worked age maps, updated dark elf age maps, re-did dark elf base texture, re-did female 50-yearold age maps. Narrowed eyeborws.

v1.6 released on May 26, 2006 - wow, a hard week this week. Didn't get too much done. Many tweaks on the textures, but no real new content. Got rid of the esp file. All new screenshots.

v1.5 released on May 20, 2006 - Re-did eyebrows and made youngest age textures look younger for females. I added a non-essensial ESP file that makes the redgaurd's eyebrows look even. It also lightens the eyebrows of imperials.

v1.4 Released on may 18, 2006 - Completed all age difference textures for Bretons, High elves, Wood elves, Redgaurds, nords, and imperials. Now all of those races' faces are modified to almost as high of quality as they are going to get. Improved readme.

v1.3 released on may 17, 2006 - Re-did all the female age textures with completely new ones, at least for the Bretons, High elves, Wood elves, Redgaurds, nords, and imperials. Tweaked the base texture so redgaurds don't have such green/white lips anymore. Added default male textures to help with archive invalidation.

v1.2 released on may 16, 2006 - Replaced Khajiit normal map with the old one. Completely re-did the orc's base texture. Completely replaced the last two age textures on female Bretons, High elves, Wood elves, Redgaurds, nords, and imperials. Improved readme slightly.

v1.1 released on May 14, 2006 - Fixed a big glitch that may have caused a strange texture made of multi-colored squares instead of my textures. Reworked age texture 1 on Breton, Dunmer, High elf, Wood elf, Redgaurd, nord, and imperial textures. Completely re-did Breton, Dunmer, High elf, Wood elf, Redgaurd, nord, and imperial base texture. Added Dremora texture. Made readme better.

v1.0 released on May 13, 2006 - initial release. Reworked base textures by resizing them to 512x512 and adding a sandstone filter in photoshop.

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