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This small mod changes the UI of the game around a bit, making more items fit into your inventory, loot, and magic menus. The map has also b...


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This small mod changes the UI of the game around a bit, making more items fit into your inventory, loot, and magic menus. The map has also been reworked and so has the quest journal. Overall, it makes the UI much more easier to browse through.

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Download 'improveduimodswithnomarkers2.01.rar' (100KB)


     The Elder Scrolls IV
      	Improved UI Mods with No Markers
     by Beider & Tikigod

     26.03.2006 - 12:00 PM (+1 GMT)


     1. ABOUT


There is no esp file. These files should be unzipped in the Data directory
of your Oblivion installation.

This new release is a joint effort between Tikigod and Beider, we merged our UI packages
to try and make a single and better release for everyone.

This mod can also turn off the Quest Hint Markers on the Compass and Map pages. It
will remove the Dungeon/POI hints that the compass shows. The 
Dungeon/POI icons still show up on your main map screens though. 
You just have to be more "explorery" :P

**NOTE: There is no way to toggle these within the game (that 
I know of yet). If you want to reenable the markers, you will 
need to exit the game, delete (or rename) the "menus" and then 
restart Oblivion.

In some rare occasions, the Compass will show the red marker(sometimes more than one).
It may be related to putting down a User Created marker. If this happens, 
you can open the console and enter: reload hudmainmenu
This should clear and reload the hud with the compass.




Just extract the menues folder within the archive to your oblivion\data directory

Your folder path should look like,

If you wish to use a morrowwind (or other elderscroll games) fonts then put them in
then change oblivion.ini to refer to them instead. Font 3 is the one this addon uses for most of the stuff.


     3. FILE INFO


	Changes the loot windows ingame to have more items showing at once.

	Changes repair menu, alchemy, soulgem, etc...

	Extends the item screen and makes 15 records visible at once.

	Extends the magic screen and makes 15 records visible at once.

	Improves the status views a bit.

	Change the size of your quest font to font 3 (A smaller font)
	Changes your map size and adds fade on quests
	(You can change the fade / no fade and add markers if you want)

	Will remove the Quest Markers and Dungeons from the Compass if you use the No Markers version

(By default map_menu.xml and hud_main_menu.xml in the menus\main\ directory are the Quest Markers OFF versions. Use the 2 files in the "Markers" directory in the other 2 sub-directories off of the extract.)

	Added functionality where the Up Arrow will exit out of the dialogue. The Down Arrow should open up the Persuasion Menu. (This is somewhat buggy for various hardcoded reasons)

	During Class Selection, when you made a custom class, the name entry was very limited in size(limited by the sum of the widths of the letters used). Can now enter HUGE class names if desired.




- Fixed a selection bug on the Inventory Menu
- Extended parts of the Stats Menu. Can view all Minor Skills at once! (Hit down arrow)
- Fixed formatting issues on the Container Menu (Looting Menu)
- Added some limited hotkey functionality to the Dialog Menu
- Extended the size of the Custom Class Name when creating a class.
- Fixed the files in the Markers/No Markers directories so they do as they should according to their directory

- Because we merged our mods we decided to go up to version 2.0 to avoid any confusion
- Extended the inventory and magic lists
- Fixed the header when viewing a completed quest line.
- Fixed the worldmap so it works for both widescreen and normal. Also fixed cropping
- Added status screen display
- Added map with/without fade and with/without markers (4 different types) (Default no mark, with fade)

V1.4 Test 1
- Copied the stat screen from Tikigod's "No Quest Markers & Improved UI"
- Copied the taller quest log Tikigod made as well.
- Fixed the map bug in lower resolutions, it should scale to any reslution now.
- Fixed the map bug where the tooltip text was a bit outside the tooltip.
- Added borders around the map.

- Reduced the amount of fade on inactve quests.
- Changed map size (This job was a pain in the arse!)
- Added an unsupported version without the fade
- Small fix to move the date when viewing a completed quest.
- Fixed the marker on the new windows. Looked a bit silly.
- Added the new and improved(?) quest log.
- Fixed a small bug with the exit button on the new menues added in 1.3 Test 1
- Added the repair, alchemy, soulgem, etc.. menu

- Changed quest text to font 3 (from the ini file)
- Fixed the equipped items in loot window bug
- Magic icon adjusted slightly to look more centered
- Corrected some typos in the tutorial.rtf

- Added loot windows as well
- Fixed the "odd line" bug thanks to strakar.
- Changed the background of selected spells / items to look a bit better
- Renamed to UI mods




Part 01

Part 02




Thanks to Ghostwheel for his "Elder Scrolls 4 (Oblivion) BSA file unpacker"!

Huge thanks to Nosanity over at Bethesda for the great XML info!

Thanks to strakar and ALBATROSSSSS for pointing out some bugfixes!

And a huge thanks to everyone testing and giving feedback as we develop this mod!

Feel free to email me at or PM beider on the forums with any comments or questions.

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