Industrial Combat Music Mod

This is the Industrial combat music for Oblivion. A full description can be found below in the readme section.

NOTE: This mod WILL work f...


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File Description

This is the Industrial combat music for Oblivion. A full description can be found below in the readme section.

NOTE: This mod WILL work for Morrowind!

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So, you've come this far - you have downloaded Volume 1 of Social Engine's Oblivion Industrial Combat Music. Here is everything you need to know: 


Just copy the MP3 files into your Oblivion/Data/Music/Battle directory. If you don't want to force my music to share the same folder as Oblivion's stock music, make a backup of the folder and delete the mp3s from the target directory. That way, you'll have 100% industrial/electronic combat music glory. 

To uninstall, just remove the mp3s from the directory and/or restore it to it's original backup. 

Also, this music should work fine in Morrowind, if you'd like to use it in that capacity. 


I've been writing and recording industrial music for about 6 years now. I started with just Modplug tracker, a few samples, and a grand dream.. Etc. I just came back from a ~6 month hiatus (time which I spent focusing on my classical composition/guitar technique), and decided "Hey, I want to write Industrial music again" - so I did. I shelled out $400 bucks for Reason 3.0, one of the best softsynth/sequencer programs out there for musicians who are REALLY busy, such as myself (I'm a professional artist, in a nutshell - one day job, one side business, plus the production and sale of my artwork), and got to work. This music is designed to be my sandbox period before I get serious about my new EP (planning for a December '06 release, if you are interested). Nothing complex. I would describe the style similar to Sonic Mayhem's work, except more minimalistic and percussive. I didn't set out to emulate their style, however, so don't send me hate mail telling me I should write my own original stuff :) 

Volume 2 will have 3 more tracks, and if the music is well received, I'll start writing music for the rest of Oblivion. While the rest won't be as intensely Industrial, I will try and maintain some continuity with the style of these tracks. Expect something with a blend of my classical songwriting technique along side my electronica/industrial background. 

Oh - yes, I rushed through writing and recording these tracks. I'm a busy guy, sorry. I felt that the combat music didn't need much detail, considering you shouldn't really be paying too much attention to it, anyway :) 


Chameleon Combat - Soundtrack of the assassin. Simplistic even-beat percussion opening with rhythmic synthesizers and a "creep" feel. 

Face Off - Intense fast-paced percussive track, featuring synthesizers, various noise devices, and piano. 

Just Run - Themed for melee combat; I picture a paladin type character, down to his last few bits of health and stamina, fighting an intense battle, with this track. Features raw distorted percussion, synthesizers, and heavily tweaked vocal choir/string mix near the end. 


Visit for music projects by myself (this music is recorded under the alias "Social Engine"). Also, don't forget to hit my art/design website at - I'm a whore ;) 


Ok, I don't care if you redistribute this - I'm all cool with that. However, I'd like to know if you include it in your mod, or use it for anything other than Oblivion (I especially need to know if you use it for any movie/animation/game soundtracks). Just make sure you give me credit, and let people know about my music website ( If you'd like to modify the works, let me know, and I can send you the .rsn file (I forced myself to use the stock Reason sounds for this one, so you should be able to open it). I just request that you give me credit in some form in your final product.

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