J3X's Flails Resource



This mod finally adds swinging flails! This mod can be used as a regular mod or a modder's resource. It includes a video trailor of the flails: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gGXZxWSuNUk This is one of the best weapion mods that I have ever seen. You can get them at Slash 'N Smash in the Imperial City. Unfortunatly they the flails do not stop spinning so they are not havocked, it is just an animation. He would like some help on this issue sp email him at: jex_mus.hotmail.com




J3X's Flails Resource 0.1a


 This mod or resource will add 3 brand new fully animated flails into Oblivion; Iron Flail, Steel Flail & Dwemer Flail.

How to get them:
 You can buy them from Slash 'N Smash. The stats are the same as for the maces.

Modders Resource:
 You may use them in your own mod, edit them and do nearly everything with them, just as long you credit me for creating them.
 If you do so, pleases include my website in your readme, www.j3x.webb.se.

 Since I don't know how to script them to only swing around when you attack with them they will always spin around. - If you know how to solve this please contact me :)
 No other know bugs.

Credits & Contact:
 You can contact me (J3X) at:
  Mail: jex_mus [at] hotmail [dot] com
  Website: www.j3x.webb.se
  TESNexus: J3X
  Official Forum: Nib

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