KF Chapel Shop



KF Chapel Shop v1.0 12-5-2008 Floydian1 & Kalia

For the HGEC body. Will work with any Exnem-compatible body texture-wise, but only if you wear complete outfits. Other bodies will have messed up textures when clothing is equipped.

See screenshot for location. A fast-travel-enabled marker will show up on your map. You must have borders turned off in the .ini. [My DocumentsMy GamesOblivion]

Chrome: It won't be chrome unless you have Window Reflections set to On in your Video Settings. They will appear dull at night.

The chapel has a *lot* of stuff in/around it. It was made & tested on a fairly high-end setup. FPS may suffer on others.

If you do not have textures set at "Large", the soulshade sword will not appear correctly.

There will be clipping.

Installation: standard. Unzip to your data folder. All files are in unique folders. Should be no conflicts.

Credits: Any conversions of meshes to this HGEC body done by kalia, blame clipping on her. :P

For full credits by item, please see separate spreadsheet.

Original meshwork/textures used in this mod by: Windy Addonay Divine Avenger VagabondAngel NPR Speedbuster Palerider Deacon Hentai Kikaimegami Growlf Zhu Sinblood Chingari Bui Naglio TaylorSD Cethagus LothDeBonneville NPR Kalikut NioLiv JClyde Xiamara Apachii Nivea Petrovich DavidWhitefang Helborne Koutetsu Xilverbullet AlienSlof J3X Phijama Preat_2205 Cethegus Rinzei Luchaire Scanti Capucine IDKRR Exnem JDayT Speedbuster Cordwainer

Special Credit: **Xilverbullet for the amazing effects from Midas Magic that were used on the orbs and lightning swords! Thank you very much for letting us use those! Check out Midas Magic here: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail&id=2502


As you can see by the list above, there's a lot of others' work here. Thus, re-use/conversion permissions can't be granted. Do not re-upload this or include it in whole or in part in any compilations, period. If I have left Oblivion modding & *want* it re-uploaded, I will change this section, otherwise, this stands, regardless of whether or not you can contact me.

This mod is never to be uploaded to TESNexus under any circumstancesever.


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