Kumiko Manor

The original homes in Oblivion just not doing it for you? Looking for a place that has it all, and more? Well look no further! The prestigio...

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The original homes in Oblivion just not doing it for you? Looking for a place that has it all, and more? Well look no further! The prestigious Kumiko family has decided to leave Cyrodiil for their summer home in Morrowind; and their manor at Topal Bay must be sold! Academician Nwahs, Professor of Alchemy at the Cyrodiil University is in charge of the sale; and for a mere seventy five thousand gold this illustrious home can be yours. Feel free to view the flyers placed around Leyawiin for more information. The Acedmician himself is currently down at the house managing the estate and awaiting a buyer.

The manor is located about one mile south-southeast of the town of Leyawiin, follow the main road east out of Leyawiin and take the cobblestone path that branches from it. You shouldn't encounter any dangers along the road until you near Tidewater Cave which has its entrance nearby. You will be greeted by an expansive island with lush vegetation and a well kept landscape.

The back yard is completely circled in an impenetrable wooden fence and secured by a gate tall enough to keep even acrobats out. As you enter you will find to your left the unique and unsurpassed Kumiko Alchemic Laboratory. It has enough storage space for every ingredient in Tamriel as well as a unique set of apparati. Activating them begins your alchemic experiment immediately without need of any apparati in your inventory. Included as well is the Alchemy Ingredient chest, it can hold up to two different ingredients and over the weeks time the locals will gather a large quantity for your use. Unlike those greedy mages in the Arcane University, these ingredients stay in the chest forever, though a friendly reminder alerts you once a week has passed and his ingredients are gathered.

To your right you will see an amazing replica of a priory that acts as the Kumiko's private alchemy garden. Outside is a selection of all the choice food ingredients for everyday consumption. While on the inside is a selection of all ingredients all over Tamriel, even ingredients normally only found in Oblivion can be found here growing for your collection. Across from the garden is the elegant backyard deck of the manor, with an amazingly intricate brick paved porch. The deck has an afternoon sitting table to relax in the hot sun of Topal Bay.

On the small island to the west is a mage tower to rival any in all Cyrodiil, inside you can find a collection of supplies for any number of spell and enchantment creations. A library with every book that you could ever want is also present along with a stock of useful scrolls, items, and soul stones. Through the portal behind the desk you will find yourself high above the Kumiko estate, with an amazing view and seating for any number of friends. It truly is a mages paradise. For those of you who find your talents best used on the sea than on land there is a small boat docking facility complete with a lighthouse attached to the island. The lighthouse can be turned on and off at your will!

Onto the interior of the glorious manor itself. The first floor contains a magnificent dining hall to the west for any number of guests. Two storage rooms near the front contain supplies for any such gathering and any needs you may require. In the east wing there is a small merchant shop, though currently unmanned hiring a new servant for the job would be possible. Also in the east wing lies the door to the basement which serves as a servant quarters, perfect for any house guests or servants you may hire.

On the second floor you will find an armory as well as a state of the art training facility. The armory has enough display cases and chests to hold any number of weapons and armor sets as well as anything else you may find the need to place there. The local weapon seller from Leyawiin stops by every few days and refills the large chest in the back room that contains a supply of Daedric arrows for your use. Across the way in the training room you will find a small sparring room to your right, though that is not nearly half the fun. Once the training arena has been unlocked you can enter and pull the lever for an experience the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere. Choose a combat level, but be wise about it. Based on your choice a small band of leveled skeletons will appear and attack you. You are automatically given a special training heal which lasts for 2 minutes, and a small quantity of superior healing potions.

Following the trap door down in the training room leads to the ultimate challenge, the archery range! Choose from any of six stations with stationary targets. The two middle stations also have the ability to start the moving target practice, watch as your skeleton target runs across the room time and time again for your hitting pleasure. Notice that each skeleton you kill in either the arena or the archery range earns you training points, which can be turned in for gold at the chest upstairs.

Moving on to the third floor we find to the east a strange door which leads to the amazing Kumiko study. It is a nice and cozy room designed to relax the soul while a fire provides soothing heat. It has plenty of storage space for those must-have unique collectibles. Finally across from the study we come to the piece de resistance, the Kumiko master bedroom. Inside is a small array of display cases and desks for your personal items that you would not wish to place elsewhere. In one of the display cases you will find the legendary Daedrofaer, left by the Kumiko family when they departed. In the chests above the bed on the windowsill you will find a heavy and light armor set the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere in Tamriel. Each set is well balanced and is perfect for any adventurer.

If you purchase the home please take the time to read through the various guides throughout the manor placed by the Academician. He will give you more information about the home and its functions. The home really is worth the price tag, and you should go buy it before the Academician goes insane!

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