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WARNING: VITALLY IMPORTANT. Before you skip this read me and totally mess the plot up for your self, read this warning if nothing el...


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WARNING: VITALLY IMPORTANT. Before you skip this read me and totally mess the plot up for your self, read this warning if nothing else.

DO NOT RUN this mod until after you have completed the plot and have the Dragon Armour and are also the Hero of Kvatch. Unless you do not care about the plot of course.

If you ignore this warning the quest to find martin will be impossible, the aid for bruma quest will have problems and the Kvatch quests will show you a brand new town instead of the old burnt one and will be impossible to complete. So enable this mod only after you complete those quests or do not want to do those quests.

Now you can get on try the mod, what follows below is typical readme stuff.

This version is your basic town, imagine Chorrol once you have done all the interesting quests, that is this mod. Only there is a few pay to repair quests to be done here. Very simple ones at first glance but do not let that fool you. They are complex to write and keep track of and ive had to simplify them to get them working in a bug free manner.

Kvatch has been totally destroyed except for the castle, the church, the city walls and the statue. History teaches us that towns that recieve this much damage are not rebuilt exactly the same way as they where before. Some perfectly good buildings are often changed to suit the new town design. World war 1 and 2 saw the destruction of many towns that are perfect examples of this. The twin towers are another example. So I have adopted this princple when designing Kvatch, its not a medieval Clean and shiny Startrek scene either, its clean in places and dirty in others. It looks lived in and has over grown areas that have not been developed. Big expensive structions that the city could not afford to build are not present, so theres no arena. I have added stuff that might have realistically been built within 2 years after the destruction of Kvatch. The only exception is the Cathedral. I could not leave the spire in the center of the town so ive replaced it with a brand new Cathedral.

You will notice the outside of kvatch is still totally burnt, i found i have to proceed very carefully here since many items are main quest items. So in this version I have not tempered with any quest item outside the city walls.


1) The City and all its buildings are functional and all have NCPs living and working in them. 2) You can rent a bed in Kvatch. 3) The local Begger will ask for a few spare coins. 4) It features a Memorial garden thats part of my expanded kvatch storyline (read the guide to kvatch). 5) A Graveyard thats part of my expanded kvatch storyline (read the guide to kvatch). 6) Functioning Church, Fighters Guild and Mages Guild. 7) A mini quest to become Count and pay for repairs inside the castle. 8) Guards change at 7pm and 7am every day, you can see it happening. 9) The new door leading to the battlements offers a nice view of the city smile.gif 10) Functioning shops and Inns. 11) Made Kvatch a center for Alchemy. 12) No Uber stuff added anywhere in this mod. 13) All kvatch citizens are unique and members of new kvatch factions created by me.

Features of 1.2

1) Stables area revamped 2) NPCs tweaked, added plot messages, made them do more things. 3) Three new purchess quests for the stables area. One reduces upgrade costs. See 4 below. 4) New Kvatch trading company to handle kvatch business links with other cities, this is not a shop. 4) Imperial Legion now patrol the kvatch road and maintain a presence in the city. 5) Oblivion plants have started growing around the outside of wall. 6) New secret room for the Count, good for magic users (see wall without a light near the counts room, the on right is the switch but you sometimes have to be in exactly the right position to activate it). 7) New Good/Evil Toggle switch added for counts secret room and street lighting, speak to one of the women in the castle.

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