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Editor's Note: Sorry guys. This mod has been around for months now, and we unfortunately never got it in our mailbox.

Anyways, this mod i...


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Editor's Note: Sorry guys. This mod has been around for months now, and we unfortunately never got it in our mailbox.

Anyways, this mod is the final update to the excellent Kvatch Rebuilt mod. What this does, if you guys don't know, is start a quest for the player to become the count of Kvatch, and start a series of stages to rebuild the city to its former glory. Once you accomplish this, the refugees from the city will pour back into the city and live their lives, as well as the workers who came to help rebuild. Just like any other NPC in the cities, they'll come out and do their daily activities.

The quests leading up to the city's reconstruction will require money obviously. Some may require combat. But this is a very good mod, imo, as it gives you control of a mighty city, and more importnately, have it rebuilt rather than it laying destroyed and that priest blabbering about how the gods have abandeoned them. I recommend this highly.

This mod is pretty compatible with most mods I use. It is obviously not compatible with any mods that make any sort of modification to the Kvatch area.

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Download '1.31_finalrs_kvatch_aftermath.zip' (13.1MB)

Kvatch Aftermath V1.31 Final

Requires = The Eldar Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Requires = OBLIVION PATCH v1.1.511
Optional = "Toaster Says Share" mod

Creator = giskard
Website = http://www.respawn.co.uk
This mods official forum = http://www.respawn.co.uk/IVBoard/index.php?act=idx&Itemid=65

Only Run this mod after you have completed the Kvatch Quests and are the Hero of Kvatch. It is now safe to run Kvatch Aftermath right after you have saved kvatch. So you no longer have to finish the entire plot to use this mod. 

About Kvatch Aftermath.

Kvatch Version 1.3 is a fully functional city, almost every building is occupied and every citizen has a life of their own. Follow them around and you will see for your self. Kvatch Citizens enjoy walks in the memorial guards, preying but most like to drink and can be found in one of the 2 pubs usually when they are not busy. Others will visit the castle and admire the trophy Cabinets.

Provided you saved Kvatch, you enter the city as the Hero of Kvatch and have the option to become Count of the City and control its developement. From then on you need to speak to various people to find new quests that will allow you to improve the city further. Some NPCs may not have any quests for you at first but as you develope the city, their needs will grow and quests will become available. Each most quests cost you money, some are combat related. Each quest leads to ever more expensive improvements becoming affordable. Though you may need to donate some money to finish the city renovations at times. 

Some renovations benefit you directly but most improve the city it self. Eventually you will finish upgrading kvatch and it will become the city it once was. But at first the only renovations you will see completed are the ones the citizens have done on their own.

Kvatch has an active night life but most people are in bed by Midnight, at Midnight the former citizens who died during the battle walk around the areas they once knew. Some look out over the city with ghostly eyes, others appear to wait around places they knew in life. By dawn they are gone and the city returns to normal.

Survivors have moved back to the city and new citizens have joined them. Migrant workers have appeared to help with the rebuilding and theres talk of several Cults, Guilds bandits showing an interest in the city in future addons for this mod :D    

So the story continues but not in this mod, the future will be unvailed in addons made for kvatch aftermath from myself and other mod makers. You will get to chose the ones you want instead of me forcing them on you. Good Guilds, Bad Cults, Murderous Bandits raiding the city, all your choice to install and use and all coming soon. 

Clearly I have not told you everything here, all the feature lists of previous readmes are gone. So you will have to figure it all out your self. 

Enjoy the Adventure :)


Just extract the zip in to your oblivion folder. Any textures or meshes added are found in the kvatchaftermath folder in data/textures and data/meshes. So you can easily find them and delete them if you want too. DO NOT USE A SAVE MADE INSIDE THE OLD KVATCH. Leave Kvatch and then save before installing this mod. 

If your updating, say yes to any requests to overwrite files. Only Kvatch Aftermath's own files will be overwriten. 

Updating from previous versions:

Before updating this mod, move your character to any town other than KVatch and save you game, then enable the mod. Wait for 24 hours then return to kvatch. During the first Game day after the update you may experience a few problems until the updates take place. After that the game should run smoothly. 

UPDATE: 1.31 fixes some early quests that broke as a result of 1.3. If you started using  this mod in 1.3 and have done some quests, disable kvatch, load and save your game anywhere except kvatch and then enable kvatch again. Sorry but its the only to ensure the quests will run correctly. Alternatively, just an earlier save, works just as well. If you have already done the stables quest in an earlier version you should be ok, just update the mod normally.

Mod compatibility:

OOO1.3 Users
Tip from WalterGr for you, use the mod manager to make Kvatch load before OOO1.3 to avoid a crash. Walters issue was a crash whilst leveling but I do not see that being the only issue likely to come up because of this. So its good advice.   

"Toaster Says Share" mod 
This mod allows you to turn any NPC in to a companion and im told it works with Kvatch aftermath by several of my mods users. I have supported this mod directly by adding 4 personal Guards next to the Counts Throne that are safe to use as Companions. Because you can now recruit these guides if you need too, the entire Aid for Bruma issue that was a concern in earlier versions of this mod is now totally obselete thanks to Toasters excellent Says share mod. I recommend you try it out your self since these guards can be used on any quest and not just the Aid for Bruma Quest. They respawn and have lootable corpses too so any equipement you share can be taken back if they die. 

Link to the Toaster Says Share

Tip: Its safe to make any Kvatch Guard a companion in 1.3, they all respawn too. 

To other Mod Makers. 

Mod makers should monitor the thread below in my forums for detailed information on the kvatch aftermath mod as i write it. It will contain lots of useful info about how i did things, areas you should not touch and ways to add your mod to mine so yours appears as part of my upgrade quests if you wish.  The thread has been created ready for me to write up the details of this final version and list any changes due to bug fixes that might effect your mods. 


If mod makers who plan on making their own addons for kvatch aftermath use that thread, then we can work together to ensure all addons made for it work correctly and make full use of any feature that may already exist since i'll be there to tell you about them and tell whats safe or whats not safe. No need to guess how i did stuff, just ask. I am actually look forward to seeing some of the improvements other mod makers make to this mod.  

Thanks to all who supported this mod so far.

I know ive been a little short with some of you and warmer towards others, its the stresses of seeing a problem but not getting detailed info so i can fix it if it needed fixing. But all the advice, feedback and assistance has paid off and 1.3 should be extremely stable and a lot more interesting because of your help.

So huge thank you to all those who took the time to post their thoughts on the various sites.

Especially these guys who actually provided more than i could have asked for. 

The Exile
Kion Gealrion 

Thanks all.

Now the addons can be made. Enjoy the mod and dont forget, if your modding it your self you can get some help in my Respawn forums. See link above.


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