Lair of The Hydra

lair_of_the_hydra.rar —


This mod is the perfect mod for the heroes of Tamreil who find themselves without challange.

-Rumor has it that a huge beast lives in a small ruin in the marshland of southeastern Cyrodil.

Also in this mod is one complete set of armor for each archtype of character, Warrior, Assassin/Rogue Mage and Hunter (Marksman, Kiting that kind of character) together with allot of unique weapons and jewlery. Nothing is overpowerd I've tested about 30 times and looked at the other top end equipment in the game. I've used only very unique ID's so it shouldn't conflict with anything ever.

This mod is most enjoyable together with my other two mods, Blackrock mountain and The Tower of the Lich King. Which also adds unique set of armors and weapons of different tiers.

The weapons and armors found trough this mod are in a loot table on the Hydra.

So go out and hunt and see if your Powerfull Wizard can get ahold of a full set of Enigma or if your Hunter can show of his new set of Daedrastalker armor in the imperial city.

I haven't added any new armor or weapon looks to the game only use whats in the TECS4 from the start, I have however used the TECS4 very well if I may say so. So it should be very enjoyable. By the way, the hydra is a tamerlic hydra not a DnD hydra so they might look a little different =). It is however the single most powerfull monster in the world, so bring potions, scrolls, and the best of equipment for this fight.


p.s The lair of the hydra is just south of Fishermans rock.


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