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Landscape Texture Pack by Aberneth/ Silver Rose Studios



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Landscape Texture Pack by Aberneth/ Silver Rose Studios

Description This is a modders' resource that contains 12 brand new, photorealistic, high resolution textures.

These are rated based on quality and aesthetics (1 to 5 stars) Included: -black dirt **** -cliff rocks ** -clover -course sand **** -dirt with sticks and grass -gravel **** -beach sand **** -red dirt ** -redwood bark pathway -river rock *** -sandstone **** -white pine chips ****

Installation copy/paste the contents to your oblivion/data/textures/landscapes folder

credits and contacts Credit: Aberneth ([email protected], TESforums user name Aberneth)

Legal I (aberneth) am not liable for any damages that this causes to any software or hardware components of your (the downloader) computer

This may be reproduced or altered in any way, as long as credit for the original work is given to aberneth

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Download 'landscapetexturepack.7z' (6.49MB)

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