Legend in the Sky

This mod has been sitting in the upload inbox for quite some time, and I apologize for it not being uploaded sooner, especially because it'...

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File Description

This mod has been sitting in the upload inbox for quite some time, and I apologize for it not being uploaded sooner, especially because it's a

good mod.

What this mod does, is add a large floating house above Cyrodiil for your player (Who else?) to acquire via a quest.

The house itself looks quite good, a hybrid of Imperial City, and Ayleid architecture, complete with trees.

The mod maker, Raylon, states that you'll get the quest to obtain the mod as soon as you start the game with the mod loaded.

So what are you waiting for? Download, and enjoy!

~ Ray

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Legend in the Sky
Created by Raylon
version: 1.0

	Hello and thank you for downloading Legend in the Sky, this is my first mod. This is a combination of a new house/quest/
armor. This mod has been a learning experiance for Tanaka and I , we think the
end result turned out great, see for yourself.

Instalation: Copy the Data folder into the Oblivion directory. Data Files, double click sky castle, ok, and play away.

	Adds a unique house to the skies of cyrodil. Once the game begins you are given the
quest and its up to you to obtain the castle and its treasures.

	The idea came from just wanting to make a house for myself. At fist my idea was to 
make something like the Anvil or Skingrad houses, as you can see the original idea changed
alot. This mod was my way of learning how to us the CS, I made the actual house but then
I wanted to make people earn it with a quest. Finally I wanted a reward, besides the house,
so I worked on making a new piece of armor. In the end I I learned alot and was pleased with the result and I
hope you are too.

	>Female version of the armor
	>Finish "cluttering" the castle
	>add NPCs (butler, smith, guards)
	>custom textures
	>the central core will have more functions
	>Sivering Isles owners will get some way to travel directly to the castle from the Isles.
	>and possibly more

	1.0-None that I can see, respond please if you see something.



	-Many thanks to the people of the official forums and TES Source forums, you helped
		Tanaka and I out alot. Once again big thanks.
	-Ghogiel a major help in the armor, I would probably still have problems and the mod would have been delayed.
	-Tanaka, quest would not be there if it was not for him, thank you.
	-Myself for the actuall castle, buildings, armor.
	-Elder Scrolls Team for Oblivion

~~~~~~If you want to use any part of this mod please contact me or Tanaka and we will get back to you.

Once again, thank you for downloading the Legend in the Sky mod, I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to your new home,


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