Living Economy

*** Living Economy ***

Makes ALL player transactions affect merchant's barter gold. A la Morrowind. If you sell a...


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*** Living Economy ***

Makes ALL player transactions affect merchant's barter gold. A la Morrowind. If you sell an item for 400 gold, the merchant's gold will go down by 400 gold and viceversa. Repairs, Recharges and Spell purchases also affect the merchant's barter gold.

This mod creates more realistic bartering mechanics and harder "get rich quick" schemes.

The NPC's Mercantile skill will be the main factor in determining their gold. Additional factors are the player's Mercantile skill and/or his level. Additionally, different merchant types will have different base gold values. Smiths will have more gold than a common merchant reflecting the often expensive prices of arms, while a pawnbroker will have less. This brings even more diversity to the mercantile enviroment. See the customization section in the readme for more details.

Fences will have roughly 50% to 70% of a normal trader with their same skills, and the player's Mercantile skill influences very slightly on their available gold. The Merchant's Base Barter Gold resets by default every 3 days while the fence's Base Barter Gold will reset by default every day. The highest base barter amount possible by default (including investments and master perk) would be 4550 for merchants and 3050 for fences. For more details please refer to the Living Economy Mod spreadsheet included with this mod.

Now a merchant's mercantile skill will not be static. It will increase according to how many transactions you made using a formula very similar to the player's skill increases. This would make your most visited merchants have a higher Base Barter Gold and raise their prices according to their skills. Their skill will also decay back to their base skill with time to prevent all merchants reaching a master level.

Random merchant transactons are now reintegrated with Living Economy. This makes the merchant's gold fluctuate at the start of everyday according to their mercantile skill. This also provides an alternative to the forced gold reset.

*** Living Economy - Items ***

This plugin grants dynamic prices to all the items in game, simulating a supply & demand system. This gives the player incentives for visiting certain shops to get the maximum gold for their loot.

Shop Based: Smiths will offer more gold for arms and repair hammers while paying nothing for misc clutter. The mage's guild and other magic shops will pay handsomely for any soul gems, Aylied stones or staves you may find in your travels. Trader's will pay base price for everything. For a more detailed explanation refer to the game mechanics section in the readme.

Quantity Based: Prices will also adjust to the amount of the item a merchant has. A smith that only has 1 hammer left will not let go of it so cheaply; however, if he had only a few hammers he would pay an increased amount for more hammers to replenish his stock. For a more detailed explanation refer to the game mechanics section in the readme.

Keep in mind that both plugins are independent from each other. So you may use only Living Economy - Items if you so prefer.

recommend Piratelords Balance Adjustments mod. More specifically his Trade Fix plugin to add more realistic and dynamic merchant inventories. Get it here Version Changes

May/22/06 1.0 - Original Release 1.1 - Added Message boxes reporting change, fixed typos and errors in readme

May/26/06 - 1.2 Released - Added the script to a merchant in Chorrol who slipped my fingers the first time around. - Made random transactions more rare. They will not take place when player is in same cell and just waits for an hour.Only when the player has been away for a while and has visited different cells. And even still, there is a chance no gold transaction will have ocurred. - Made the script a bit more effective. - Made it any gold transaction not pertaining to a NPC service will not affect a merchant's gold.

June/9/06 - 2.0 Released - Total rewrite of the mod. Compatibility should now be greatly increased. - Barter Gold now correctly updates in the menu. No more messages are needed. - Removed random transactions. For Now... - Added lots of customizable values and a handy menu to change them. - Different Merchant Classes now have different Base Barter Gold values. - Gave the Fences a separate value for the day reset from the normal merchants. - Made different barter scaling methods. - Scrapped the need to read a book to disable the mod.

June/10/06 - 2.1 Released - Fixed a extremely nasty evil bug that would make the game run 40000 scripts at once and send it crawling to a slow freezing death of eternal damnation. - Renamed some placeholder items to better reflect what they are. - Made gold spent on training, repairs and recharge affect gold available for barter.

June/12/06 - 2.15 Released - Fixed inconsistencies with the merchant's barter gold values. - Restored the functionality of the disable menu function - Added the menu option to Renew all merchant's gold. - Removed the effect of services other than bartering to barter gold. It wasn't working right at all. - Made it so the disable function is not necessary to uninstall my mod. - Made it so when Living Economy is disabled, mod-added merchants would properly restore their default gold values. - Fixed some issues when investing with the mod disabled. - Removed my changes to some actor references and their cells.

June/13/06 - 2.2 Released - Fixed the messed up dialogue entries. Cleaned it up with TESSnip. - Added a safety check to prevent gold from going to the negatives. - Removed the individual renew gold option. Editor Spell IDs dont work in the console.

June/15/06 - 2.22 Released - Added support for Repair, Recharge, and Spell purchases affecting barter gold. - Added an option for individual renew for mod merchants. - Added menu options to toggle the services feature and individual renew.

July/7/06 - 3.0 Released - Rework of the mod implementation. - Now investments made with this mod enabled will not be lost when uninstalling the plugin. - Services transactions will count in any occassion, even if merchant was scheduled for a reset. - Added merchant skill progression - Added random transactions - Included the Items plugin that dynamically changes prices of all the items in the game according to shop type and qty available.

July/7/06 - 3.05 Released - Fixed a bug regarding investments. - Added stuff I forgot to the readme.

July/7/06 - 3.06 Released - Fixed a bug regarding that would disable the menu when changing the day renewal options.

July/10/06 - 3.07 Released - Made mages pay higher and alchemists pay normal for books. - Partly updated Piratelord's prices. His clothing prices are not taken into account yet. - Raised the time delay when calculating prices for the first time to prevent it from sometimes setting it to zero. - Updated the known issues section with stuff I forgot.

July/17/06 - 3.1 Released - Added costumization options to enable to select price categories for different item types in different shops. - Added a common trader shop type to include the general trader shops. Everything is defaulted to normal pricing, but is costumizable. - Added a costumization option to allow you to select the maximum barter gold cap. - Added some clarifications to the Game Mechanic sections. - Finished updating Piratelord's prices. Now all his changes are included.

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