Living Economy

This plug-in creates more realistic bartering mechanics, a more interesting mercantile environment and harder "get rich quick" schemes....


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This plug-in creates more realistic bartering mechanics, a more interesting mercantile environment and harder "get rich quick" schemes.

Dynamic Barter Gold:

* No more infinite gold. Makes ALL player transactions affect a merchant's barter gold. A la Morrowind. If you sell an item for 400 gold, the merchant's gold will go down by 400 gold and vice versa. Repairs, Recharges and Spell purchases also affect the merchant's barter gold.

* The NPC's Mercantile skill will be the main factor in determining their gold. Additional factors are the player's Mercantile skill and/or his level. Additionally, different merchant types will have different base gold values. Smiths will have more gold than a common merchant reflecting the often expensive prices of arms, while a pawnbroker will have less. This brings even more diversity to the mercantile environment. For even more details regarding the barter gold amounts refer to the Living Economy Mod spreadsheet included with the download.

Merchant Skill Progression:

* Now a merchant's mercantile skill will no longer be static. It will dynamically change according to how often the player barters with them. The formulas used are in-par with the speed of the player's mercantile skill. This would make your most visited merchants have a higher Base Barter Gold and raise their prices according to their skills. Their skill will also decay back to their base skill with time to prevent all merchants reaching a master level.

Barter Renewal:

* Different merchant types will reset their barter gold to base after different amount of days. A common trader will reset their gold every 3 days by default, while a smith resets it every 5 days.

Random Transactions:

* Random merchant transactions are now reintegrated with Living Economy. This makes the merchant's gold fluctuate at the start of everyday according to their mercantile skill. This also provides an alternative to the forced gold resets.

Expanded Investment System:

* Now there are more investment options available to the player. Additionally, the higher investments will now give a return of the store's profits to the player. New investment options are 500, 1000, 2500 and Full Partnership.

Living Economy - Items:

This plug-in grants dynamic prices to all the items in game, simulating a supply & demand system. This gives the player incentives for visiting different shops and cities to get the best deals when selling loot or buying new supplies.

Shop Based Prices: Smiths will offer more gold for arms and repair hammers while paying nothing for miscellaneous clutter. The mage's guild and other magic shops will pay handsomely for any soul gems, Aylied stones or staves you may find in your travels. Trader's will pay base price for everything.

Quantity Based Prices: Prices will also adjust according to the amount of the item a merchant has. A smith that only has 1 hammer left will not let go of it so cheaply (or pay handsomely for another); however, if he had too many in stock, he let them go cheaper.

Regional Prices: Different Cities will offer different prices for different types of items. Also introduces Global Economy and Local Economy factors that will modify prices of all items in their respective places (whole province or local city). You'll be able to sell weapons in Leyawiin for a higher price than you would on Skingrad, buy glass items cheaper on Cheydinhal, sell luxury items higher on Anvil, etc... Refer to the spreadsheet for more details, it's too much to put here.

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