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There was a day long ago, when I thought that lonely Ocato sitting in his chair is one of the most sad things to see while playing Oblivion. And so I started this mod. Now I present to you its second generation, development of which had three main goals: stability, seamlessness, lore-friendliness. I tried my best to make this mod able to fit into any given modlist, while keeping it worth playing and looking like it always was there.

Now let's go into some details.

Now every floor of White-Gold Tower has its own noticable features, so you can easily distinct them from each other and tell without a doubt on which floor you are at any given time without even looking at the map. Lots of wimpels, flowerboxes, statues and rebalanced lighting give the tower a real palace feel. There are two levels of councilmen private chambers close to the main hall, higher levels are occupied by emperor and princes chambers. Be careful, as those are heavily guarded. If you keep going up, you may fing yourself standing on top of the highest tower in Tamriel.
The Elder Council consists of twenty-six Imperial nobility representatives and the High Chancellor. But, as the Oblivion Crisis broke out, many of them had to leave for their home provinces. For that reason, most of the time you will find that less then half of the chairs are occupied. Moreover, councilors do not spend all their time ruling the Empire, every one of them have their own scheldule, so they can eat, sleep, go for a walk, or do specific activities.

If your problem is not threatening the Empire itself you should head for the Usual Department, which is suited above the Elder Council floor.
Each member of Imperial authorities is equipped with items appropriate to their status, so the mod contains a number of new dresses. Design of apparel, as well as some of the new interiors and miscellaneous objects is inspired by ESO and Skyrim.



Oblivion GOTY

Classic plugin does not edit any default NPCs excepting Ocato.
Limited plugin re-equips and re-levels all Moth priests and palace guards.
Please, do not activate more than one plugin file at a time.

Paste into Data folder, or create OMOD or Bash Installer.
If you use body replacers, install the body patch, overwrite conflicts.
Activate only one plugin file.

Delete all .esp files along with
or turn if off through OBMM or WB.

meo3000 for Meos City Maps
meo3000 for Meos Window Boxes
meo3000 for Meos Labyrinth Garden
GreyFox77 for Flag Banner
Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Long live the Empire!

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