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Who here was disappointed with the magical shields in Oblivion? I'm sure many people were, including this modder who thought he would crea...


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Who here was disappointed with the magical shields in Oblivion? I'm sure many people were, including this modder who thought he would create his own textures for the magical shields. This mod is the result of his work, and the shields look great might I say. Each is original, inventive, colourful and cool! Didn't have time to play through this one, but it does look really good. Before installing read the readme, this mod in incompatible with anything that tweaks shield stats. Make sure you get part 2.

Download and enjoy!


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Download 'mz_shields_v16a1.7z.001' (9.54MB)

Magical Shields v1.6 (Final Version)
Created by J. "Metz" Hayes
created using Oblivion Contruction Set v1.2.404, Paint Shop Pro v9, Adobe Photoshop CS2 v9.02, Nvidia DDS Plugins v 8.23

What the mod does

I was bit disappointed when I obtained the Shield of the Sun in game and dropped it along with a steel shield and couldn't visually tell the difference. So I thought that since Bethesda didn't make unique textures for that shield, that I would do it.  Wweeeellll one thing lead to another.  This mod is the result.

This mod will put into place textures for all basic Oblivion magical shields. Unique, Leveled and Artifact Shields are not included.  Now all 'named' shield will have it's own unique texture to differentiate them from the ordinary stock shields. 

This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes the stats, etc of any of the shields contained herein.

There are two .esp files in this package.  Only use one of the esp files.

*   mz_Shields.esp  Vanilla Oblivion - no Shivering Isles
*   mz_Shields_SI.esp   Adds cursed shield from Shivering Isles for the magical shields contained in this mod. 
    ( I haven't done any of the magical shields uniquely SI.)

*  Unzip to a temp directory
*  Move (Copy) the .esp, Meshes Folder, and Textures folder in your Oblivion Data Directory
(Alternatively if you have the Oblivion Mod Manager create an OMOD using the archive file)

Change History

v1.1  Contains the following:  

-  All shields based upon the Light Iron (Chainmail) Shield Mesh
-  All shields based upon the Fur Mesh
-  Shield of the Tower
-  Defender's Shield
-  Sylvan BarkShield
-  Shield of Animus
-  Clanfear Hide Shield
-  Mercury Shield
-  Burning Shield
-  Shield of the Sun

v1.2  Contains the following:  

-  added All shields based upon the Elven Shield Mesh
-  added All shields based upon the Ebony Shield Mesh
-  added Stormlords Shield (Daedric Mesh)
-  added Stormhammer Shield (Dwarven Mesh)
-  added Hammerfell Shield (Iron Mesh)
-  added Cured Shield (Leather Mesh)
-  added Shield of Frost (Leather Mesh)
-  added Shield of the Red Mountain (Mithril Mesh)
-  added Extinguishing Shield (Steel Mesh)


-  Duh ! Would you believe that Elven and Fur shields have a mesh for FEMALES in the Construction Set. No wonder I was having trouble with getting the shields to show when I picked them up in the test room.  
-  added Test Room (player.coc TestMzShields)
-  added Normal Map textures
-  renamed meshes and textures to eliminate unnecessary underscores as Oblivion has a problem with excess underscores.
-  added all the shields into the .esp (s I can see what still needs to be done while in the testing room)


-  completed remaining shields based upon the Iron Shield Mesh
-  reworked all of the shields based upon the Fur Shield Mesh
-  completed all of the shields based upon the Leather Shield Mesh


-  copped out on the Glass shields - I used as mess of shields from various retexture mods.  
   Thanks to all of you who did the work on thos shields.
-  Completed all the shields based upon the Daedric Mesh.
-  Reworked the normal maps
-  Reworked the Shield of the Empire.
-  Completed all the shields based upon the Mithril Shield Mesh.
-  Reworked 3 of the Leather Shield Mesh shields.   (see Leather shield image)
-  Reworked the Tiger Fang Shield.
-  Completed all the shields based upon the Orcish Shield Mesh

v1.6 (Final version)

-  Completed all the shields based upon the Steel Shield Mesh
-  Completed all the shields based upon the Dwarven Steel Mesh
-  Added mz_Shields_SI.esp for those who want the cursed shields that match the one in this mod. (Someone else may have the pleasure of doing up the other SI shields)
-  To nachtefuchs: You'll find WITCHFINDER2.NIF and WITCHFINDER2.DDS in this file.  Rename to WITCHFINDERS.NIF and WITCHFINDERS.DDS.  Hope the eyes on a black shield do the trick for ya.

v1.6a (definitely Final)
-  For some reason Oblivion didn't like one of my steel meshes ... fiexed the problem  ... sorry

I hope you've enjoyed the shields.  Please feel free to use or change the textures in your mods.  Just give credit where credit is due.
Cheers from Australia from a Yank living abroad.

Thanks and Credits
Shield                      Mod Used for Mesh/Texture
Shield of the Sun --------- texture from Shields of Antiquity by Gervas
Hardened Shield -----------	texture from Klarre Forestheart
Mud Crab Shield ----------- base texture from Shields of Antiquity
Shield Textures ----------- Ruze84 and his MasterworkArmors mod

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