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MMM adds over 50 creatures and NPCs to the game, applies unique behaviour and scaling to all of them, and balances them into Oblivion's leve...


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MMM adds over 50 creatures and NPCs to the game, applies unique behaviour and scaling to all of them, and balances them into Oblivion's levelled lists.

It does this courtesy of Oblivion Reloaded's creature component, Axebane's Hunter's mod, and Creature Continuum meshed together and cross-applying features from all three into a single balanced creature mod.

Spiffy features include:

* Over 50 new and diverse creatures and NPCs to fight and liven up the encounters in Tamriel * Statically scaled levelling -- meet creatures and NPCs more poweruful than you, and less powerful than you, regardless of your level as you level. * Meet new creatures and NPCs even up to level 35 * All creatures and many NPCs invidually and uniquely sized, with statistics to match -- no more cave of goblins all identical in height! * All creatures and many NPCs spawn with varied combat behaviour * Guards now come in various skill levels and ranks * Wildlife that behaves more naturally -- some animals are tame, some flee, some fight back only when attacked etc * New ingredients for Hunters to appreciate -- and meat that heals! * Some NPCs may flee, based on their stats and level * Some less noble NPCs may 'feign death' and revive later * Some undead come back from, well, the dead * Races are resized to create a greater difference between them, with orcs and nords also bulkier

Full credit goes to MarkyX for Oblivion Reloaded, Axebane for Hunters, and rek075 for Creature Continuum which, after going through it in the CS, is a work of art.

MMM is a careful merging of Oblivion Reloaded's creature component with Axebane's Hunters and Creature Continuum, with the following changes:

+ Added CC's sizing scripts to OR's NPC's and creatures + Added Hunter's ingredients to OR's creatures + Added Hunter's Natural Wildlife to OR's creatures and CC's creature sizing scripts + Hand-merged OR's creatures and NPCs into CC's levelled lists + Resized races and weight for greater effect (wood elves are shorter, argonians and khajit taller, orcs and nords bigger etc) + Made Orcs and Nords bulkier (ala Bulkier Orcs and Nords mod -- females included too this time) + Balanced base scaling for many many creatures + Tweaked CC's sizing values for creatures, NPCs and races in line with base scaling

Additionally, a number creatures were tweaked (made Giants even more giant, made Champion Ogre much bigger etc), meats and pelts were removed from 'Dire' creatures (do you want rotten mean or ruined pelts?) and 'micro treasure' removed from creatures that really shouldn't have any (mudcrabs, wolves, rats etc -- explain why a rat carries lockpicks Bethesda, please?)

New creatures and NPCs added (all from Oblivion Reloaded):

Giants - Really, really big people Gore Rats - Bigger, tougher, uglier Elder bears - King size black and brown bears Primal Troll - Meaner, bigger troll Savage Troll - Even meaner, bigger troll Amazon - Light armor, bow wielding and fond of maces Barbarian - Two handed wielding Orcs with light armor Barbarian Shaman - As above, plus magic Bandit Warmage - Heavy armor and destruction magic Smuggler - Warrior-types with conjuration Slayer - Khajit bandits that hunt you with chameleon Hell Hounds - Fire wolves that spit fire White Tail Wolf - White wolfs that spit ice White Fur Lion - Mountain snow lion Leopard - It's a cat. A very big one Snow leopard - Snow leopard Raiders - Improved versions of bandits Defenders – Heavily armored bandits that use alternation and restoration. Goblin Bandits – Tougher, well equipped goblins Dire Boar/Bear/Wolf/Lion/Leapoard -- Diseased, nasty animals Elder Ogre - Meaner, bigger ogre Champion Ogre - Even meaner, bigger ogre (read: giant) Blood Moon Wizards - Red cloaked wizards that just don't like you. Blood Moon Warrior – Simply put, a scary warrior. Head Hunters - Argonion archers that try and paralyze you Berserker - Shirtless nords fond of two-handers. Guardian Imps - Meaner, tougher imps Ancient Imps - Even Meaner, tougher imps Mind Shatter - will o wisps on steroids Tree Sprite - Big brother to the spriggans Lich Lord - As bad and mean as they get Fire Skeletons - Skeletons with FIRE Rock Elementals - Power of the elements, mythic Fire Elementals - Power of the elements, mythic Water Elementals - Power of the elements, mythic Golems – 11 different golems and their 'Greater' counterparts. Includes: Ebony, Gold, Iron, Mithril, Blood, Glass, Water, Glass, Magma, Mud and Silver.


1) Extract to your Oblivion/Data directory 2) De-select Hunters and Creature Continuum 3) Select 'Mart's Monster Mod.esp' and play!

Note on load order:

* Load after Cosmetic Compilation, so its race changes and this one work together. * Load before Mighty Magic, as it changes creatures summons as does Creature Continuum does, but you'll want MM to take priority for consistency.


If you use this with Francescos (and I am) and you're currently using 'optinal chance of more enemies HARDCORE' you might want to consider using the NORMAL version -- between OR's and CC's added creatures and NPCs in the level lists, you'll be getting more spawns in addition to those added by Fran's. Of course, you may like it this way!

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Download 'martigensmonstermod.7z' (32.27MB)

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