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=== WHAT IT DOES ===

* Over 70 new and diverse creatures and NPCs added to the realm of Tamriel * All creatures and NPCs spawn unique wi...


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=== WHAT IT DOES ===

* Over 70 new and diverse creatures and NPCs added to the realm of Tamriel * All creatures and NPCs spawn unique with a different size * All creatures and NPCs spawn unqiue with modified stats * All creatures and NPCs spawn unique with their own combat AI * All creatures and NPCs interact with over 25 new factions

The variety in MMM is almost limitless. Each creature and NPC, both original and new, spawns with (in defined ranges) a randomised size; randomised adjustments to stats (such as strength, agility, health, fatigue, magic, willpower, and intelligence) all particular to their class; as well as range-randomised confidence; agression; and even combat fighting styles. No more clones of creatures or NPCs where each one is identical, with MMM every encounter is different because every creature -- even those of the same race -- is uniquely different.

More than this, the stat adjustments are broken into two sections -- health, magic, strength, fatigue and confidence are affected by the same value that determines size -- so smaller creatures are generally weaker too and, in turn, less confident. Stats like agility, speed, and agression are randomised based on and applied against the core stats. Speed is an important one here -- now you will see herds of deer running away at different speeds, or hoards of goblins charging towards you and fighting with you at different speeds. In conjuction with size, stat, and aggression changes as well as the fleeing and behviour code these changes adds a ton of life to the creatures of Tamriel.

Finally, MMM is the first mod to tie a creature's confidence and aggression into faction interactions -- usually, setting faction ratings creates static behaviour (if a creature has a big enough negative reaction to another faction, it will always attack), with MMM creatures spawn with an adjustment to their aggression and confidence within a defined range, and when combined with the faction ratings, creates a vast diversity of behaviour. For example, a Big Cat might not always be hungry, and so might not always chase prey. Or a spawning Ogre that has a faction relationship towards wolves as enemies may be ambivalent towards a nearby wolf, while another spawned Ogre attacks it outright. Moreover, the changes scale in accordance with a creature's size and stats with bigger, more confident creatures more likely to start a fight with those in factions they just tolerate (as opposed to outright war or friendship). Additionally, more primal creatures may attack their own kind, such as Wolves or Trolls or Minotaurs. It's a low percentage, but again based around factions and aggression. If a highly aggressive Wolf spawns, it'll be highly aggressive not only to other factions but its own kind, and could well turn on them in a fight.

The most important change the faction system brings -- the player is no longer the centre of the universe. No more will you have three different creatures all attacking you at once and ignoring eachother. Now, fights will be all-in brawls between you and the fighting factions you've stumbled upon.

Additionally MMM adds:

* Advanced fleeing code for NPCs based on level and health * Advanced wilderness behaviour for animals and creatures * Advanced combat behaviour based on Lyrondor’s combat Behaviour mod * The ability for 'bad' NPCs to feign death, and Undead to ressurect * Levelled guards, with legion military ranks * Patrol guards for roads, which include females * New ingredients on animals, including pelts and meats * New and more loot for a whole range of creatures and NPCs * Giants in the form of giant humanoids and giant Ogres * Resized races for greater diversity in Tamriel's inhabitants * Nords and Orcs bulkier (aka Bulkier Nords and Orcs mod) * The ability to encounter new creatures up to level 35 in the game * Statically scaled levelling -- meet creatures and NPCs more powerful than you, and less powerful than you, regardless of your level as you level.

It's worth mentioning that the fleeing code works not just with the player, but other creatures and NPCs as well. You'll see a wolf starting a fight with a Bandit, and then running for its life. Or goblins swarming a Troll, and then pelting when the tide turns against them.

Other features include the integration of Lyrondor’s combat Behaviour mod, larger bosses (for all types), Spriggans that may trigger a storm when they die, and encountering more resistance on the way back while dungeon clearing, with some evil NPCs ‘feigning death’ and Undead raising in places you’ve been before.

New creatures and NPCs added include:

Giants :: Really, really big people Gore Rats :: Bigger, tougher, uglier Elder bears :: King size black and brown bears Primal Troll :: Meaner, bigger troll Savage Troll :: Even meaner, bigger troll Amazon :: Light armor, bow wielding and fond of maces Barbarian :: Two handed wielding Orcs with light armor Barbarian Shaman :: As above, plus magic Bandit Warmage :: Heavy armor and destruction magic Smuggler :: Warrior-types with conjuration Slayer :: Khajitt bandits that hunt you with chameleon Hell Hounds :: Fire wolves that spit fire White Tail Wolf :: White wolves that spit ice White Fur Lion :: Mountain snow lion Leopard :: It's a cat. A very big one Snow leopard :: A leopard fond of the cold Panther :: A sleek, black, killing machine Raiders :: Improved versions of bandits -- melee, missile and magic Defenders :: Heavily armored bandits that use alternation and restoration Goblin Bandits :: Tougher, well equipped goblins Dire Boar/Bear/Wolf/Lion :: Diseased, nasty animals Elder Ogre :: Meaner, bigger ogre Champion Ogre :: Even meaner, bigger ogre (read: giant) Blood Moon Wizards :: Red cloaked wizards that just don't like you Blood Moon Warrior :: Simply put, one bad-ass fighter Head Hunters :: Argonion archers that try and paralyze you Berserker :: Shirtless nords fond of two-handers Guardian Imps :: Meaner, tougher imps Ancient Imps :: Even Meaner, tougher imps Mind Shatter :: will o wisps on steroids Tree Sprite :: Big brother to the spriggans Lich Lord :: As bad and mean as they get Fire Skeletons :: Skeletons on fire Rock Elementals :: Power of the elements, mythic Fire Elementals :: Power of the elements, mythic Water Elementals :: Power of the elements, mythic Efreeti :: Mischievious fast moving pure fire spirits Haunted Heads :: Floating ghostly skulls that want to take a bite out of you... Sentient Gas :: Passive dungeon dwelling creature Skeleton Fury :: Fire borne skeleton with a hatred for life and a flaming sword Ghostly Apparition :: Passive dungeon dweller that'll scare the pants off you Golems :: 11 different golems and their 'Greater' counterparts. Includes: Ebony, Gold, Iron, Mithril, Blood, Glass, Water, Magma, Mud and Silver Undead :: 15 new types of undead including Undead Legion and Elven Warriors, Fighters, Archers, Knights, Battlemages, Spellswords, and Lords


The creature faction design is the most advanced to date and deserves some explanation:

The system is based off the creatures temperament towards other factions, and is tied in with an individual creature's aggression and confidence made possible by the stat adjustments each creautre and NPC spawns with. In other words, values are set not based around racial relations, but to what degree a creature would attack or avoid members of another faction. For example, Ogres might be happy to mix it up with Goblins but Goblins, while recognising Ogres as a threat, are set to generally not initiate combat with these foes much larger than them -- why start a fight you could lose?

The tight integration of a creature's aggression with factions creates a highly versatile and fluid system almost limitless in behaviour. By way of example, take a simple scenario of a Minotaur stumbling upon a boar. If the minotaur spawned with a lower aggression level, its faction relationship to the boar might cause it to be ambivalent towards the boar, and not attack it. If the same minotaur spawned with a higher aggression level, its faction relationship to the boar would cause it to attack the boar on sight.

This is different from other mods that alter factions because without aggression scaling, the behaviour is static and always predictable -- the minotaur will always attack. With MMM, faction relationships are flexible and are as individual as the creatures themselves. More over, the relationships still allow for outright enemies and friendships, regardless of aggression, in addition to the fluid system of unique creatures and their particular bias. For example, this allows 'Dire' (diseased) animals to be more aggressive and trigger fights with factions normal animals wouldn't. Including attacking their own kind.

Another example -- a pack of wolves might spawn where some of them chase after nearby dear while others don't and, when paired with stat adjustments and fleeing code as the player approaches, a whole range of behaviour can be seen from something simple as a group of wolves. The variances in creature speed mean a wolf might catch up and kill a deer, or a deer outrun a wolf. Add to this how these wolves interact with more than 22 other factions they might come across while chasing or fleeing, and with each wolf having individual size, stats, and its own predeliction to fight, and even in this small microcosm example there's a wide variety of behaviours and outcomes simply not present in vanilla Oblivion.

Additionally, some creatures are capable of attacking their own kind -- this is particularly important for creatures like Wolves, Ogres, Trolls, Big Cats and more that don't have perfect relationships with their own race (Cats and Wolves especially are territorial). Though rare, if spawned with a high enough aggression they'll not only be more inclined to initate combat with other factions, but also their own kind.

Finally, some creatures antagonised by a player are more likely to attack other creatures, too.

=== NEW FEATURES IN 1.5 ===

Plugin System: Now coming as a master file, this enables a completely new plugin system. As per requests MMM 1.5 ships with the following optional plugins: Reduced Spawn Rates, Friendlier Factions, Less Bone Loot, Resized Races, Damage & Durability, and Diverse Imperial Armors. Mix and match your playing style!

Undead overhaul: 15 new undead including Armoured Skeletons, Undead Legion Fighters, Beserkers, Archers and Knights as well as Undead Elven Warriors, Knights, Archers and Lords. The Elven Lord even dual-wields with a unique Off-Hand sword textured especially for MMM.

Unique creatures: 5 completely new and unique creatures including --

:: Efreeti -- Mischievious pure fire spirits that are very fast moving, immune to fire, suseptible to frost, can hover above water, and drop fire salts.

:: Haunted Heads -- Floating ghostly skulls that want to take a bite out of you... large chance they start off dormant, looking like nothing more than a skull on the ground. As you approach they start to glow, and raise up from the floor... fast moving, they taunt you as they try to take you down!

:: Sentient Gas -- Passive dungeon dwelling creature -- yes, finally, more passive creatures! Always appearing in groups, they slowly drift over floors, are ignored by all creatures, and scatter like a school of fish as you approach. Similar AI to the code written for Alive Waters fish behaviour.

:: Skeleton Fury -- Fire borne skeleton with a hatred for life and a flaming sword -- sword is a new item, Longsword of Fury, MOBS balanced.

:: Ghostly Apparition - Another passive dungeon dweller, after a fashion. They do no damage, but sense life and will rapdily charge you on sight, screaming an unearthly howl as they charge you and... pass right through you. When you turn around, you find they've vanished -- but you've probably wet your trousers :)

New Scarier AI: New resurrection AI for undead means they may raise after a while, and provide a suprise on your way back through a dungeon or raise much sooner, perhaps even while you are near and least expect it... pack some nappies, you'll need them!

Goblin Tribal Shields: Frankpants' excellent unique shields for the Goblin tribes. However, there's a chance to find these on normal goblins who were lucky enough to find, or more likely steal, their own.

TNG Imperial Faces: Veritas Secreto's superb work re-vamping the faces of Oblivion. All new faces applied to all Imperails in MMM, and more to come as Veritas releases!

=== NEW FEATURES IN 1.3/1.4 ===

Carrion Rats There's a 20% chance (less with Goblins, due to volume of numbers) after 3 hours have passed that Carrion Rats may appear at the corpses of creatures, animals, Goblins, NPCs, NPC bosses, Ogres, Minotaurs, Minotaur Lords, Trolls, and of the undead, zombies only. Some of the rats are ambivalent, others will scatter as you approach. Like everything else, they spawn in various sizes and various speeds, and I removed foot sounds to be sound card friendly.

Imagine walking back through an a dungeon and seeing a zombie corpse or NPC corpse surrounded by little blood-stained Carrion Rats! And if you feel the urge to stamp on the little buggers, you can. Run over them and you'll squish them (and hear it)!

Complete loot overhaul Over 200 creatures and NPCs and all variants -- all original in Oblivion and those new in MMM --- where indvidually tweaked for loot drops, based on creature type, class, and even sex -- for example, bandits may carry food as well valuables they have stolen, such as gold or jewelry, and even then male bandits might prefer rings while female bandits prefer all jewerly types. Similarly, Barbarians are more likely to carry raw hides from creatures or meats, Conjurers ingredients for their trade, Mages a chance of scrolls and potions, and you'll just have to find out what Smugglers might be smuggling! Every creature and NPC has got some personal treatment, even animals, zombies and skeletons!

Additionally loot drops are more rewarding where due -- Bosses for example have more loot, or more valuable loot, and based on class and profession. Further, the life and background story of creatures and NPCs is fleshed out by the loot drops -- animals may carry bones and hides; many NPCs may carry loose change, food and have cheap rings or other jewelry; bandits may carry cheap stolen silver, Marauders like their (sometimes cheerful) drinks; Slayers which are killers for hire are likely to carry a good amount of gold; Goblins may be carrying rat meat or dog meat for their dinner and so on. Every creature and NPC has a story behind it.

Creature AI Wounded animals can now flee, based on confidence, and tame animals will turn towards the player as they approach. Behaviour when the player approaches now includes, using a wolf as an example he will either:

* Attack on sight * Be shy and flee on sight * Be tame and turn towards the player as they get close * If tame and attacked, will become hostile * If wounded and has a low confidence, will flee combat

Shy animals run a short distance before returning to normal, but will run again if the player approaches ages. Shy animals that are attacked will fight back - but then may flee again if wounded too badly! Combined with the relationships with the more than 22 other factions, and range of wildlife behaviour is as diverse as it is cool :)

Hunters 2.5 All the new ingredients are integrated directly with the MMM, with the following changes:

* More meats and pelts from MMM were added to the hunters ingredient level lists * New ingredients applied to all creatures both original Oblivion and and new in MMM, including daedra (missing in original Hunters) * Tweaked loot drop lists to keep bone-based materials on animals, reserving bone and stone based materials for more intelligent creatures (for eg Golbins and Ogres, capable of shaping stone). * Renamed ingredients to remove 'Arrowhead' -- It seemed strange to find things like a 'Bone Arrowhead' on an animal, so these were renamed to things like 'Sharpened Bone' to imply its use as an arrowhead without calling it as much.

Thanks to Axebane for allowing me to integrate his fantastic new creations!

Imperial Armors Imperial City guards, and regional travelling guards, sport swank new threads thanks to yakueb and Ionis!

=== NEW FEATURES in 1.2 ===

Durability & Damage optional plugin Boosts the durability of armor and weapons 100% (x2), and weapon damage (yours and enemies) by 50%. Helps balance out the increased fighting you experience from increased spawns.

MMM for Francescos Named NPCs and stronger bosses now integrate perfectly, with MMM size/stat/flee code applied as well. Thanks to Newcomber24 for allowing me to integrate parts of Francescos 3.1 directly into MMM. Note: Requires Francescos 3.1 to work.

Stat reductions due to wounds No more NPCs swinging at you like they've never been scratched. Instead, the more wounded an NPC, the weaker they get (strength, agility, and speed). Badly wounded NPCs won't be able to run as fast if they flee.

Feedback welcome on these new features.

So what does it all look like? See:

- A goblin camp where every goblin is a different size, has different strength, health, agility and confidence (and may flee if too scared). Some are more aggressive than others, and each of them fights differently. - A herd of deer all varying in size scatter from your at differing speeds as you approach - A Head Hunter turn invisble and attack you without warning, or a team of Barbarians scare the shirt off your back as they charge at you - Wolves hunt deer. Cats hunt goblins. Minotaurs kill trolls. Bandits fight Marauders. And Imps get creamed by everyone. Well, ok, it's not that bad. Rats don't mind them. - Zombies of different strengths and sizes shambling towards you at different speeds - Golbins chase deer for the evenings food. Imps hunt a boar. Cats hunt horses and sheep, or goblins, for a snack - A normal lion ignoring a member of a faction it has no quarrel with, but a dire one out of its mind with disease and attacking - A group of wolves passing deer where some pursue while others don't. Some deer and wolves are faster or slower than others, so a wolf might catch up to a slow one, or deer outrun the wolf - Undead interrupting a fight between Imps and Bears, and both turning their attention to the bigger threat - A camp of Bandits and their dogs fighting it out with Marauders that wander into their territory - Wolves attacking their own kind when stirred into a frenzy by you - Champion Ogres towering above you, swiping for you like a snack on a stick (with a crunchy mithril wrapper) - Golems attack anything they don't like, and drop gems when you fell them - A hoarde of undead skeletons of different size, skills, and speeed attacking all life they come across - Goblin Bandits robbing you -- and anyone else -- they find on the roads - A Raider fleeing for his life from you, and running into a giant bear that takes him out with a single swipe - Ice Wolves and Snow Lepoards in snowy mountainous areas, and giant Ogres watching the roads - Flaming skeletons showing you that a walking pile of bones really can get more dangerous than you thought - Defenders, Raiders, Amazons, Barbarians, Bloodmoon Warriors and more populating roads, the wilderness, forests, mountains, hills and the path that lays ahead of you! - All this, just off the top of my head from briefly playtesting 1.1!

=== INSTALL ===

1] Extract to your Oblivion/Data directory 2] Select 'Mart's Monster Mod.esm' 3] Select your choice of MMM or MMM for Frans .esp 4] Copy across and select your choice of Plugins from the Plugin directory 5] Play!

What are the different versions?

Mart's Monster Mod: Use with vanilla, OOO, Adventurers and pretty much everything else!

Mart's Monster Mod for Francescos: A tailored version for Francescos that allows stronger bosses and named NPCs to appear in MMM.

What do the different Plugins do?

Reduced Spawn Rates -- As requested reduced spawns for lower-end machines, stealthy characters, or those who prefer less action but want the other features MMM offers.

Friendlier Factions -- Like it says on the box. Inter-faction fights less likely to occur for all creatures, except Bandits and Marauders who are mortal enemies.

Less Bone Loot -- Another request in the official thread, reduced generic bone loot on creatures for those who don't use bones for crafting.

Damage & Durability -- Increases weapon damage by 50% and armor and weapon durability by 100%.

Resized Races -- Whether the diversity in race sizes is exentuated as well as females generally being shorter, and bulkier Nords and Orcs.

Diverse Imperial Armors -- The much improved Imperial City Guard armors by yakueb.

Notes on load order: * If you use Hunters 2.0 or Hunters 2.5, de-select it * If you use Creature Continuum, de-select it * If you use Beautiful People, or any other mod based on Elaborate Eyes, don't use the 'Races Resized' optional plugin * If you use Mighty Magic, load MMM before Mighty Magic as it changes creatures summons as does MMM, but you'll want Mighty Magic to take priority for consistency.

Finally, you don't need to start a new game to use MMM. However for cells you have already visited you won't see changes like the new Guards until the cell next resets (default, 3 days).

Quiet Feet If you use onboard sound, nearby creatures can cause stuttering. Use the newest 'Quiet Feet' mod, which is compatible with MMM, OOO and others.


If you are upgrading from a version prior to 1.5 read the following, or your PC may spontaneously combust.

NOTE 1: With the new plugin system the 'default' .esps are now *without* race changes and *without* Diverse Imperal Armors. To use these features simply load the new 'Races Resized' and 'Diverse Imperial Armor' plugins after the main .esp

NOTE 2: When switching between Diverse Imperial Armor guards and original, you'll need to wait three days (or however long your respawn time is set to) to see the new guards appear.


NOTE 3: As Oblivion ties content to the physical name of the mod, if you were previously using 'Mart's Monster Mod - No Race Changes.esp', which has now become the default (see NOTE 1 above), then any items you have in your possesion made by MMM may disappear because the main .esp name has now changed. If this happens, you can simply rename the new 'Mart's Monster Mod.esp' to 'Mart's Monster Mod - No Race Changes.esp' as before.


MMM only changes creatures and generic NPCs, and is compatible with any mod that doesn't touch these.

Francescos: MMM is now highly compatible with Francescos and works wonderfully with it (I use Francescos).

OOO: MMM can work alongside OOO's unqiue spawns, and replace the vanilla creatures and variants in OOO with its own. It works quite well together with one caveat -- it will break the creature faction quest if you use it, as MMM adds its own factions. If you don't mind this, then load MMM after OOO, and enjoy.

Adventurers: No idea, someone try it and tell me smile.gif

Note for Francescos users: If you use this with Francescos and you're currently using 'optional chance of more enemies HARDCORE' you might want to consider using the NORMAL version -- you'll get a lot of spawns between the two mods. Of course, you might like the challenge smile.gif

This is only a patch, it requires the main verson to run it

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Download 'mmm15patch.7z' (28.92MB)

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