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MOBS, aka the "Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System", is a new weapon (and eventually armor) balance system for use with TES4:Obli...


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MOBS, aka the "Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System", is a new weapon (and eventually armor) balance system for use with TES4:Oblivion. It was initially developed for use in Split Infinity, but we felt the entire community could benefit from its use. It is being distributed as a modder's resource in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Our primary goal is to provide a commonly accepted level of balance for both weapons and armor that give a realistic, and balanced feel to equipment in Oblivion. Modders are encouraged to utilize the numbers we have come up with to give players of their mods a more balanced and realistic feeling game, no matter what kind of equipment is used. If you don't have MS Excel, you can download a free file reader which we *highly* recommend for viewing the sheets. There are many features used (such as mouseover comments) that you can benefit from by using an Excel-compatible program. The free reader is available here: http://www.microsoftcom/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c8378bf4-996c-4569-b547-75edbd03aaf0&displaylang=EN

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Weapons data is 100% complete at this point, with armor to follow in the near future (after feedback is gathered on current numbers).  Our data was initially a mix of Kal's weapon balance and N's weapon balance, but we felt there was much more that could be done to give items a more smooth and realistic progression throughout their levels.
- Virtually all major changes were done with complete level and
  item balance in mind.  Primary numbers were achieved via percentage
  calculations that are easily visible next to each material's set
  of data.  Data was tweaked after to fine tune.
- Speed was reduced across the board for less hack-n-slash combat,
  but not so much that smaller weapons have slow swing sounds.
- Speed was raised or lowered according to the weight of the
  material, for highly realistic combat.
- Damage and Damage-per-second were considered very heavily to
  ensure balance when levels increase.
- 1H and 2H weapons were given enough difference in terms of DPS
  to make using a 2H worth the damage gain, and a 1H worth the
  shield bonus.
- Reach was shortened for all weapons to better simulate melee
  combat in close quarters.
- The number of weapons was increased from the default 12 in
  Oblivion to 25, in order to support new types of weapons, and
  rare weapons.
- Weight adjustments to materials to increase realism.
- Percentage basis damage scaling to avoid faster weapons like
  the dagger becoming overpowered in comparison to slower ones.
- Dozens of adjustments and tweaks were done to ensure usable
  numbers and balance were maintained.  Damage-per-second and
  Damage-to-Reach ratios were of primary concern for us, to give
  a very even power curve, and good representation of an item's
  actual potential.

As MOBS is currently a modder's resource and *not* a mod, there is no installation for Oblivion.  To utilize MOBS effectively, alter the numbers on your equipment (in your mod) to those found in the included spreadsheet for the nearest type and level of item.
We may consider a "Balance Mod (esp)" for players to use at a later date, if MOBS is widely accepted and used.

Simply delete the readme and spreadsheet files.  There are no system files installed.

Development Team:
Management & Contents:      Jaga Telesin
Technical Data & Balance:   Jaga Telesin, Francesco (Newcomer24)
Additional Support & Data:  Oscuro (Sotobrastos)

Contact Information:
[email protected]     - Jaga Telesin
[email protected]  - Francesco

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