Morahirs Oblivion Companions



background.When ever I make a mod I always end up adding companions to it so this time I desided why not lets just make a mod with only companions! Well so I did and we got this little gem.About this mod:In this mod I have added 4 companions each with there own colourful history and skills for you to find and hire. They each have quests (only one each in Ver 1)for you to inprove your reputaion with them and for them to gain new skills.Hain :-Race: BretonClass: WarriorFound: Aleswell InnHistory:Was forced to be a hired goon when growning up in the Imperial city and then joined the legion but the rules were two much for him.Anna:Race: BretonClass: NecromancerFound: Inn of ill omenHistory:Was removed from the mages guild for the use of necromancy but is now being hunted by other necromancers she gave up to try and save her place in the guild.Molog'garRace: OrcClass: WarriorFound: Leyawiin Five Claws LodgeHistory:His farther died when he was young and since then he has been the soul provider for his younger sissters TranarRace: High elfClass: MageFound: Arcance UniHistory:With a great love of magic since he was a young boy he now works day and night inorder to find more powerful healing magics.The tec stuff:This mod is a stand alone and req no other mods for it to work you only need your Tes4:oblivion game!to instal this mod simply drag the MOC plugin file into your oblivion data folder.


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