More Vegetables



More mods from our favourite tweaker/mapper, Kevin! This one adds several new vegetables to the game, such as the blueberry, cherry tomato, painted corn, pepper, squash, cucumber and the eggplant. Each has it own unique alchemical effect, and they're all spread out through Cyrodiil. They all look very much like their real counterparts, and appear to be a colourful addition to your inventory:P! So if you're adventurer is one who enjoys his green, blue, yellow and purple vegetables every day (what a healthy character :)) then this is the mod for you!

Download and enjoy!




More Vegetables 1.0

Created by: Kevin

This mod adds 7 new types of vegetables to the game. They are: blueberry, cherry tomato    cucumber, eggplant, painted corn, pepper & squash. Each vegetable has it's own unique plant that I have placed in various farms in the game. I also added the vegetables to some of the leveled item lists, so you can buy them in shops too. 

INSTALLATION: extract the zip file into your Oblivion\Data folder & activate the esp file

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