It's finally here Multi-Player for TES IV:Oblivion!! Although this is an alpha, and in early stages of development, it is great to see...


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It's finally here Multi-Player for TES IV:Oblivion!! Although this is an alpha, and in early stages of development, it is great to see progess!! There are issue I'll admin, but this is amazing. Something Bethesda couldn't do, is done. You can find the offical mod site here.

There is no readme with this file as the author has it on his site. Below is install information -

1) Run the MultiTES4 client. Move it so it is positioned at the bottom right of your screen. 2) "Connect" to a server that is running. Now click the "Synchronise" button (it will fail, but that's fine as it will retry). 3) Quickly run Oblivion before the next retry (you have 45 seconds), but make sure you do so in "Windowed" mode! IMPORTANT! (Oblivion doesn't allow context switching). This is found under "Options" in the Oblivion launcher. 4) Once it has loaded, load up a save game (the special one you saved before). 5) After several seconds, you should see a message in the top left of your screen, saying something along the lines of "Player # Initialised". This is good as it means the scripts are activating properly. 6) Now that you're ingame, wait for the client to retry synchronisation with Oblivion. 7) If you get to the "Injecting/Extracting Data..." stage without the "Adjusting Failed!" stage, things are working well. 8) When another player connected to the server makes his first move after you have connected, you should see a "Added New Player To Game" message appear in the client's external log. 9) In a couple more seconds (in-game), you should see a another message at the top left of your screen saying "Player # has joined the game." The MultiTES4 quest will activate as well. It is recommended you make this you're active quest. 10) Go find your friend (he will appear as a green marker on your map and compass when you have the MultiTES4 quest active), but remember it only works for exterior cells, such as Tamriel and the main cities. You can technically add any cell you want (say you want to explore alyied ruins with a friend), see the "Adding Cells" section on this page. 11) If everything appears to be working, then next time you play, you can do so in "Full Screen" mode. Follow the same steps as before. 12) The server is flimsy at best. If you disconnect for some reason, you will be able to connect again, but the game may be broken. The server will be improved over time to handle disconnections. The best result is when you only connect once. UPDATE: This has been somewhat fixed, although I still wouldn't trust it ;-) 13) WARNING: Do not save your game when you are playing! If you save the game while MultiTES4 is playing, you will not be able to use that save again for a multiplayer game. Before you play, have a save game that you can load up if you die (this is the one you made before you acrivated the mod). I intend to fix this issue in a later release. You will know when a save game is corrupt, as you will ALWAYS recieve the "Failed To Find Injection Point!" message. 14) Be patient, this mod will improve with time.


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