Mythic Darkness, Nightmare at Kind Kin Inn

Feel the terror…

In order for this mod to make sense you need to have completed the main quest...

Thats right this mod is a little bit...

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File Description

Feel the terror…

In order for this mod to make sense you need to have completed the main quest...

Thats right this mod is a little bit of an epelouge (I can't spell)

Apparently The Kind Kin Inn east of Kvatch on the Gold Road has been Abandoned. Spend a night there and find out why...

This mod aims to inspire terror in the hearts of Players everywhere... Embark on a journey to settle an evil grudge, and have a battle with the greatest enemy you will ever face... your own mind!!!

Here is a list of new enemys im planning on adding.

Burning soul: A firey deamon that is easily killed but will obliterate you with their fire magic which is exceptionally powerful. (you can also fight theses in my black library mod how ever they are weaker and harder to kill.) they love to attack in swarms.

Corpse of a loved one: A virtually unkillable zombie that some how is recognisably the reanimated corpse of one whom you hold dear. ther is a relativly simple way to kill themhow ever you must find that on your own...

Shadow soul: invisible and rediculously powerful at close range. but killable with a single stroke if you can find them

Victim: another unfortunate who has fallen into the sam trap as you. you can hear them being butcherd and their pathetic screams for help almost every where.

Immortal: Need any thing be said? They will just keep on comming! they are weak but really persistant and will continuously get up even after taking the most greivious of wounds...

Doppleganger: A rough copy of you this charred monstrosity is the toughest (in theorey) defeatable enemy you will fight. do your best and fight till the end. only one of you can prevail!

Vonost Tel Doctrinovi: The one who put you in this mess in the first place. nothing is known about him except for he was in the Mythic Dawn so wing it and do your best to prevail.

There are more but they are surprises...

The reward is a new minor power though I wont tell you what

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