This is a mod for Pasval which makes changes to lighting, making the town look much better than the vanilla game. There's also other enhancements and additions to the town, such as new stores, items and storage areas. 



This plugin changes Pasval, a town on the eve of the Shivering Islands. Nothing global. Just light cosmetic additions that make staying in this place a little more enjoyable.
Added alchemy store where you can buy drinks and ingredients of the Shivering Islands. On the second floor there is a bed for the player and a closet for safe storage.
And a small bonus. Now to the island in the Nibeni Bay will not have to swim. Just chat with the Bosmer on the pier next to the Kurdan boat in Bravil.

Note: During the Battle of Pasval, the alchemy shop will be unavailable as well as other buildings in the town.



The plugin changes the exterior of Pasval and, accordingly, may have conflicts with other plugins that do the same.


Using the plugin:

You are free to use this plugin, translate it into other languages, supplement 
and modify it according to your desire, without asking our permission. The only conditions are: firstly, the plug-in is prohibited to use for 
commercial purposes, secondly, your co-authorship does not give you the 
right to impose restrictions on its further use. The plugin is free and free.


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