Niben Isle Lighthouse

Here's a sweet new mod from "The Mini Modders" that changes alot near the Niben river, check the readme for details.

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Here's a sweet new mod from "The Mini Modders" that changes alot near the Niben river, check the readme for details.

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Niben Isle Lighthouse Alpha Version


This is an "Alpha" version of the Niben Isle Lighthouse Mod. It can be used "as is" or you can wait for the final release ( 1 week ) for it ALL!! NOTE: Somethings will not reset till the final release but it will NOT impact you using this dwelling...

This version will include:
1 ... The Lighthouse and surrounding area ( Stables )
2 ... The 2 Shipwrecks
3 .. The well, "secret entrance to the "rowboat".. *NOTE* -> Rowboat is currently NON       FUNCTIONAL, it will be functional ( allow travelling to major docks) in the final release.
4  .. Secret Entrance to underground Training Complex.. ** NOTE ** -> The tunnel will end at a       stone wall and go NO FURTHUR!! The training complex will be in the final release.
5 .. Outside cellar door.. NON FUNCTIONAL.. will be a storage,bedroom,wine-making cellar in      the final release.


1.. Lord's Archery Range
2.. NPC Mannequins arranged arround central underground hall ( with empty areas for other mods to add in their "own". Mannequins will be race,clas,gender choosable,, Pick them, equip them, pose them in various combat poses, freeze them in that pose. And sit back and enjoy your own home made "Hall of Knights or Mages or etc..
3.. Little training area for spellcasters to hone their skills.With library, casting dummies and      maybe more....
4 .. A Fighters traing area with the standard,training mats, dummies, ladders etc.
5 .. Display cases you can store things in
6 .. Static display cases with the"latest in weapon design being shown  .. haha
7 .. Static swords/armor/shield decorating the area to give it that "look"
7 .. Storage containers, barrels and the usual.

Those are some of the addition the final release will have.. There are others but you can find them when you get there... (no secrets revealed).

This mod is being released in an Alpha version, for all the kind support and encouragement the creators have been given by the responders to the original post; "Niben Isle Lighthouse" on the "Oblivion Modding Forum". We thank you and want to show what we have been doing, and if   you like it....

The usual: .esp goes in:  \data folder
                NibenIsleObjects, folder goes in the \data\meshes sub-folder
               Tic it off in the launcher and your ready to go..

 Note: Depending on how this mod is received will depend upon where it goes...
          So.. drop a response to us and let us know what you think.. "The Good, The Bad and                The Ugly", we will progress accordinly, or just touch things and release this..

         P.S. Do look at it from dusk/dawn it is very graphically pleasing...

Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do...

"The Mini Modders"

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