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NPC with jobs will be an ever expanding mod that will cover lot's of professions during time, trying to add immersion to the game of Oblivio...


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NPC with jobs will be an ever expanding mod that will cover lot's of professions during time, trying to add immersion to the game of Oblivion.

With every new version, new professions will be added and more interaction will be possible between NPC, thus forming an independent economic system.

Not only jobs, but also social life and needs will be added along the way.

Included professions in this version: fisherman, hunter, lumberjack and forrester.


Unzip the filesin your oblivion directory. Start Oblivion Launcher, choose data files and select the 'NPC with Jobs' mod. Note: just to be save, don't overwrite savegames that you want to keep to play the game.


Go to the Imperial City at the sewer exit gates. You know, the place where you fist stepped into the outside world after the tutorial. There should be a marker on the map. If you don't remember, in the zip is a map file included.

There is a bunch of people there. One guy, the indian looking guy named Viator Accius, is the merchant. Please don't select a profession for him yet, or strange things may happen. It will probably still work though, but better not change him. For the other people, you are free to choose a profession. To do so, you need to pick up an item laying around called Mayor's Hood. If you wear this, a new spell is added to your spellbook named "Choose profession". Aim it at any npc and you can select it's job.

At this point, only one person can perform each job. In the future, I hope to extend this, even to unlimited.


Hunter: will search for prey animals (deer, sheep, horses) that don't belong to anyone. Sells their food to the merchant.

Lumberjack: searches cuttable trees (trees changed by me,a round 15 around the sewer exit, and every new tree the forrester plants), cuts them down and carries them to the merchant.

Forrester: Walks around and plants a new tree now and then. Needs to get seeds after 5 plants at the merchant.

Fisherman: Scans surroundings for water. Goes there and starts fishing. When caught something, he reels it in and picks it up when ashore.


from 0.9.2: * added kneel animation to the forrester * better tree interior to new trees * added a map of the sewer exit * a new profession selection mechanism * trees will always tumble when cut * added the fisherman job * added a windmill (with no functionalities yet)

KNOWN ISSUES: * when an NPC is outside active cells, he stops moving (or slows down) * trees have some clipping issues with the ground and rocks they fall on.

CREDITS: Artistic design: cow1787 Other team members are Darknel (future miner job) and Csheldon-dante (future town design). The beta team: Nekulor, Jodoebell and BlackRainz. Special thanks: Tegid for his local actor reference script, and the team of the Cheydinhal Petshop for the use of their fishmeat nif. My gratitudes to all the people who helped me out at the forum.

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