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Sorry for the lateness of this upload, I only just figured out what I was doing wrong on the FTP :D

Anyway, for those of you who don't kn...


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Sorry for the lateness of this upload, I only just figured out what I was doing wrong on the FTP :D

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, this mod is a large-scale AI mod which adds a whole new province, named 'Aledra'. This is full of NPCs who 's careers you can determine. This is atmospheric, fun and huge, and what is more it's made extremely well.


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NPC with jobs V0.9.7 (beta) - March 2007

Welcome to the province of Aledra. A place where NPC have a life instead of dumb schedules.

NPC with jobs will be an ever expanding mod that will cover lot's of professions during time, trying to add immersion to the game of Oblivion.

With every new version, new professions will be added and more interaction will be possible between NPC, thus forming an independent economic system.

Not only jobs, but also social life and needs will be added along the way.

A new landmass Aledra is included with new towns, where these NPC can live their lives. 
Tamriel towns get jobs as well. This version includes Weye.

This mod also introduces DAI - Dynamic AI. All the selected NPC's will have needs and act on them, making them less predictable. No schedules or NPC scripts will be used, only in-game descisions are made. This ensures the compatibility with other mods.

Included professions in this version: fisherman, hunter, lumberjack, forrester, miner, sawyer, tax collector,travelling and local merchant.
Included needs: hunger


WARNING: This version needs OBSE v0009a or higher. You can download it from

Unzip the files in your oblivion directory (overwrite when prompted). 
Start Oblivion Launcher, choose data files and select the 'NPC with Jobs' mod.
Note: just to be save, don't overwrite savegames that you want to keep to play the game. 


When the mod is active, the player gets added a new spell called "Teleport to/from Aledra". When casted, you get teleported to the harbor of Turil. When casted again, you return to your original location.

Inside Turil, there are several people. You are free to choose a profession for them. They have already a default profession selected, but you can change it anytime. To do so, you have a new spell called "Choose Profession". Aim it at any npc and you can select it's job after it has been hit.

You can select the same job to different NPC at the same time. They will all work independently.

For now, jobs need to be done on inhabitants of Turil or Weye until the town concept has been extended to other towns as well. 

* trees have some clipping issues with the ground and rocks they fall on.
* the worldspace isn't finished yet! No interiors are done and only a part of the terrain is texturized. 


The core team:

Corepc: Integration of Travelling merchants, Aledra worldbuilding, creature AI
Hu8gie96: Town of Lutur
Jdmj90:	Interiors of Turil, exteriors of Lutur, scripting
Mindfeeder: City of Hamor, textures
Mr_siika: custom objects & buildings
Mwoo769: Aledra lore & quests, beta testing, custom icons, scripting
Phaerus: custom objects & architecture
Rabbitstorm: Town of Queel
Sarkandar: project leader, exteriors of Turil, scripting
Wizard of Thay: beta testing

People that also contributed to this mod:

Clinteractive: custom audio files
Cow1787; Custom objects
Csheldon-dante: beta testing
Darknel: initial version of the mineable rock nif's.
DXXter: Custom icons
Entim: help with linked lists
GuidoBot: his useful code thread.
Jodoebell: beta testing
Scruggsywuggsy the ferret: help with linked lists
Tegid: local actor reference script
The team of the Cheydinhal Petshop: fishmeat mesh
The team of OBSE: their awesome Oblivion script extension
XR1: beta testing

My gratitudes to all the people who helped me out or supported me at the fori.

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