Olvusulthia is a city somewhere below the ground. It can simulate day and night and weather, but has no sun. It broke away from its colonizi...

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File Description

Olvusulthia is a city somewhere below the ground. It can simulate day and night and weather, but has no sun. It broke away from its colonizing country a decade earlier and now is self-sufficient. The Olvusulthians hate the city guards of Cyrodill and the nobility, but if you’re a Blade, don’t worry… they don’t hate them. Still, there may be an even darker threat right at their doorstep… And they’re red! Search in the mountains southeast of Cheydinhal. There, you’ll find the entrance to Olvusulthia beneath a ruined fort. Don’t look too far for the key to enter. When you see the two guards in Dwarven Armor, you know you’ve found the right place. Go further south, however, and you might find these red beings. This also changes sightly certain quests (making characters unessential after quests if they’re not used again and making objects standard, not quest essential like the Ring of the Vipereye).

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

This mod was formed with the Shivering Isles installed. It might work funny without it.

Before installing this, know that there’s a custom race in this mod. To play as them, you’ll need to download KyneTarse’s Custom Race Mod so you can play as the custom race without being hindered by Valen Dreth’s silence at the beginning of the game. A link is provided below.


This mod is the very first one I’ve released… ever. I know there are going to be problems and people with incomplete AI etc. but please don’t flame me. I’m just a beginning programmer and don’t plan to go big time with it (This may be the only release of this mod… And I’m in high school by the way) but I still wanted to release this mod. Why? Well see, I’m a novelist of sorts and before releasing my first novel, I decided to bring these ideas to life and gain some feedback, prior to the novel’s release (What better game to use than Oblivion because of its great graphics {for 2006 that is} and still run fairly well?).

	Please ask before distributing any of this in other mods and make mention of me. My email address is:


	But it might take some time for me to answer, just so you know beforehand.

	Extract the esp. file, meshes, and textures to the data file. You can find the data file in… 

Your computer drive (C, D, etc.) – Program files – Bethesda Softworks – Oblivion – data.

(Screenshots included in the file if they don’t show up on the website itself.)

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