Open Cities: New Sheoth

Open Cities: New Sheoth

"Cat's out of the bag! Why do people put cats in bags? Cats hate bags." - Lord Sheogorat...

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File Description

Open Cities: New Sheoth

"Cat's out of the bag! Why do people put cats in bags? Cats hate bags." - Lord Sheogorath

Continuing in the tradition, if it could be called that, of Open Cities, I bring you Open Cities: New Sheoth. The first, last, best, and worst, Open Cities mod for the Shivering Isles. Madness has never been so much fun!

The twin cities of Bliss and Crucible have been transferred from their own individual worldspaces out into the SEWorld worldspace, which is SI's equivalent of being in the Tamriel worldspace. Though it may seem somewhat silly given the small size of both cities, the results are still pretty good. Everything blends in with the immediate surroundings of the cities so if you didn't know any better

As with other Open Cities mods I feel this adds greater realism to the cities by not having to transition from one outdoor worldspace into another. It may seem silly but give it a shot. It really does enhance the gameplay by quite a bit.

I would like to give a big thank you shout out to Sjors_Boomscors, without him this project would have died on the table a long time ago without every really having a chance. It was because of his help in getting some critical model work done that I was able to proceed even after he moved on to other things.

This mod requires the following:

Shivering Isles ( I would hope this obvious.... but.... ) Shivering Isles patch Open Cities Master Resources, found here: or here:

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Installation - New or Existing Game, First Time User

Copy the ESM and the ESP to your Data directory.

Make sure the OpenCitiesSI folder is in your Datameshes directory. Without that you'll get a whole lot of missing mesh icons. Though Sheogorath still won't mind.
Also be sure the Datameshesarchitecturecitymania and Datameshesarchitecturecitydementia contain the extra _far.nif files or the DistandLOD will be missing.

Activate and enjoy.

For optimal experience, download and run Tes4LODGen so that the distant LOD information is updated in SEWorld. Otherwise your view of the cities from a distance will appear broken with missing walls and no buildings.

Installation - Upgrading From Previous Versions

You should be able to install only the Open Cities New Sheoth.esp file over the top of your existing one and then reload your game.

If you experience doubling for some reason, then you need to perform a clean save upgrade.

A clean save upgrade for this mod is performed as follows:

* Travel to an indoor location, preferably not directly connected to Bliss or Crucible. Inside any of the 3 main wings of the New Sheoth Palace will work, but don't use the Palace Grounds outdoor area. If you want to be truly paranoid safe, travel to The Fringe, or cross the portal back to Cyrodiil.

* Save the game in a new slot and exit.

* Deactivate Open Cities New Sheoth.esp

* Load the game, then save in another new slot.

* Activate Open Cities New Sheoth.esp

Load Order

Since there are relatively few mods existing for Shivering Isles, load order is being played by ear for now. I know of nothing offhand that should present problems.

My recommended placement in the load order would be with any other Open Cities files you may be using. This is usually toward the end of the load order.

Compatibility Issues

It should be noted that due to restraints imposed by the models Sjors provided, the city of Bliss is not going to be a coordinate-compatible match with its counterpart in the SENSBliss worldspace. It was necessary to move the entire city several units to the north, and lower it several units in the Z direction to align it with the wall border with Crucible. This should not present a huge problem as the X-direction should still be reliable. Only the Y and Z coordinates will be out of place. This should be kept in mind for any future needed patches or other mods.

As a result of the above, the north end of Bliss had to be modified to fit. So the northern city border is not going to be exactly the same as it was. Landscape and path grid work had to be done in the surrounding cells to make it fit properly. I think the results look pretty good and unless you knew better you couldn't tell the area was wrong anyway.

Compatibility Patches

Should these become necessary in the future, they will be listed here. Right now, I know of nothing which should require a patch.

Known Issues

The _far.nif files included are simply renamed copies of the full versions. The generatefar.exe utility doesn't work on my PC, so unless someone wants to help out by donating low-poly versions of these, the full sized meshes will have to do. It shouldn't be a huge drain on performance since the two cities are small compared to the ones in Cyrodiil.

The landscape under Bliss needed to be lowered to match the city's new position. This may not look right from a distance, but the buildings should obscure things enough to keep it from being a serious distraction.

Verified Compatibility

Open Cities New Sheoth has been verified compatible with the following SI specific mods:

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
Francesco 4.5b ( it has SI specific components which are verified to work )
Shivering Isles Travelers ( Part of the Tamriel Travelers mod )
New Sheoth Palace LOD fix
SM Plugin Refurbish - SI
Living Economy - SI
Enhanced Weather SI Only
Enhanced Weather - SI
TNR - Shivering Isles

Detection of OCNS in Your Mod

As with other Open Cities files, OCNS can be detected using scripts even without OBSE. This is done by checking the scale of the following item:

SERoofTopChair1Ref - 1.01

This is one of the chairs in the original Crucible worldspace used by the rooftop fighters. If it's scale value is set at 1.01 then OCNS is present. If not, assume it's not installed. The method is not entirely reliable since the chair could get edited by some other mod. If absolute reliability is desired, then you should be using OBSE to check for the plugin name instead.

There is also an edited item in the unused Castle Varaldo cell which can be used for "rock method" toggling for OCNS. FormID 000317EB, a blackberry on the dinner table. This item has been given an editor ID called "OCNSEnabler". This method really needs more detailed explanation so feel free to ask. It's most useful for enabling alternate sets of items based on whether or not the mod is loaded and has the advantage of not using scripts, so it has no performance penalties.

Future Plans

Realistically not a whole lot. I may at some point add the New Sheoth palace grounds to the mix, but decided for now to leave that out as it would have delayed release by quite a bit since I'd want to send in at least two characters to thoroughly test the SI finale.

Version History

Version 1.0

Initial release.

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