Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.32f

dev_akm is now carrying over devolpment after Oscuro's retirement.

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.33

At long last, the final release of...

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dev_akm is now carrying over devolpment after Oscuro's retirement.

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.33

At long last, the final release of Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.32 has arrived -- and now 1.33 is out, too!

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul aims to make Oblivion a much more interesting, challenging, realistic and dangerous place, and also offers great rewards for the daring adventurer regardless of your level.

You must be prepared to cast aside your previous notions about Cyrodiil. The world no longer revolves around you, the player. Do not expect to be able to beat every monster or NPC you meet. Previously familiar areas may now be much more dangerous and you will frequently be forced to retreat from enemies who are too powerful to beat until you are stronger. You will probably die a lot more often now. However, if you have the ingenuity, skill, and luck to survive the odds stacked against you then you will be justly rewarded for your bravery!

Downloads: Now there's also a 1.33 Patch that just includes the updated plugins. You must already have a complete install of 1.32.Final before adding the 1.33 patch!

Upgrade version requires prior install of OOO 1.3 Base. You've been warned!

For more details, see:


Or to Discuss the mod go here:


* Huge thanks to MiSP for the new Readme PDF and the OMOD installer scripts. * Thanks to Floydian1 and MadCat221 for the screenshots. * Special thanks to ElminsterEU for the amazing TES4Edit editor and adding features to help improve the OOO master file.

Known Issues with 1.33

* If you use the LITE version of 1.33, you need this replacement: OOO LITE 1.33b patch. It's a critical fix for some stuff that got accidentally left out of the LITE version esp file. * The 1.33 Complete OMOD-ready archive may not have the latest ESM/ESP. To be sure you have the latest ESM/ESP, install the 1.33 Patch files after installing 1.33 Complete (only applies to OMOD-ready version). * CTD when attempting to enter Alval Uvani's house upstairs. Get the fixed Harvest Containers mesh by XMarksTheSpot here.

Both issues will be fixed in 1.34, which is coming fairly soon. No other major revisions, just a few tweaks and some additional minor bug fixes.

OOO 1.34 Beta 4 Patch

Beta4 changes (partial list):

* Potential fix for CTD-on-exit experienced by some users. All deleted references have now been un-deleted; instead, they are now initially disabled and sunk out of the way (changed Z-index). * Optimized fish scripts to improve performance when the fish are disabled (the script no longer checks distance to player when fish are disabled). * Flame effect swapping for the Light of Dawn sword now works without requiring an extra plugin. It still requires OBSE to make this work, but OBSE detection is now built into the Light of Dawn scripts. It will continue to work as before (i.e., no flames) if you don't have OBSE. * Improved map marker fix script so you should get start-game markers for Imperial City only. * Numerous fixes based on the Unofficial Oblivion Patch 3.2, including Imperial Dragon Armor enchantments, stat fixes for Bruma Allies (MQ11) to help them survive, many guard fixes (missing clothes and armor, wrong keys, missing Light Armor skills, etc), many NPC AI packages, Hackdirt Villagers faction, Fighters Guild Porter fix, stop Legion Foresters from fighting each other, etc. Huge thanks to Kivan for permission to incorporate the most recent UOP fixes where OOO overlaps UOP. * Restored Dark Fissure as a Necromancer stronghold, per lore, removing Putrid Hand spawns from that cave since they are a competing faction. Thanks to MadCat221 for this change. * Updated meshes and textures for Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapons and boosted restore magicka effect to make them more helpful. Huge thanks to MadCat221 for these improvements. * More complete Wrye Bash tags to avoid problems with UOP 3.2. * Fixed numerous minor issues with loot lists and added new item grade-specific lists to make it easier for add-ons to take advantage of OOO custom items. * Made Hindaril stronger, but he still needs more improvements. * Fixed Light Armor skills on Dragonborne Knights. * Rebalanced Carla Du Vrey (one of the Putrid Hand leaders). Thanks to MadCat221 for this change. * More details coming soon.

Beta3 changes:

* Removes OnReset enable (and some OnLoad enable) statements from the OOOHC Harvest [Containers] scripts. This should prevent player home upgrades from appearing before they are bought, and also will avoid conflicts with the UOP3 method for removing problem containers (disabling rather than deleting to prevent on-exit CTDs). The change in OOO prevents these problems, but won't fix existing savegames where it has already happened. When something is enabled or disabled by a script, the change is stored in your savegame. OOO can't fix that easily, if at all. However, if you already had player home upgrades appear without buying them, then you can simply do the honorable thing and disable the stuff you haven't bought (using the console ~click->disable), then go to the store and purchase the upgrade, which enables the stuff again. Note that this change also removes backward compatibility with early versions of Harvest [Containers]. If you've been using an extremely old version of HC (before the animations were added), you probably shouldn't install this version of OOO). * Removes flame effect swapping from Light of Dawn (added in beta1). Standard OOO now gives no options for enabling flames on Light of Dawn. However, a new external add-on provides two options for enabling the flames. Get LightOfDawnFlames and pick either: - OOO-LightOfDawnAlwaysFlames.esp. Like it sounds, makes the sword always flaming. No scabbard. - OOO-LightOfDawnFlamesWhenDrawnOBSE.esp. Makes the sword flame when drawn and preserves the scabbard. Requires OBSE v0013 or later AND Cobl. * Nomenclature overhaul for Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapons (AMIW) by MadCat221 with help from lore guru The Old Ye Bard (AKA: TOYB).

Beta 2 Changes:

* Improved LoD taint stage textures by MadCat221. * Critical fixes and improvements to LoD flame effect swapping scripts (prevent duplicates). * Finally fixed timing of sound effects during LoD taint removal process. * NPC tweaks to Archmage Hannibal Travan, Count Janus Hassildor, and Regulus Terentius, including several sleep packages (so they don't wear armor/weapons to bed). * Skingrad Guard Cuirass and Shield changed to Heavy Armor to match the other Skingrad Guard armor. * Added Mogens Windshifter faction relationships.

Huge thanks to MadCat221 for most of the above changes (I just did the LoD script rewrites).

Beta 1 Changes:

* Entirely new custom sword design for Light of Dawn by VagabondAngel. LoD is now one of the best-looking swords ever made for Oblivion -- an all-new, custom, OOO-exclusive design by VA. Each stage of the taint removal process now has a unique appearance (starting with the blade deeply pitted by the taint and gradually progressing back to its purified state) and an optional flaming version when drawn. Scripting, taint stages, and icon by dev_akm (VA originally intended to create the variations for each of the taint stages himself, but he vanished again before completing it, so I had to finish it up). So, if you don't like the way the taint stages look, don't blame VA. The flame switch option is enabled by default, but if you don't like it, you can disable flame swapping with the console command: ~Set OOOLightOfDawnUseFlame to 0 * Support for Choices & Consequences compatibility patch. * Integrated Ayleid Coin by Tarnsman. * Integrated Ayleid Weapon Rebalance by MadCat221. * Harvest Containers mesh fix by XMarksTheSpot (resolves CTD when attempting to enter Alval Uvani's house upstairs). * Fix to make sure Eregor is enabled/disabled at the proper time (resolves an issue in the Shadows in a Struggle for Power quest). * Fix to prevent Skyrim Bandit leaders from getting killed before facing the player. * Fixed missing mipmaps on Heaven's Fury sword. * Minor item name fixes and spelling corrections. * Changed Mud Crabs to be less hated by residents of Cyrodiil. Hopefully this will reduce the number of times when an enemy ignores you to attack a Mud Crab. * Added some of the vanilla changes from OOO.esp into OOO.esm (so they're not just in the OOO.esp). This should make it a bit easier to use OOO.esm in TESCS. * Increased chance of finding Fine Iron and Fine Steel weapons. * Added Worn Leather Gauntlets to the Slave Traders so they won't bother wearing any wrist irons they might be carrying. * Fixed Slavers and Smugglers quest so the final stages mark the quest as finished. * Fixed Lap's wine-making scripts so they only work when the object is activated by the player, not when used by NPCs. * Fixed Neville's chest script to prevent a problem with a Dark Brotherhood quest. * Fixed script for some of the imperial legion cuirass/cape combos that had problems. * Added IgnoreGeomancy option to disable Geomancy. * Added "cooloff" timer for Gargoyle's Skin of Stone spell so they won't cast it so often. * Added GetPlayerInSEWorld checks to all quests so they won't break if the player has Shivering Isles. This means OOO now requires the 1.2.0416 patch for Oblivion, but does not require the Shivering Isles expansion. * Added a potion that may help the player get past the Frost Titan near Bruma during a certain early quest. * Moved Seridur's Blood Stained Jewelry Box so it can be reached. * Made the King of Miscarand and his zombies more deadly. * Fixed numerous spawn lists to give better variety of enemies. * Fixed Black Soul Gem dummy from Mages Guild quest so it uses the Leviathan mesh rather than vanilla mesh.

Huge thanks to Showler and Sein Schatten for bugfixes and testing, and to MadCat221, Arkngt, and Shikishima for testing.

Note: unfortunetly this mod doesn't change guard behaviour, which alot of people find annoyingly unrealistic, try Reneer's Guard Overhaul, its 100% compatible as far as I know.


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