Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul

An update to the very well done Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. Check the readme inside for more info.


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An update to the very well done Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. Check the readme inside for more info.

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NPC Gear/Loot Tables:

	A major change in V. 1.2 is that many NPCs and creatures now carry items appropriate to their level range. It is not the case with these Actors that their items are completely dependent on the level of the Player Character. This change was necessary for two reasons. The first and most important is that this change guarantees the rewarding sense of accomplishment that the player experiences when defeating great odds. Previously, in the original version of Oblivion as well as in many instances of the first release of OOO, the player would not get this kind of satisfaction often, because even if they managed to defeat a powerful foe, its loot tables were adjusted according to the level of the player, thus rewarding less than what the challenge was worth. Now many NPCs carry items suitable to the challenge which they pose. I have not made every single enemy carry those things that begin to appear at their level, however, because that is also rather predictable. The goal was to keep the sense of expectation and uncertainty pretty high, so that surprises can keep you entertained and intrigued. Also, keep your eyes peeled for stashes of long forgotten goodies while you explore wilderness, dungeons, caverns and any other remote location.

New Player Armors and Items:

	Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul includes fantastic new types of armor that can be found both in NPCs and in merchant's stores. The current new additions are complete sets of Worn Steel, Worn Dwarven and Worn Orcish armor. These were made by Thomas Höchsmann, who around the ES Forums goes by the nickname of Dieterweb. Here's the link to the thread that he opened upon releasing this fine work: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=357513 Thank you very much, Thomas! The only modifications that I did to his armors are found in the names (from German to English) and in their stats (they are slightly worse than their brand new counterparts). In the future I hope to keep adding more of his creations and whatever else looks appropriate for the style and atmosphere of Oblivion. There are also, as in the previous version of the Overhaul, several new items in possession of rather powerful new figures in the province of Cyrodiil. These are neither obscenely enhanced items, nor are they weak, but just right for the level of difficulty involved in getting them. Good luck with that!

New Combat Behavior AI:

	Thanks to the great work of Lyrondor, now Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul has modified combat behavior accross many types of creatures and NPCs. Lyrondor created the very popular Combat Behavior mod for Oblivion. This fine mod is already in its version 2.1 and it is this latest version that is now fully incorporated into OOO. I preserved all the changes that V 2.1 of CB accomplishes, plus I used its functionality to boost the new enemy types that appear in this version of the Overhaul. Thank you very much, Lyrondor! Here is the link to the original thread of Lyrondor's released work: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=303754&hl= I have included in the zip those readme files that came with Lyrondor's mod, so that if you want very specific information about what this mod does, you can get it straight from the source of its goodness. Preliminarily, I can say that this inclusion will make the challenge and variety of OOO that much richer and engrossing.

New Enemy Types:

	I have created four more classes of enemies for this release of the Overhaul, plus a host of other creatures that, while they do not count as a "class", increase the variety of what you will encounter while adventuring in Cyrodiil. The four new classes of enemies are:

Raiders: Raiders are heavily armored and prefer to fight with blades, although they will resort to other means whenever they do not have a trusted edge at hand. They are more powerful than Marauders and will crush the inexperienced player. However, they are also better equiped than most lowly Bandits and Marauders, so if you can take them down then you can expect some decent rewards for your efforts! Raiders count among them not just those experienced in melee combat, but also ranged fighters and magic users. Their elite ranks will make short work of you without hesitation--better be prepared for a fight if you venture within a raider stronghold. Their leader is a mighty Nord known as The Arctic Bear.

Amazons: Amazons are female warriors specialized in nimble and agile combat. They prefer blunt weapons but they are also skilled in archery and swordsmanship. A few among them are fierce priestess, with the power to heal their clan members and bring destruction upon their foes. Amazons do not like to fight encumbered, and rarely if ever wear clothes other than the most simple garments. However, they have a long tradition of adorning their bodies with jewelry, which makes of them an attractive target to those inclined to thievery. Amazons do not share space with men,,, unless they are dead! They will not give those females outside of their clan any quarter either. The priestess of the Amazon clan of Cyrodiil is secretive and not many know what she looks like, or even what her name is.

Guardians of Oblivion: Guardians of Oblivion are Conjurers of great skill and power. They specialize in Summoning magic, though they have learned a few tricks beyond what the usual Summoners of Cyrodiil can muster. These enemies are dangerous magic users, even if unarmored and weak to physical attacks, they can conjure very powerful Daedra to aid them in battle, using them as shields while they hurl magic from safe distance. These Conjurers are much more powerful than their lesser brethren. It is rumored that a woman of great skill and presence commands these outcasts from the community of the Mage's Guild.

The Putrid Hand: Necromancers of the Putrid Hand are very skilled in the dark arts of magic. Resenting their imposed exile from the Mage's Guild, they have formed their own enclave where to expand their knowledge and power. Since they are officially considered enemies of the ruling Mage class in the Imperial City, they do not take kindly to those that intrude on their new-found lairs. Renowned for his skill in commanding the occult forces of life and death, Master Lien Valeth quickly became the leader of this rising sect of fearsome necromancers. Their now secretive existence has forced them to become acquainted with those schools of magic that would aid them in remaining unseen and unheard.

	Also, now you can find Minotaur Titans, Giant Wolves, Kodiak Bears and perhaps a few other surprising unique creatures roaming the lands of Cyrodiil.

Changes to Frequency and Difficulty of NPCs and Creatures:

	I have done some significant changes in this area of the Overhaul. Now, when adventuring both in the wilderness and indoors, you are bound to find more creatures/NPCs than before. Instead of only finding a single Actor per SpawnPoint in the world, now you may see several. The maximum number of creatures differs among types. Weaker creatures will appear in higher numbers than strong ones. Rarely you will see more than four creatures in a single spot, if ever. Usually between one and three is much more likely. I did not want more Actors than that for two reasons:

 1-Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul already increases the difficulty of many NPCs, offers a much wider range of enemies and makes armor and weapon upgrades more difficult to find than what was found in the original release of Oblivion. The last thing that the fledgling adventurer needs is a mob of angry enemies in hot pursuit every time that they enter a dungeon or explore the wilderness.

 2- Oblivion is a demanding game in terms of computer-processing power. I did not want to hamper the enjoyment of the game for those that do not have the latest and most shiny hardware. I have tried to keep the maximum number of Actos on-screen within what could be found in the original version of the game. With that said, if you decide to enter a dungeon and run from one end to the other, then it is likely that you will have a throng of pissed off baddies chasing their next meal and, odds are, they will get it.

	The increased difficulty resulting from higher number of creatures and NPCs with which to fight or play sneaky tactics is offset by the now increased chance of gaining better quality items early on. If you are creative, and a bit lucky, you can prepare yourself much better for bigger challenges than what you could reasonably tackle previously. The Overhaul still retains the scale of item rarity found in chests and in some enemies, but the new armors and the chances of finding better items when fighting powerful enemies will, I think, give you the opportunity to continue progressing without becoming stagnant for several levels at a time.

	Also, Guards, Blades and Imperial City Soldiers are now a little bit more powerful than in previous versions.

	More changes in spawn frequency are:

-Minotaurs will not appear nearly as often in roads, they are now more common in the wild.

-Traveling outdoors is now potentially more dangerous. Whereas some creatures are more docile, the chances of finding a stray, powerful and aggressive monster while adventuring in the wilderness are now higher than before. The further from civilization that you go increases proportionally the chances of finding deadly creatures.

	Changes in difficulty relate specifically to the new creatures and NPC types added in this version of OOO. I have changed some of the Actors from what they were in the previous version. Now skeletons will not be as difficult as before, their health pools were still a bit too powerful. Now, you may not notice much difference, but a lot of NPCs are more resilient than before. Vampire's levels of health have increased, as well as those of Dremoras and the rest of aggressive NPCs. Each change was done with careful consideration and I do not expect that you will have a difficult time in defeating enemies. I did not make these changes so that it would take long to harm an enemy, but simply so that they would not fall after a couple of well placed attacks. Also, now with Lyrondor's great work in combat behavior, the variety and cunningness of enemies has increased dramatically.

Changes to Frequency, Stats and Value of Items

- Most leveled lists for loot items remain the same as previously (NPC lists, as I mentioned above, are heavily changed, however). In future versions I will tweak with more detail what kinds of items appear in certain dungeons, according to the difficulty of each place, and not mainly based on the level of the player.

- I have reduced the rate of magical trinkets that appear in the world. Now it is easier to find them on difficult foes than it is to discover them in random lootable points (chests, actors, etc). The reduction is not very large, but it will balance a bit more the increase of higher end goodies that you can find in Actors.

- Now the value of clothing is much higher and appropriate to the quality of the item. Finally it is worth your time to take some fine pieces of clothing back to the merchants in town. This change also makes up for the slightly reduced rate of magical gear found in around the world of Cyrodiil.

- Arrows are now more powerful. This change was necessary to balance the difficulty and cost in using Archery as a viable combat skill in comparison with the effectivity of other methods.

- Flawed gems have had their value slightly reduced. The rest of gem types remain the same as in the previous version (that is, higher than in the original game)

- Gold rewards for completing stages of the Arena are now more lucrative. This change corresponds to the higher difficulty of its stages.

- I removed the ability of making Restore Magicka spells to those players that gained this possibility by having chosen The Mage as their Birthsign.

- Minotaur Titans now drop a powerful form of Minotaur Horns that can be used as an ingredient in Alchemy.

- Giant Wolves and Kodiaks yield more pelts than their lesser kin.

- Merchants now sell the new types of armor and provide better equipment a little sooner than before.

- The elf swordswoman in the first dual fight of the Arena no longer drops a lootable sword.

- As usual, a host of small tweaks here and there to loot lists, mainly to fix errors that I introduced, or that the CS editor created.

Changes to Skills, Birthsigns, Globals and Settings.

	The first and most important change in this area is that version 1.2 of OOO does away with earlier modification to the Global TimeScale. I have reverted the value back to normal. Changing the length of in-game time may create unexpected problems, as well as distort certain graphical features of the game. I decided that it was best to leave the option to the player, instead of forcing it upon them. There are very fine mods out there that can control the length of in-game time, for those who would still like to play around with this feature.

	The skill of Hand to Hand was slightly over-powered in the previous version of the Overhaul. Now I have reduced its maximum damage and its reach. It still retains the full changes to blocking and staggering chances. Hand to Hand is still much more viable than in the original version of Oblivion, but compared to the earlier release of this mod, its enhancements are more conservative.

	I have reduced the rate of Fatigue Regeneration for both the signs of The Warrior and The Steed. I found, as many others did, that it offered a great advantage at early levels, and still managed to be very powerful in later stages of the game. Now I think that it retains its function without unbalancing the equilibrium among birthsigns.

	The respawn time for Actors in the world is now two weeks instead of the three days in the original Oblivion.

	The speed of arrows and magic is now a little higher than before. Arrows in particular needed a boost, not just for "realism" but also for gameplay reasons. The new combat behavior modifications make enemies dodge and take cover much more than before, and the slow speed of the arrows of the earlier version would not have been useful in ranged combat. I did not make arrows or projectiles so that they would be like bullets either. If you prefer a higher speed, I suggest that you look for mods that specifically address this isse. There are plenty of them and should be very compatible with OOO if you make sure that Oblivions loads them after it loads OOO when you launch the game (Whatever loads last overwrites earlier specifications) Look at the end of this readme for indications and links to utilities and mods that can make your experience of Oblivion and Oscuro's Overhaul that much more suited to your liking and enjoyment.

	Although it is your choice, I still would recommend that you give a good try to the full blown version of the OOO, as many of its changes improve the Oblivion experience beyond what the "lite" version accomplishes.


The following information is a list and commentary on the changes that take place in V. 1.23.

Incorporation of Tag's Natural Wildlife Modification

	Now, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul incorporates the excellent Mod "Natural Wildlife" V 1.3, created by Tag. This link will direct you to the thread of the ES Forums where Tag announced his release: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=320723 Thank you very much Tag!. Natural Wildlife changes the behavior of wild animals to better reflect their real world behavior. Instead of attacking on sight, animals now are much more defensive and shy, although they will attack if pestered or threatened. To re-balance the threat of the wilderness, some new types of creatures now roam Cyrodiil's outdoors. The chances of finding them are not as high as those of encountering the standard list of animals, but when you do, you will most likely be attacked by them.

New Armor Set by Dieterweb

	Dieter continues to support Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul with his fine work. In this instance, by supplying a full set of Worn Fur armor. You can find this armor being worn by NPCs in the world as well as sold by merchants in different cities. Thank you Dieterweb!

	Also, the previously missing Female Worn Steel Greaves are now available.

Changes to Combat AI Behavior

	Now many of the NPCs enhanced by Lyrondor's Combat Behavior modifications have an added script that will give them a chance to flee in the event of physical damage. The chances of fleeing depend on the type of enemy and on their level. Harder enemies will not flee less often than easier ones, and melee fighters will also withstand more damage before fleeing than ranged combat foes.

Changes to Frequency and Difficulty of NPCs and Creatures:

- Amazons now have their independent classes assigned to their Melee, Range and Magic types.

- Spell lists for the new kinds of NPCs introduced in 1.2 now have changed to better reflect the NPCs nature.

- Several of the new and old faction's bosses are now more resilient and their spells more in tune with the danger that they represent.

- Lord Volmyr has found a more suitable home to continue his exorcism of "Light of Dawn."

- Wilderness will spawn more creatures in place of deers with the introduction of Tag's Natural Wildlife.

- Added several new types of dangerous animals: Starved Wolf, Starved Black Bear, Starved Brown Bear and Mountain Lion Hunter.

- Added two new kinds of Imps, with their specific spells and behaviors: Crazed Imp and Mystical Imp.

- Umbra, The King of Worms, Mankar Camoran and BlackRock Captain are now stronger and more resistant to weapon and magic damage.

- Raised the level of difficulty of Arena stages.

- Several tweaks to many dungeons in order to better balance their gameplay.

Changes to Frequency, Stats and Value of Items

- Daedric weapons and armor is harder now to find post lvl 32 in both NPC/Creatures and Containers. More places of Cyrodiil now hide these powerful items for the daring explorer to find.

- Tweaked the chance of mid range drops from the several factions of NPCs. It is now a little less likely that you will find their best weapons on them. This change is slight.

- Added the new Worn Fur to both NPC lists and Merchant store lists.

- Added the slight chance that high end weapons and armor will appear in Merchant store lists at any level.

- Tweaked the jewelry rate of drops from Amazons higher than what it was previously.

- Included new prices for most common items in the world. Prices reflect the degree sophistication and rarity of their associated item.

- Added new Ingredients and Pelts to Boars, Bears, and the new Imps.

- Reduced almost back to normal the damage of Arrows until I can craft a more balanced solution.

- As usual, a host of minor tweaks and modifications to many leveled lists.

Changes to Skills, Birthsigns, Globals and Settings.

- LITE version works as expected in this release and the problems with 1.2-1.21 are ironed out.

- Bundled a Mod by Bofra that changes the speed at which skills raise. Thanks a lot Bofra!!! This mod comes with several different rates of speed advancement so that you can choose how fast or slow you wish to raise your skills through use. I highly recommend using one of this settings, as the world of Oblivion when playing Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul will force your skills to raise much faster than in the original due to the increased difficulty and frequency of encounters. Here's the link to Bofra's orginal thread for his release of this slow-leveling mod (compatible with most Player Leveling mods out there): http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=25&t=387984

(Bofra's leveling .esp files show conflicts with OOO .esp files, do not worry about this. They work perfectly together. I will merge them appropriately in the next release of the Overhaul.)

- V. 1.23 reverts the spawntime of the world back to three days. I have included three very small .esps that let you decide on whether you want almost no respawn (365 days) or respawn a week or a month.

- Updated quest information regarding Daedra Lord Quests.

- Descriptions for Birthsigns effects are now updated in the load screens.

- The Max damage of Hand to Hand has gone up slightly in this version (16 -> 17)

- Modified the rate of wear for armors and weapons to 30% of the original Oblivion Settings.

Version History:

V. 1.23:

- Amazons now have their independent classes
- Introduced new Spell lists for the new kinds of NPCs
- New and old faction's bosses are now more resilient
- Lord Volmyr has found a more suitable home to continue his exorcism of "Light of Dawn."
- Raised the level of difficulty of Arena stages.
- Changed drop rates for several kinds of items (Daedric specially)
- Reduced the damage to arrows until I can craft a more balanced solution.
- Added chance of high end gear in Merchant's stores
- Added new animals and Imps
- Added the new Worn Fur to both NPC lists and Merchant store lists.
- Tweaked the jewelry rate of drops from Amazons
- Included new prices for most common items in the world
- Added new Ingredients and Pelts to Boars, Bears, and the new Imps.
- Completely fixed all problems with the LITE version.
- Bundled Bofra's slower leveling mod pack
- Reverted the spawntime of the world back to three days. Included TimeScale .esps
- Descriptions for Birthsigns effects are now updated in the load screens.
- The Max damage of Hand to Hand has gone up slightly in this version (16 -> 17)
- Modified the rate of wear for armors and weapons to 30% of the original Oblivion Settings.
- Updated quest information regarding Daedra Lord Quests.
- Updated the LITE version with these changes:

	1-Reverts the description of Birthsigns in loading screens back to original Oblivion settings.
	2-Reverts the rate of wear for armor and weapons back to original Oblivion settings.
	3-Reverts the damage of Arrows back to original Oblivion settings.
	4-Reverts level requierements for Daedra Lord quests back to original Oblivion settings.

V. 1.21:

 - Fixed the non fuctioning Birthsigns in the LITE version of the mod released from 1.2 onwards. (Apprentice and Mage specifically)
- Fixed the slaughterfish spawns running wild out of the water and prowling over dry land.
- Fixed an oversight in some loot tables for Daedric items post lvl 34. Now the armor/weapons of those tables will drop less frequently, as was intended.
- This version is compatible with savegames of version V 1.2.

V. 1.2:

- Added specific loot according to many NPCs and Creatures' levels of difficulty.
- Merged Lyrondor's Combat Behavior Mod with the Overhaul and added its functionality to the new classes of enemies.
- Added Dieterweb's Worn Armor versions of Steel, Dwarven and Orcish.
- Added four new types of enemies: Amazons, Guardians of Oblivion, Putrid Hand Necromancers and Raiders.
- Changed spawn points to add more enemies per spawn, rate varies from enemy to enemy class, usually 1-4.
- Wilderness now has dangerous creatures at a much earlier level than before.
-New Wilderness creatures: BearGiant Wolf, Kodiak, Minotaur Titan, Prowler Wolves and Ravenous Ogres.
- Minotaurs do not frequent roads as much, they roam the wilderness now.
- Guards are a bit more powerful than in prior version. Blades and Imperial guards are significantly stronger than before.
- Lowered price of flawed gems, raised price of clothing.
- Merchants now sell the new armor types.
- Players can no longer make Restore Magicka spells.
- New Minotaur Horn ingredient appears in Minotaur Titans.
- Kodiak bears and Giant Wolves yield more pelts than their lesser kin.
- Respawn of the world actors/objects increases from three days to two weeks.
- Arena Gold Rewards are more lucrative.
- Reduced the rate of magical items appearing in containers.
- Slightly increased the damage of arrows.
- Global TimeScale no longer is set to 15 (double length of day/night-time)
- Hand to Hand now does less damage than in 1.01
- Speed of Magic and of arrows is now faster than 1.01. About a 30% faster for magicka and 20% for arrows from the original Oblivion settings.
- Reduced the rate of Fatigue Regen for Signs of Steed and Warrior.
- Added LITE version of Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, which:
	1-Reverts Birthsigns back to original Oblivion settings.
	2-Reverts enhancements to Hand to Hand back to original Oblivion settings.
	3-Reverts enhancements to chance of disarming, staggering, paralyzing and knocking 	down with the Marksman and weapon Perks back to original settings.
	4-Reverts the speed of arrows and magicback to original Oblivion settings .
	5-Reverts changes to description of Mastery Ranks back to original Oblivion settings.
	6-Reverts the option of spellmaking with the effect Restore Magicka back to original 	Oblivion settings.

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