Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul



Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul is a very complex and extensive modification to TES IV: Oblivion. It changes thousands of variables of this excellent game and also merges into it several very popular third party modifications. It is vital that you review the information written below so that you can quickly begin your game without any set-backs.

I am sure that you feel excited and ready to begin immediately your adventures in the province of Cyrodiil as only Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul makes possible. However, I strongly recommend that you take some time to review the readme files here included so that you can better understand how to customize your TES IV: Oblivion experience and resolve any installation questions that you may encounter.

NOTE: This mod is still reliant on resources from Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.30. Please note that if you download this one, you'll be missing alot of stuff! This is only a patch to 1.30!

Now the Patch fixes/changes - Changes to help reduce slowdowns, CTDs, and vanishing items. The biggest change here is making OOO 1.31 based on the Oblivion 1.1 patch. This should help solve issues with missing formIDs, since 1.3 was made on an unpatched Oblivion setup and most people play it in patched Oblivion setups. A lot of improvements to scripts. They should be a lot less CPU intensive now, at least until the player is within a reasonable range of the objects carrying these scripts, especially fluff fishes, animals and containers. Containers had a considerable impact in performance when indoors. Now they should run very smoothly and not calculate the bulk of the GameMode blocks until the player is within activating distance. Tweaked the Animal AI to make it less CPU intensive, at least when players are far away from animals. This should make wilderness less laggy to those users limited by CPU clocks. Previously, animal scripts had to run a bunch of code, even if not checking for its variables but just going through it, up to 15000 unit radius around the player. That's reduced to 3000 now, the lowest that would work without cluttering the scripts even more. Finally, fishes will also be activated only within a 1500 unit radius, and won't constantly be disabled every frame, as previously happened. Some changes to vendors and bashing conditions. Tweaked the level rate values to make progression better. Changed Lord Noor and his cave a bit so that he does not end up in the water all the time. Mythic Dawn guards and some quest NPCs buffed and changed with spells. Changed Arpenia spawns to avoid conflicts with FG quest. Tweaked the weights of pelts (much less weight now). Tweaked the weights of some ingredients. Tweaked some containers to not be locked if underwater. Tweaked lots of wilderness spawns to clear the roads more. Tweaked spawn lists to allow meteoric-wielding minotaurs. Added Aetherial Magicka Flow spell for meteoric weapons. It works only at night. Corrected all spelling problems found since last update. Gave enchantments to Lord Noor's clothes. Changed path of Heart of Wild Woods' wolf to run towards Yeleri. Hrunn Illmouth should be tougher. Kvatch mobs at the entrance should now behave as the rest of spawns in that quest stage. Added a complex set of keys used to open several containers in order to get the final key for some prizes (special staves) and also Umbacano's goods. Tweaked daedra-dremora factions so they don't kill each other as often. Tweaked some defensive staff enchantments to be less powerful. Golem summons are now alteration based. Fixed a few bad spawns right at the start of Kvatch. The leveling rates are changed in the 1.31 update. Instead of ranging from 3x slower to 5x slower like they did in 1.3, the updated rates aimed more for 3x slow. Most common skills fall around 3x, while skills that you will use less because combat is faster and deadlier (armor skills, weapon skills, block, etc) are closer to, or at, 2.5x slow. Same with spells, because less spells are needed to do the trick. Exploitable skills and skills that are too easily increased (like conjuration and sneak) are closer to 3.5x slower. The rate at which speechcraft and mercantile rise is also eased, but they are not, by any means, fast. An optional level-rate ESP will be included in 1.31 for those users who want to keep the ultra-slow leveling rates from OOO 1.3 instead of the new, faster level-rate default in 1.31. Fixed black-screen bug caused by Ederiath's staff. Changed Clavicus Vile's quest offering to correctly accept 500 gold coins. Changed fish scripts to erradicate the vanishing text bug. Fixed Amazons and other NPCs that had the wrong skeletons. Fixed the large capes and cloaks's textures. Fixed the capes off NPCs that were unequipping when you open a container. WARNING: Take off any cape you may be wearing, or carrying, that you got from an NPC -- except guard capes -- and throw them away before you load your save with the 1.31 ESP. Fixed the Silver Dragon armor stuff gfx glitches on some systems. Fixed missing icons in dark rose arrows (blood thorn) and in a couple of others. Fixed Ayleid arrow of burden. Rebalanced Staves. Gave weight to Light-staffs. Fixed container scripts entirely. (You should set, manually, LapMinLock to 1, in console, so that restrictions to picking-locks apply. These do not apply unless you start a new game or use a console command). Fixed the chest in Mystic Emporium's clash with the bed. Also corrected the position of some jewelry boxes so that they can be reached. Raised the price of houses... a lot. Most expensive is 125,000. Cheapest is 4000. Fixed all the pilgrims. They will get close enough to the shrines to pray, bow for a while, wait, maybe do that again, wander, go to next shrine, etc. Fixed all the notes posted in cities (previously some could not be activated and read). Added notes that can be picked-up (imperial notes, that is) to every town that had them static as well previously--not all are cool to be taken. The ones in Inns & castles should be. Not so in guilds and in private homes. Corrected spelling mistakes on notes. Balanced the Kill-spell line. Added a few more texts in key places. Fixed braided mask script. Added script chunk to braided armor so that it cannot be selected for enchantment unless the quest to free the jewel is finished. Changed Spirits of the woods, spectral warriors and wolves so that they never lose their ghost effects. Made all special enemies persistent references, to avoid them disappearing on us for some reason. Update Molag Bal quest to accept Large Lion pelts and Hircine's quest to do similar with Large Bear pelts and Large Wolf pelts. Rindir buys lights (light-staves) now. Changed animal scripts a bit. They should react even better now. Now they should not instantly turn against you when they are fighting another foe and you help them out. Changed some meteoric weapons' durability and charge (in-world-ones, not base). Made Ayleid wielding enemies harder to come by. Corrected Baurus bug. (You'll need to revert to the time before Jauffre gives you the quest update to go see Baurus at the IC's tavern. Otherwise you'll need to enter some console commands—especifically: select Baurus in the inn and type SetLevel 40. Save the game and reload). Corrected Cowl of the Gray Fox's texture. Changed to super-immersive DLT now, with spanking new icon to make it obvious what the HK Torch is for (Hot Key for Torch). Fixed the Battle Axe of Enormous Bug (128 dmg) and the Hammer of Never-Ending Reach (1000,000 reach). Corrected Ayleid bows to have 1 reach (0 reach can cause CTDs). Took away the bugged arrows of the dragon armor set. Changed female guards in Cheydinhall to not have the missing voice-overs. Made some trolls stronger. They regenerate health even faster. I made the ones in Nocturnal's quest also hit harder and have more hp. Fixed goblins attacking the goblin chefs. Fixed some other small faction issues. Fixed a gamesetting text grammar error (on lvl up 3). Optimized all GameMode scripts so that they do not eat up CPU resources except when strictly necessary. Fixed some quests not updating properly due to OOO's changes (Lex's cuirass, Adamus', TG fence quest, Clavicus Vile Quest and Path of Dawn). Changed some containers to lower level of lock-difficulty. Changed Sideways Cave to scale in difficulty akin to the rest of the world's dungeons. Other Imperial City Isle's surrounding dungeons are a bit easier, to allow fledgling adventurers to find more hunting grounds. Added new rewards to the FG's last quest. Tweaked Dragon Armor from MQ to really be worth something. Reduced the effectiveness of several imbalancing enchantments (mundane ring, etc) and reduced the possible value of Shield enchantments from 25% to 15% max. Reduced the invisibility spells that escaped tweaking back to OOO standards. Tweaked animal AI to provide even more versatility. Animals have now Keen Sense, which may help them detect players that are invisible or sneaking and out of sight. Animals will also stop chasing players if these become invisible or undetected through sneaking. Invading the "personal" space of an animal can now result in the animal fleeing, rather than always become aggressive. Added Open Lock scrolls and other goodies to Shady Sam and to Scroll vendors--these will appear at any player level. Tweaked Fish AI to simulate faster swimming when fleeing from player. Tweaked Fishes' textures to appear more realistic. Added a version of Fur Gauntlets with long claws. Added abilities to some bosses to better use spells in combat (heal when hurt, dispel when poisoned or when the player casts invisibility, etc) Corrected some errors with default underwater rock placement. Made all Geomancy spells resistant to silence's effects—their power surges from the stones used in the incantations. This will also make them more useful and attractive to use in combat. Added more containers to world and dungeon locations where difficulty vs reward equations did not match. Gave extra powers and abilities to several NPCs and enemies in order to balance them more properly (some Kvatch NPCs, Bosmer Rangers and Protectors, Mazoga the Orc and several others.) Changed Antoinetta Marie to be the proper destinatary of a very special gift. Added key for Sideways cave's chest that previously could not be unlocked (tip, the key is not in the dungeon itself). Updated spectral weapons' scripts to allow Spectral Warriors to properly retrieve them when disarmed. Rebalanced some creatures to more naturally show a difference in their vital statistics according to size and type (mudcrabs were previously all alike, deer are now faster, and several other small tweaks). Added more bonuses to alcoholic beverages. Rebalanced the Arena Rainment armors. Bunch of other little tweaks here and there that I cannot remember anymore Like, fixing the Light of Dawn script.


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