Otherworld Episode 1: The Secret of Temair

Adds a questline and large land based off of Celtic mythology lore and my own lore. This large land includes new creatures, new loot, new qu...

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Adds a questline and large land based off of Celtic mythology lore and my own lore. This large land includes new creatures, new loot, new quests, and new ruins. This mod is for people who are sick of vanilla and mods that just change vanilla. Otherworld is a completely new place that you wont reconize!

Yes, it's finally here!

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Sheogorath's "Otherworld Episode 1: The secret of Temair"

This Mod is huge mod that adds an entirely new world, AND DOES IT RIGHT!
Many names and references are based off of Celtic Mythology and this mod is incredibly lore based, and detailed in loot systems, scripting, creature generation, and effects. This is the first installment of Otherworld, there will be others wich will continue the story and adds more items, ruins, quests, and NPCs.

You are asked about a great warrior named Lugh from a druid who used to know him, and in the quest for knowledge, the druid seems fit to send you to otherworld and help a dying village from extinction of the land from a terrible and powerful being known as Samhain.

Like any other mod install to 
C:/Program Files/Besthesda Softworks/Oblivion/data
All the files are in a neat little BSA so no need to fumble with puting stuff in the right place... but make sure that it's in DATA.
Comment if you find some!

OBSE 1.2(or later) REQUIRED! That's about it.
Any mods such as Oscuro's or Martigen's will not affect this mod, creatures, or loot.
Otherworld adds a new land with new everything so any other mod should not affect it and Otherworld will not affect any other mod.
What exactly does this add?

-A large new land
-A huge amount of unique armors and weapons
-A ton of new scripted enchanments and custom effects
-A large questline
-New ruins to discover in this new land
-New creatures that are sure to excite combat
-Charms: Give bonuses just for being in your inventory but weigh 10 pounds each.
-Stones: Give scripted enchantments to any armor or weapon
-Completely randomized loot and drops
-Special Creature: These creatures have slightly better loot and have randomly generated names

Special thanks to AgonyLord52 for providing voice acting.
Special thanks for Nekronom for a providing a few meshes.

Cerberus Mods of course!

Forum: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Cerberus_Mods/index.php

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