Paradise Arena

Paradise Arena is a magical place in the beautiful land of Aestherius. The player stumbles upon a portal near the Imperial Sewers' Southeast...


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Paradise Arena is a magical place in the beautiful land of Aestherius. The player stumbles upon a portal near the Imperial Sewers' Southeast exit which leads to this strange land. From the sky, to the hero's retreat, to that silly little shop run by the Strange Wee Man, Paradise Arena is unlike any place you've seen before. The main attraction is, of course, the Arena itself. When you arrive there, you will notice that no one is there. No announcers, no spectators, just magic and a bunch of statues. The big dragon statue in the center of the arena will spawn a random monster for you to fight. The monsters are not leveled, and often you will need to use the oldest and most noble combat tactic... RUN AWAY! The Help portal takes you back to your servant's quarters to grab some companions, and the other statues will heal you and restore Magicka. Once you kill all the baddies, head over to the Purge statue to convert those unsightly bodies into Paradise Arena Kills. Talk to the Strange Wee Man to buy a pet ogre or clannfear, or for some info on the secret island...

This Mod will be in the Mod of the Year Contest -Cometgames13

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Paradise Arena
	by Super Llama

	This mod adds a really cool new place: Paradise Arena. As its name suggests, it's paradise, and it's an arena! This arena is WAY better than the standard IC Arena, bcause there is no-one running it except its magical nature (and that crazy owl-guy)!
	Built in the distant and beautiful land of Aestherius, ancient world of the Aedra, it sits in the middle of a vast ocean. The first thing you'll notice when going through the portal atop the southeast Imperial Sewer Exit is the giant tent to your left. This is a home in which you can live; complete with a serene underground cave home, guarded by stone creatures that will protect you from any harm. This place has been around as long as the universe, and that's not about to change. The second thing you will notice is the sky. It, unlike the sky of Nirn which you are accustomed to, is a masterpiece of colors day and night, and in-between. With vivid purples and greens, blues and yellows, the sky looks like a giant, ever-changing painting in the heavens. The third thing you will notice is the insanely long bridge to your right, leading to a faraway island. This is where the arena stands. If you jump into the water, don't worry about the giant death sharks... they wouldn't hurt a fly. They were named by a complete idiot. After the lengthy journey to the island, you will see the ancient, majestic trees towering over the arena, and the magical gate going up and down without a thought, waiting for a combatant to enter. 
	Once you go inside the arena, you will see many statues encircled about a great dragon. Activate the dragon, and an enemy spawns. They can be anything from a mudcrab to a Xivilai, a wolf to a bandit lord. It even summons NPCs, like Dremoras, Bandits, Necromancers, Vampires, and Mythic Dawn! It also summons modded creatures, like in MMM. Fight them at your will, or summon two and watch them battle each other, then when they are dead, take their loot! w00t! loot! And you can even summon help from the Help Portal! When the fight is over, activate the purge statue to change those unsightly corpses into trophies!

	I know you are eager to get started fighting, but there are some things you must know first. To get here, simply go to the Imperial Sewers' Southeast Exit (this is not the one you come out of at the beginning of the game!). On top of the exit, there is a portal. Activate it. You are now at Paradise Arena! Here is the layout of the place: on the left, there is a tent full of stuff to help you get ready. Under the tent, there is a cave where you can live and rest. To the right, there is a huge bridge. Part-way across the bridge, there is a strange easter egg: the Bashful Llama. It is a shop, owned by a rediculous looking owl man named "Strange Wee Man" (hehe); and two pets with spoofy names (Shreck and Giko, spelled wrong so I won't infringe on copyrights), and the SWM sells almost everything you will ever need. If you go further on the bridge, you will find the main attraction: the arena. If you make it successfully past the mischevious gate (it likes to impale you sometimes, due to a script problem that was so funny I just left it there XD) you will see a giant statue of a dragon. Activate it, and a monster spawns (or several, if you are using MMM's increased spawn rate). If you get hurt, activate one of the many health statues to heal yourself. If you are low on Magick, activate the Magicka statues. If you want armor, activate the armor statue, and if you want weapons, activate the weapons statue (which works now, thanks to Sheogorath). When your enemies are dead, use the Purge statue to convert the corpses of your enemies into kills, which are useful in the future (see next sentances). There is a secret island somewhere, but I won't tell you where! Also, this mod is not quite done yet; I will add more pets, more uses of kills, and a super-cool surprise that you're sure to love in version 2.0. ;) Oh yeah, and I'm gonna give the SWM some voice actin' soon enough 8)

	A worldmap! YAY!
	A cave where you can live, with a giant tent on top
	A shop with a buyable ogre and clannfear (and in future releases, more pets)
	A very, very long bridge that leads to the arena
	An enemy-spawning arena run by magic itself, not by people
	Fully compatible with MMM and other monster mods!
	An awesome cool thing on the secret island... but it's secret so I won't tell you what it is XD


Upon approaching the island, you sometimes get a message "This lock cannot be picked, you need a key" and a click noise... I think this has something to do with the gate and the statue loading at different times... or something...
You can walk through some of the giant trees. Thanks to Sheogorath for finding this bug... it seems collision gets unstable when you scale things.
Some of the trees are floating. Thanks again to Sheogorath for finding this bug... I hope I can get around to fixing these eventually.
There are some ground texture bugs; like some of tiles have square seams between textures. This is due to me having a very slow computer that won't run the landscape editor right! :(

If you find any other bugs, please tell me so I can fix them!

Should be compatible with all your mods, unless you named your worldspace ParadiseArenaWS, or any of your cells start with ParadiseArena (i doubt that though)! I added PA prefixes on all the activators and stuff.

Do not use any part of this mod in any of your mods without asking me, or modify it in any way without contacting me first. Do not sell the mod or re-upload it in your name. You are permitted to upload this to other servers, as long as it is unmodified and I get credit as the author.

Super Llama (me), who created this mod

thanks to OB1_Cannoli, who helped me think of the mod, and tested it alot.

SPECIAL THANKS to Sheogorath (aka Mad Griffin) who also tested it and cleaned up several of my scripts; the weapon statue now summons weapons as it was intended (instead of just an axe). He also shrank the bridge, at which I was kind of mad at first because he did it without telling me... but then I got to like it since the LOD works now XD and he also generated the LOD files so you can actually see the island from the tent. He also helped beautify the island. Thanks Sheogorath!  8D  I have put a statue in his honor somewhere in the world... tough to find. [hint: ask the strange wee man for rumors]

And of course, thanks to everyone else at the Undernethe mod (Cerberus Studios) who gave me ideas and cheered me on. Thanks, guys! ( )

You can contact me, Super Llama, at the Elder Scrolls FileFront, by commenting on any of my files; or you can email me at:

superllama527 AT hotmail DOT com

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