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A very nice mod that adds in four pets for you to use, which may be found at the Chorrol Mage's Guild. It has four pets to chose from, whic...


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A very nice mod that adds in four pets for you to use, which may be found at the Chorrol Mage's Guild. It has four pets to chose from, which are a mountain lion, a sheep, a timber wolf, and a black bear. These pets can eat, sleep, fight, and do many other things as you wish. The pet will also level up with you, meaning that if you are strong, there's a good chance your pet will be strong as well.

Now if you excuse me, I must return to feeding my Uber-Sheep of Death.

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Pets OF Chorrol 1.0
By Daroo

Feature :
This mod allow you have to have a pet :
* Choose from 4 different pets (only one at time) available in the Mage Guild of Chorrol (left door).
* You can give multiple order to your pet (follow,wait,wait & rescue,flee,give food,Attack a target,Attack mode,teleport)
* You can give order to your pet from far distance by using a special item 'Gem Command Pet'.(it has the shape of a gem but yu can use it)
  Bind the gem 'Gem Command Pet' to a key (or use it from inventory) and it ll bring you a menu to give order to your pet.  
  So now you can ask it to wait at the entrance,you can advance then tell it to follow you...etc 	
* You can target an ennemy/NPC and send your pet on him.
  To make this you will have a special 'Target Spell'.Cast the spell to ennemy/NPC and your pet will attack it.
  This spell does nothing on target(except the visual effect that allow you to aim),so if the ennemy doesnt see you he ll no attack you.
  So you can ask your pet to attack an ennemy while you stay sneaky.
* Choose the way pet will level (50% of your level,75% or 100%)
  To be more balanced i choosed to use a ratio and not only the autolevel offset Player system.
  Pet will level with you with the ratio you had choosen when yu get it.(Mean if yu choosed 50% he ll be 50% of your level,it ll level 1 time when yu leveled 2 times) 	
  Pet will grow in size when it gets a level.
* IF your pet die you can resurect him.
  Note : You will have to be near it to resurect,if you lost it somewhere in the area,you will have to find the corpse.
	 To help you to find it,you will have a message telling you the angle and the distance of your pet each time you use the "Gem Command Pet"
	 (for the angle : 0 degres mean your pet is in front of you,-90 means it s west of you..etc.)
	 If your pet is really too far,you ll be able to revive without searching the corpse.
* feed your animal with meat to give some health.
* Your pet will sneak with you.
* Choose attack mode On/Off (pet ll or not help you in combat)
* I changed the behaviour of pets,pets will attack ennemy  :
  - Only if You are attacked or seen by the ennemy, that allow you (especially if you have a sneaky character) to come near
    ennemy and your pet will not attack him.
    If the ennemy has detected you, the pet will go attack him.
  - If you send 'Target Spell' on the ennemy,pets will rush to attack him.
  - if the pet is attacked it ll defend except if you set Attack mode to OFF
* Fixed problem with horse (Followers usually bump on horse all times).
* I have added,in the Pet command menu, the ability to switch to the "Target Spell" (then you'll not have to bind a key for the "Gem Pet" and
  another for the "Target Spell")

  Put The "PetsOfChorrol.esp" file in the /data/ directory of the game.
  In the oblivion startup menu go into Data Files and check the box for PetsOfChorrol.esp

How it works:
Go to the Mage Guild of Chorrol (left door),and 4 pets are waiting to be adopted.
Just go near a pet and activate it.
You will have to choose how your pet will level 50%,75%,100% of your own level.
To not screw the game it s best to take 50% the pet will be not very strong but it ll not unbalance the game.

When you adopt it you ll have :
 * a new item "Gem Command Pet" that allow you to give order to your pet remotely.(from distance)
   Just bind it to a quick key or click on it in inventory to bring the Pet command menu.
   IF your pet is too far to give it an order it ll be teleported to you.
 * a new spell "Target Spell" that allow you to target someone and your pet will attack him.
 * A note about your pet.

In the Pet Menu You will have these orders for your pet :
 * <FOLLOW> 	    : Follow everywhere even with fast travel..etc 	
		      it can happen that if you fast travel too nearfrom you are,you are pet ll choose to come by feet.	
 * <WAIT>	    : Wait here,stop to combat if it was.(pet ll only defend himself excepet if attack mode is OFF)	
 * <WAIT & RESCU>   : Your pet will wait here,but if you are attacked and your health become less than 50%,your pet will run to save you.
		      Your pet will come if you are not very far from him when you are attacked.
 * <FLEE> 	    : Pet will flee the battle like a chicken
 * <GIVE FOOD>      : You can give it rat,boar,venison,crabe meat to restore some health, it ll restore 30% of health.
		      If pet don't need health it ll not eat your food.
		      By using this you will see the stat health & level of your pet too.	
 * <Attack mode >    : Choose ON or OFF, if OFF pets will never attack.
 * <Choose Target Spell> : This will automatically choose the &quot;Target Spell&quot; as your current spell.
			   (then you ll not have to need to bind it to a key)
			   So aim at an ennemy and cast the spell on him,the pet will rish him.
 * <Teleport>     : Teleport it, only if you or it s not in combat.
 * <Leave IT>      : To abandon your pet there.(poor pet)

Note/Problem :
- Some problem with faction, In darkbrotherhood house for exemple the Dark skeleton will not like your pet :x
  i didn't put setownership on pets,and even with that i got some problem when mob have multiple faction
  (if someone know more about who it s calculate when a mob has more than 1 faction i would appreciate)
- I have removed the generic message &quot;You cannot equip this item&quot; (else it ll always be sent when yu activate your gem)

--****---Feedback/Problem..You can contact me at ***------

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