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Sorry if you downloaded the other one. The meshes were missing, please download this one and enjoy

Adds over 50 spells to the g...


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Sorry if you downloaded the other one. The meshes were missing, please download this one and enjoy!

Adds over 50 spells to the game of Oblivion, to purchase visit Phineus Jameson in the Market District, usually in front of the Mystic Emporium.

-Rapid Fire ****NEW**** Casts fireballs in rapid succession like a machine gun. Great for pelting groups of people or concentrating fire on a single target. Cancels if player casts a spell, jumps, or attacks.

-Time Stop ****NEW**** Stop time for all those around you for 5 seconds. Great for when you get in a bind. Affected characters cannot be attacked.

-Hurricane ****NEW**** Creates a strong wind in the direction the player is pointing for 25 seconds. All those caught have a chance every second of being blown backwards falling head over heals.

-Acid Rain Summons acid rain that fall randomly around the player for 20 seconds that hurt everyone it touches. Cannot be summoned inside. Comes in three versions, with the acid being more powerful for the stronger spells. Minor chance of player losing health to the acid.

-Blizzard Summons a blizzard that slows everyone that gets caught in it. Minor damage is done as well. Cannot be summoned inside. The slowing effect has now been increased dramatically and affects everyone in range. Multiple versions with the stronger versions lasting longer.

-Earthquake Spell causes an earthquake centered on the player. All those caught in the beginning of the earthquake have a chance of falling down every second until the earthquake ends. Player has small chance of being knocked down

-Force Push Push those bad guys back, hurling over their feet. Now with physics! Those that resist only fall down.

-Force Push Circle (used to be called Battle Scream) Same as push but as a point blank spell that affects everyone around you. Great for when you are surrounded.

-Pull ****NEW**** Pulls the target towards you. Has a maximum distance of only 1000 feet. Great for getting those archers and mages closer!

-Set Fire/Frost/Paralysis Trap ****NEW**** Set a trap on the ground that can be triggered anybody who comes close. Fire causes a big explosion, frost causes slowing in the area, and paralysis paralyzes the first person who comes into contact for 10 seconds. Spells are on a 30 second timer so you can't place multiple traps in a row.

-Quicksand Creates quicksand underneath the user that holds them in place. They can still shoot and cast spells though. If the target loses health the spell breaks

-Swamp Same as quicksand but it affects all those around you.

-Static Shield ****NEW**** Creates a shield of static around the caster that discharges against everyone that comes close to you. The stronger the version the more often the static discharge.

-Call Lightning Calls lightning from the sky that repeatedly strikes the target. Can't be cast indoors. Multiple variations, with each hitting harder than the last.

-Star Fire ****NEW**** Stars fall from the sky hitting the target in quick succession. Not very accurate but can really build up the damage if the target is slowed or immobilized

-Chill All those hit by the area of effect spell will be slowed for the duration of the spell, althouth weapon speed is not affected.

-Poison I was dissapointed that there were no poison spells to cast so I added one. Does more damage than similar desctruction spells of the same skill level but takes 30 seconds to fully affect. Starts off slow and builds up damage. Multiple variations with each dealing more damage.

-Corpe Explosion ****NEW**** Causes all corpses in the area of the spell to explode violently causing damage to all those caught in the blast. Cannot be cast multiple times on the same corpse. Stronger variations of the spell cause more damage.

-Swap Swaps places with the target. See someone on the otherside of the chasm? Swap places with them!

-Sprint ****NEW**** Player runs faster for 10 seconds

-LifeTap ****NEW**** Convert health to magicka, the higher the version the more magicka created at the cost of more health

-Frame ****NEW**** Pass off your bounty to a poor helpless bystander. Guards will think he committed the crime(s) instead of you! Must be in sneak, undetected, and must have illusion and sneak above 50. The higher the characters responsibility the harder it is to pull off. Be warned, the character will almost certainly be killed, so make sure its not someone you care about

-Spell Backfire ****NEW**** All enemies affected will receive damage everytime they cast a spell for the duration of the backfire spell. Stronger versions of the spell cause higher damage.

-Unequip Chest Forces the target to unequip their chest armor for the duration of the spell. Only works on the more common equipment

-Stunning Beauty Makes everyone of the opposite sex stare at you no matter where you go. Truly for the most narcisstic! You also get a decent disposition boost. The staring does not affect those in conversation however.

-Clone1,2,3 Creates 1, 2 or 3 exact clones of the target, only pint sized These clones will fight the target until either the spells wears off of they or the target are killed.

-Dance Forces all those caught in the blast to dance for the duration of the spell. Not very useful but a lot of fun to watch!

-Telvanni Life ***Used to be called Jet Pack*** Lifts the player high into the air for a short period of time. Shoots you straight up in the air but you can still press the directional buttons to move in the x and y planes. Great for getting to rooftops, towers, etc

-Bottle Rocket Shoots the target up in the sky for 10 seconds before having them plummet to the earth. Great holding spell. Does not hurt the target, and will be dispelled if they receive damage so no more giving them poison then shooting them up into the air

-Fireworks Same as Bottle Rocket but as area of effect. Great for when you are surrounded as it'll give you a quick breather.

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