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Potable Pastiche is a compilation of mods that improve potions and licquor in several ways. Normally, a lot of them would be incompatible wi...


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Potable Pastiche is a compilation of mods that improve potions and licquor in several ways. Normally, a lot of them would be incompatible with each other, so I made this. Enjoy.

This mod features (in alphabetical order):

Ceano's and DoofDilla's Potions Meshes & Textures: Offers a new, improved appearance for potions in many different colors.

Deathbane27's Potion Sorter: Sorts all potions by function to reduce confusion and cut down on inventory time, followed by potency. Example: "Weak Potion of Sorcery" becomes "Restore Magicka, Diluted." "Ale" becomes "- Ale -" to seperate it from the potions.

Hero2014's Blood Potions for Vampires: Allows vampires to use the bottles of Human Blood that can be found throughout the game to satisfy their hunger.

Lap's Inebriation: This mod makes all alcoholic drinks actually give a drunken affect. Also adds ability to brew your own wine, beer, and cider. To brew beer, you have to find a still (these are often in inns and taverns). For more information about brewing, see the Inebriation Readme included in the archive.

Laurinque's Better Beer Bottles: Massive texture improvements for beer bottles.

MarkQuinn's Better Wine: Massive texture improvement for wine bottles.

Stabbey's Improved Potions of Exploration: Improves Potions of Exploration because for all the collecting of Nirnroots that is required, the potions you get for your troubles isn't that great. For more informations on the improvements, see the appropriate Readme in the archive.

My own personal additions, see below.

Potable Pastiche uses a method of color coding that I created for the potions. Here's what I decided on.

Red: Restore & Fortify Health potions. Blue: Restore & Fortify Magicka potions. Green: Restore & Fortify Fatigue potions. Yellow: Other restore potions and dispel potions. Orange: Other fortify potions and fire/frost/shock shield potions. Cyan: Resist & Spell Absorption potions. Purple: Vision Affecting potions. (i.e. Chameleon, Detect Life, Light..) White: Cure potions. Gray: Everything else. (i.e. Feather, Skooma, Water Walking..) Black: All poisons.

Any user-created potions will have tan icons using the gray potion meshes and textures, and user-created poisons will look like regular black potions, just like the other poisons. I'm afraid it's impossible at this time for user-created potions to be color-coded sorted like normal potions.

In addition, bottles of human blood now uses unused meshes, textures, and icons to differentiate its appearance. I have made improvements to the bottle's texture as well.

Chameleon and Burden potions were tweaked slightly, as there was absolutely no difference from their weak and normal varieties, and there wasn't a lot of difference in potency. See below.

Before: (in order of power) Chameleon 15 -> 15 -> 25 Burden 20 -> 20 -> 35

After: Chameleon 10 -> 20 -> 30 Burden 20 -> 30 -> 40

Lastly, I made it so Skooma has the same inebriation effects as licquor when consumed.

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