Profession: Agent



Here is a video from W4rbird set in Tamriel. The camera follows the action and daily life of an agent. New background music pleases your ears, the camera comes from many different angles which I like and it's fun watching someone get slaughtered with a bow and arrow }>

Enjoy the video -Humble



A TES IV: Oblivion Video 
TITLE: Profession: Agent
AUTHOR: W4rbird
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: http://warbird1.w.interia.pl

FILENAME: prof_agent_vid.zip
FILESIZE: 25,3 MB (zipped)
DATE RELEASED: 10th May 2007

-> creators of Mission Impossible Theme music;
-> creators of Mission Impossible 2 Theme music - Limp Bizkit;
-> creators of Mission Impossible 3 Theme music - Hans Zimmer;
-> creators of TES4: Oblivion - Bethesda Softworks;
-> creator of 'Soya 4 Hair Pack' mod - Soya and it's localization ('Soya 4 Hair Pack English ') - w00t; 
-> creator of 'Actors in Charge' mod - trollf. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unpack an archive and run the file with your favourite media player.

DESCRIPTION: Very short video, which uncovers the bright and dark sides of profession, which is the infamous agent! The character is also my current character. She's a level 5 Dunmer Agent. 

MOVIE TIME: 3 mins and 30 secs
MOVIE SIZE: 640x480, 24 bpp, 25 frames per second

In no way am I responsible for whatever damage this can cause to your computer (but, honestly I doubt it). If you use any part of this file, please make sure you ask for my persmission, before releasing it.

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