Qarl's Texture Pack 2



The purpose of this package is to make TES IV: Oblivion look even better than when you bought it. To do this I've created new textures and normal maps to replace a large number of those in the game with ones which are higher resolution and more photorealistic, while at the same time, still very close to the original feel of Bethesda's intentions. However, due to the increased resolution, machines with lower-end graphics cards may see a slight decrease in performance, but usually no more than a few frames per second.

This mod is extremely realistic. Thus far the game looks amazing with this mod. Although some people have experienced problems with this mod, it all works well. The comparison between the original and Qarl's are amazing. Qarl did a lot of Textures for Morrowind as well so if your interested in Morrowind check them out. I heop to see more from Qarl.

Requirements If you're running Oblivion on the lowest settings this mod is not for you. You're going to need some pretty good hardware to take advantage of this mod. Installation Unzip Qarls_Texture_Pack_2.zip to your desktop. Double-click on Qarls_Texture_Pack_2.exe (a self-extracting 7zip file) and extract it to your Oblivion\Data folder.


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