Quest for Mythic Armour

Where It Starts- ---------------- -The Quest starts in the Imperial Market District. A Npc by the name of Ansumis Fathis will be waiting....


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File Description

Where It Starts- ---------------- -The Quest starts in the Imperial Market District. A Npc by the name of Ansumis Fathis will be waiting.

Description- ------------ This Mod Contains the following:

- 6 playable ArmorS -Mythic Devil(Light) -Mythic Ninja(Light) -Mythic Ominous(Heavy) -Mythic Sage(Light) -Mythic Knight(Heavy) -Mythic Necro(Light) - Quest Line: Part 1 - Voice Actors - Boss Fight - Teleportation Spell - Lore - 3 Books - Dagon Shrine - Enhanced Armor Traits & Abilities -Each Armor is unique in the skill enhancements it provides you with. Lore: For as little as is known about the Mythic Dawn cult, even less is known about the Mythic Demons, a race of demonic creatures that apparently were once worshipped by the Mythic Dawn. It does not take much of a leap to assume these demons were types of Daedra. Specifically, Dremora in servitude to Mehrunes Dagon, whom the Mythic Dawn appear to worship. *Continued in books.....

Armor Configuration- ------------------- -Mythic Knight(blade,Endurance,Block,Blunt) Geared towards the Warrrior.Weighs more then the rest.

-Mythic Ninja(Blade,Sneak,Block,Acrobatics) Geared towards the stealthy Type. Weights Less then the rest.

-Mythic Sage(Destruction,Restoration,Willpower,Athletics) Gear towards the Mage.

-Mythic Ominous(Restoration,Endurance,Block,Alteration) Armor for a defensive Warrior.

-Mythic Necro(Conjuration,Alteration,Mysticism,Willpower)Summons stays in the back allows others to fight for them.

-Mythic Devil(Conjuration,Blade,Destruction,Restoration) The Perfect form of all armors worn by the most respected. Its a combination of all the others.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Armor Sets

Mythic Knight Mythic Ominous -Cuirass -Cuirass -Greaves -Greaves -Boots -Boots -Gaunlets -Gaunlets -Helmet -Mask -Mask Mythic Devil Mythic Sage -Cuirass -Cuirass -Greaves -Greaves -Boots -Boots -Gaunlets -Gaunlets -Hood -Mask -Mask Mythic Ninja Mythic Necro -Cuirass -Cuirass -Greaves -Greaves -Boots -Boots -Gaunlets -Gauntlets -Hood -Mask -Mask -Hood

Bugs/Problems ---------------- -Armor has some invisible parts that are unoticable. - If any bugs are found please PM me at D Angel on the Offical Elderscrolls forum or Post in my forums.

Special Thanks -------------- *****************************EastsideBoy-Uploading pictures******************************** *******************************DelfoftheBla - Code Help************************************ ********************************Vivli -Lore/Book Artist************************************ *********************************ChiZ -Great textures************************************** ************************Gamergirlx -Voice Actor(Ansumis Fathis)**************************** *************************BloodReaver -Voice Actor(Greath Atone)****************************

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