Raiders Of Cyrodill

This mod adds 3 new custom made factions with Dungeons and npcs all over to the world. It adds npcs to everycity but IC. New factions are Da...


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This mod adds 3 new custom made factions with Dungeons and npcs all over to the world. It adds npcs to everycity but IC. New factions are Dark legion who are a bunch of dark elfs that are under the leadership of a deamora lord. That attack CHorrol in the 1st day of every months in spring. The Orsinium Orcs are the remanents of a war party in Skyrim that seek reveange at the back gate of Bruma every 1st day of the months of winter. The Fallen Scar are a Lineage of High elfs exiled from Summerset Isles that hide to the west of Skingrad, Skingrad mitilia raid thier caves every Tuesday.

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Download 'raiders_of_cyrodill_1.2.rar' (1.22MB)

Raiders Of Cyrodill

	Second version of the mod. Simple and effective with no scripts and simple AI still but more of it. 
This mod adds npcs and 3! new factions to the World. Everything is static no leveled list has been changed so u can enjoy your own 
loot and weapons/armor with my npcs. Npcs have been added to Cheydinhal (dark elfs), Bruma (nords), Anvil (mercs),skingrad ( Vampire hunters)
Bravil (aragonians), Weyn Priory (monks) and Chorrol (mitilia). I have added mitilia to Chorrol and Bruma to defend against 
the specially made 2 new factions the Dark Legion who are Dark elfs who have rallyed by a Dremora lord all have sold thier souls to him. In Bruma the 
Battle of skyrim comes to Tamerial as Orsinium Orcs soldiers from the war have come to take from the Nords.
The Dark legion attacks the Chorrol castle Great hall. While the Orsinium Orcs assault the back gate of Bruma (you will see the mitilia)
Also added mitilia in SKingrad, working on what to do there. Added the Fallen Scar faction which is a lineage of high elfs 
that have been exiled from summerset isle. Now there is raiding! Skingrad mitilia raids cursed mines every tuesday tho they only raid a portion of it
so the player doesnt find dead bodies everywhere. Also made an extension of cursed mine (just adds a door to another interior) which where
you will find the Fallen Scars in the Cursed Temple (brilliant name i know). Cursed Mine is right outside Skingrads west gate just follow the road.

I cannont tell you where the Dungeons anymore as it would spoil the game. They are always near cities and very easy to find. 
Also added Witchers around the world (monsterslayers very powerful and rare), Blackwood members, Dock works and Sailors to Anvil,thiefs to cities 
and vampire hunters to cities. Added npcs to Lewyawiin. Also Overhauled the entire factions loot and equipment. Now they are very balanced.
Also deleted any SI reference so it now doesnt require SI. In the future I will not list any more npcs I add
You will have to explore the world yourself (rest assure I aim to make this mod conflict free as it always is)
Added Map Markers and Fixed the Orsinium encampment.


Like any other mod install to 
	C:Program FilesBesthesda SoftworksObliviondata

None gamebreaking tho the invading Dark legion sometimes teleports directly to the castle hall of Chorrol
I reccommend a medium Pc for this as it adds a moderate amount of npcs in exterior cells.
If anyone finds any Problems or bugs report it here or e-mail me at


Should be compatible with about everymod as I use OOO and over 100 mods or so. 
If u change the landscape where i place the npcs that might be a problem as 
with anymod that places npcs or anything.

The evil factions however have thier own Ai and attack in spring or winter (Chorrol Spring and Bruma Winter) on the first day of any month in that 
season. The New faction the Fallen Scars can be found in Cursed Mine west of skingrad (door to the right of entrance cant miss it, inside the cave)
This is still a work in progress so i'm hoping some feedback to improve and change to peoples liking. Added New shields
Hope to make my own reaver and dark legion armor. Maybe even armor unqiue to every faction. 
If something isnt working or you want me to add something that you always wanted post here or e-mail. 
I want to know if the evil factions are too hard or too many or too easy etc. I will probably work on this mod a lot so 
expect a lot of changes additions. If i added too many npcs tell me i'll make a lite version
that has fewer npcs than normal.

-Mickthemage for the Shields

Enjoy the mod :)

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