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City Encounters: When the player sleeps/waits in any city there is a chance that they will be attacked by ghosts of NPC's they have defeate...

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City Encounters: When the player sleeps/waits in any city there is a chance that they will be attacked by ghosts of NPC's they have defeated as part of a quest. If the player has not progressed to the quest related to that city no attacks will be made. Examples are Arena Ghosts if the player has killed in the arena, BlackWood Company members that were killed during the Fighters Guild quest line, ect.

Wilderness Encounters: When the player sleeps/waits in the wilderness of Tamriel there is a chance they will be attacked by a wild animal, highway man, marauder, bandit, goblin, ect.

Wilderness Interiors: When the player sleeps/waits in an interior not associated with a city, such as caves, dungeons, mines, or any interior in the Tamriel wilderness, there is a chance they will be attacked by a wild animal, bandit, marauder, zombie, or they may find an Orc Adventurer to join in the fight.

Thief Encounters: Anytime the player sleeps there is a chance that they will be woken up by a Thief who has stolen gold or valuable items from him. The player then gets his chance to exact revenge, and reclaim his gold. If the player has less that 1000 gold a thief won't even bother.

Many of the enemys draw from leveled lists, and have different times of day when their leveled list is used. The encounters are activated using random percents, ghost and thief encounters occur roughly 10% of the time. Wilderness encounters occur roughly 25% of the time.

Update7 Fixed a whole lot of errors in my scripts concerning invalid game hours that would cause unintentended safe hours between enemy types.

Update6 Fixed an Issue some people were having with minor conflicts involving the cells "Dream", and "Oblivion". Added a chance of attacks when the player uses the repair feature in the wilderness or wilderness interiors (this includes the plane of oblivion). Changed the opening selection box to reflect High, medium, and low probability of attacks instead of percentage values.

Update5 Fixed an issue where ghosts could persist in saved games even though they were killed by the player.

Update4 Fixed an issue where the Update3 fix caused more than one example of an enemy to spawn in the same wait period.

Update3 Fixed an issue where selecting the wait menu, but exiting that menu without waiting would spawn enemys. This may reslut in less attacks when the player chooses to wait less than 4 hours.

Update2 Added Features: This update adds a few new features to the way you select your encounters. The first time you run the mod you are able to select the type of encounters you want to allow, and a few different percentages for those encounters.

Also Added is the ability to track Thieves that have stolen your loot.By making the Thief quest your active quest, any Thief that has stolen from you will be marked with a quest arrow. The Thieves now run from the player, and try to get away to their respective bandit camps. Thieves will now steal a few select valueable items from the player, or if the player doesn't have the chosen items they will steal 1000 gold. If the player doesn't have at least 1000 gold no thieves will steal from the player. The quest arrows are only displayed for the Thieves if you have the Thieves Quest selected as your active quest. So if you don't like quest arrows, don't select the THieves Quest as your active quest. This choice does not effect wether Thieves will steal from you. Thieves only steal from you when you sleep, they will not steal from you when using the wait function.

Another Feature Added is Oblivion encounters. If the player waits in any Oblivion world space there is a chance they will be attacked by dedra or dremora. These attacks are in line percentage wise with the players wilderness selection.

Lastly most interiors in citys are now safe to sleep/wait in, with the exception of player owned houses and a few select Inns.

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