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Watch Video of this mod in Action Watch Teaser Video History 0.8 Major bug fix and revamped the bleeding health loss.

0.72 Added compatability with Toasters legendary mastery + skills and stats.

0.7 Added a bleeding health loss, its not much at all and doesn't happen often bit it is there (6hp loss max). Fixed NPC healing, Changed it so the player doesnt get wounded till down to 80% health. A few other tweaks regarding how often wounding happens.

0.6 Optimised scripts further to reduce/get rid off any fps loss. Fixed a bug which caused improper stats to be given to npcs. Changed knockout time to 3 seconds for npcs as well. Tweaked chances of wounding so its slightly less likely. Added compatability with mighty magick (if you use it put this at the bottom of the load order).

0.5 Reduced fps loss even further and fixed the bug causing switches to not work in forts. Reduced player knockout time to 3 seconds.

0.4 Reduce fps loss slightly and reworded readme adding how to avoid crashing when turning the mod off.

0.3 Initial release.


This mod adds the following:

1.Dynamically alters the stats of all NPCs/creatures encountered, 960 possibilities. This is balanced because as one goes up another goes down by the same amount and the increase/decreased is capped at a maximum possible Percentage.

2.Adds wounding which at certain levels means you may or may not get wounded. Wounding means your speed is reduced and you may eventually collapse. Also as the fight to the death becomes more intense an adrenaline boost may incur meaning slightly more damage dealt but more taken. This effects NPCs, Creatures and the player. It doesnt matter what mods you use or what weapon you use.

3.Adds healing to the NPCs, so that they may cast healing spells on themselves if their health gets too low. This isnt a huge heal amount so isn't game breaking.


Extract the .esp file into your Oblivion Directory using either winzip/winrar or .7z and in the Oblivion Launcher tick the box next to this mod.


Save outside of combat and make sure you have above 80% health. To turn it off untick the mod in the launcher and delete the .esp file.


This is the first release so there may be bugs please report them on the forum thread and they will be sorted as soon as possible. Testing has gone into this mod and it should not break anything. * This mod should be compatible with all other mods.

Future Versions

Future versions will contain effect shaders to simulate bleeding.

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