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This mod aims to make playing as a vampire much more enjoyable and so is a complete overhaul of the vampire race. It fixes a few weird obli...


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File Description

This mod aims to make playing as a vampire much more enjoyable and so is a complete overhaul of the vampire race. It fixes a few weird oblivion choices ¡V such as feeding making you weaker (wtf was that all about???). It hides vampiric appearance unless the player is starving for blood or toggles their appearance. It adds a number of new powers to vampires, and dramatically increases their power at higher levels.

The default oblivion vampirism consisted of 1 script of 254 lines. This vampire mod consists of over 25 scripts and over 2500 lines of code. Hundreds of hours have gone into the making of this mod.

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Download '' (150KB)

*** IMPORTANT *** THIS MOD REQUIRES OBSE v11 or higher.  You can obtain the latest version from here;

All files need to be extracted from the archive to your OblivionData directory with the file structure intact. (eg below)


Vanilla Vampirism
If you have the vampire disease, when this mod initalises you will have to wait 3 days before you become a vampire.
If you are already a vampire, you will start off as a vampire, with experience equal to your necks bitten count x 100

Previous versions of Scorn¡¦s Vampirism (prior to 2.0 BETA)
It is best to perform a clean install for this version.  Follow the steps below for how to do this. If you do not, the game will most likely crash.
1.Unselect Scorn¡¦s Vampirism in OBMM or the default Oblivion Data Manager.
2.Load you most recent game.
3.Save it and quit out.
4.Install the Scorn¡¦s Vampirism 2 and select it in OBMM or Data Manager.
5.Load the game saved in step 3.
6.Wait for the mod to finish adding new powers etc.
7.Save the game.

Other Vampire Mods
Any other mod that affects vampires in any way (other than appearance), will most likely conflict with this mod and cause many problems. It is possible that if you load Scorn¡¦s Vampirism 2 AFTER the other mods in OBMM, you might be able to use this mod normally still, but I do not recommend it (and doubt it will work). If you email me I might be able to look into any other vampire affecting mods that you might like to run in conjunction with this mod.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only a BETA at present and has not been fully tested. Make sure you back up all your save games before using this mod.  I take no responsibility if this mod kills your game. 

What¡¦s New in Version 2?
Aside from powers (see below for complete listing), there have been many changes from v1.6.
Vampiric Cloak replaced by a new power gained at low levels which allows movement in the sun
Blood refiner, hears, and different levels of blood vials removed.  There are only 2 types of blood bottles now, mortal blood and daedra blood. Power level is determined by vampire level
Vampire eyes left at default
Shady Sam now has a random amount of blood bottles in his inventory, which are replenished at midnight every day.  They are added via script to avoid conflicts with other mods.
Vampires now burst into flame and burn upon death. Random blood bottles are added to their inventory also.
Embrace ability temporarily removed ¡V will be added back in later versions with much more options then before.
Vampire Slayers: There is a random chance upon sleeping that a Vampire Slayer will wake you and attack.  The chance increases for each vampire level (the higher level the vampire you are, the more you will be known in the vampire and slaying factions).
Blood Potions: Bottles of Blood will now be replaced with Vampire Bottles if the player is a vampire. (and changed back to normal when cured).  There are two types of blood potions. Mortal blood, and Daedra Blood.  Each has different properties, and the potency is determined by your vampire level.  Drinking blood has no effect when not hungry (craving less than 2). Drinking blood also gains the player XP.
Vampiric Adrenalin: When the player (who is level 3 vampire or higher) is wounded badly (20% Hit points left or less), they will enter Adrenalin mode (same as temporal shift) until they heal past 20%.
Magicka Cost for Powers: Most Powers no longer have casting costs.  Instead, the magicka usage is determined by the player vampire level.  If the player does not have enough magicka, the power will not work.  If they have enough, the magicka is spent and the power activated.
Vampire Levels: Vampire levels now dependant upon both Vampire Experience AND player level.  The player needs to be at least level 10 before they can become a Level 2 Vampire, and then for every 5 player levels, the player can go up another Vampire level if enough Vampire experience has been gathered.
Vampire Experience: All powers now give the player Vampire Experience.  Feeding also gives the player Experience. Experience is how vampire powers and levels are calculated now rather than using the number of feeds.
Vampiric Attributes: Now a disease so can increase stats above the maximum.  If player uses a cure disease potion (etc) when a vampire (should be no need to as vampires are immune to disease) the attributes will be removed, but re-added again.
Abilities changed by powers are not increased/decreased by scripts rather than spell effects.
Scripting completely re-written to hopefully avoid conflicts & bugs.
Vampire config power to allow player to change options, and define their own keys for vamp apperance, vamp eyesight, vamp stats, and vamp dispel.
All powers renamed to have (V) in front in order to group all vampire powers together.
Power levels balances a bit more. May still need tweaking.

Mod Description

Vampiric Appearance:

One thing I noticed when I originally became a vampire, is that my character¡¦s face would ALWAYS reset to some ugly 60 year old whenever I reloaded a saved game, even when resetting all of the vampire facial attributes and aging.  So my first step was to eliminate the appearance of vampirism.  This caused another problem, in that you cannot feed if you are not at least 1 vampirism.  So I came up with my solution.

Being a fan of Buffy and Angel, I thought that Vampire¡¦s should look normal most of the time so that they can pass normally in society (as also fits with the game lore).  So I have created a ¡§lesser power¡¨ that allows the player to toggle between looking like a vampire and looking normal.  When vampirism is toggled, the player will become the highest level of vampirism (causing reactions - often hostile - from NPC¡¦s around you), will lose 75 points of personality and 25 points of willpower.  When a player has fed, the extreme vampirism is removed and the player will look normal again (although the player can toggle it at any time anyway).

The player can also now change the vampirsm age offset via the config menu.

************ IMPORTANT!!!!! ************ 
If you save your game when vampiric appearance is activated or when you are in any starvation mode, when you reload that save game your character¡¦s appearance will reset to the default for your race, even when you are not displaying any signs of vampirism.

To fix this, create a new save game at any point when vampirism is not showing. Rename this savegame to ¡§Normal Face¡¨ or something.  If you find your face is not correct, quit the game, load your Normal Face savegame, then reload your last save.  You should find that your face has reset back to normal.

The Need To Feed:

Vampire¡¦s now must feed at regular intervals (determined by the vampire level) or face consequences.  The longer a player does not feed, the greater the penalties become. Once the player reaches a certain level of starvation, he/she will simply die and the game will need to be reloaded.  Also, with each level of starvation the player reachers, the greater the vampirism effect becomes, and the worse the NPC reaction.  However, the benefits that arise from feeding far outweigh the penalties.  

There are 5 different ways of feeding;
1.The default way of feeding off sleeping NPC¡¦s (NOTE: You MUST have vampiric appearance toggled, or be in a starvation mode in order to feed from a sleeping NPC).
2.Drinking from bottles of blood (daedra or moral blood ¡V the benefits derived from the blood are determined by your vampire level)
3.Drain Life ¡V Power that will kill your target and feed the player.
4.Drain Corpse ¡V Power that allows you to feed of a recently deceased corpse and also adds any left over blood to your inventory.
5.Vampiric Touch ¡V Lesser power that drains life from the target and in some cases kills them.

Once a level 2 or higher vampire feeds, they also receive the following benefits from feeding - power level and duration all determined by target/player level. 

„h	Health, fatigue and magicka are restored 
„h	A temporary Blood Empowerment is gained 
„h	A temporary ¡§sunscreen¡¨ effect is gained which allows the player to move about freely in the sun.

The higher the players Vampire level, the longer it takes for the player to crave blood again. At the highest Vampire level, the player only needs to feed once a week.

Vampiric Attributes:
The following all increase in potency according to vampire level;
Fortify Agility, Endurance, Speed, Strength, Acrobatics, Athletics & Sneak
Fortify magicka
Resist Disease
Resist Frost
Resist Magic
Resist Normal Weapons
Resist Paralysis
Water Breathing
Regeneration (Health, Fatigue & magicka)

Vampiric Powers:

All vampire powers are worth experience. The experience value and magicka cost is determined by the power used, and the vampire level.  

Vampiric Apperance Toggle: Allows the player to toggle between vampiric and normal appearance by pressing a key (default is keypad enter, but the player can change this).  Cannot be used when the player is in blood starvation (cravings above 100). Allows the player to move freely amongst other vampires when active. Worth 1 XP.  Dispels Sunshield when activated.
Vampiric Sense: Allows the player to toggle between vampiric eyesight (detect life & nighteye combined) and normal appearance by pressing a key (default is keypad +, but the player can change this).  Cannot be used when the player is in blood starvation (cravings above 100).  Worth 1 XP.  Dispels Sunshield when activated.
Vampiric Statistics: Displays a messagebox displaying If you have been infected with the Vampire Disease (and for how long) or not, whether you have been cured of vampirism, or your vampire statistics. Statistics include Days as a vampire, Vampire Experience, Vampire Level, Craving Level, Vampirism Showing, Recently Fed Sunblock time remaining. Default key is keypad -, but the player can change this. 
Dispel Vampire Powers: Dispels any active vampire powers on the player (such as sun shield, vampiric grace, shroud of shadows etc.) Default key is F12 but the player can change this.
Sun Shield: Allows the player to move freely in the sun for 120 seconds upon casting.  Reduces the players willpower, but increases the resistance to fire.  If the player is a Level 1 or 2 Vampire, all Vampire abilities are removed for the duration of the spell.  All active power effects are dispelled if the player is lower than a level 5 vampire.  If any vampire powers are used while sunshield is active (and the player is a level 4 or lower vampire) will dispel the sunshield effect.  Had some problems with this power crashing the game if cast when already active, so script will now remove the power when it is used, and re-add it once the time expires.  So don¡¦t bother binding a key to sunshield as it will be removed when you cast it.
Drain Corpse: Drains targeted corpse (non antronach or undead) of blood.  If the player is hungry (craving 2 or higher) it has the same effect as feeding also. Number of Blood Bottles acquired dependant on Target¡¦s maximum health. Each corpse can only be drained once.
Vampiric Grace: Dispels Rage & Insight when used. Increases the players Speed, Agility, Athletics and Acrobatics for 30 seconds. Magnitude determined by the player¡¦s vampire level.
Vampiric Rage: Dispels Grace & Insight when used. Increases the players Strength, Endurance, Hand to Hand and Fatigue for 30 seconds. Magnitude determined by the player¡¦s vampire level.
Vampiric Insight: Dispels Grace & Rage when used. Increases the players Intelligence, Willpower, and Magicka for 30 seconds. Magnitude determined by the player¡¦s vampire level.
Vampiric Charm: Charms the touched target by 50 points for 30 seconds.
Vampiric Suggestion: Charms the target to find the nearest bed and sleep for an hour. Chance of success at level 1 is 75%, at level 2 is 95%, and level 3 and up is 100%.  Chances decrease by 10 points if the targets will power is 50-74, 30 points it is 75-99 or 50 points if it is 100 or higher.
Vampiric Touch: Transfers Health, Magicka and Fatigue from the target to the player. Amount is determined by the target level versus the player level, as a percentage of how much the target has remaining.  IE, if the target has 200 health, the first use might drain 100 health, the next use would drain 50, the next 25, the next 12.5 etc.  Cravings reduced by an amount determined by the magnitude.  Feeds the player (but does not give blood empowerments) if the player is hungry (craving 2 or more).
Drain Life: Drains the target of all lifeforce (if successful), killing them, completely restoring health and fatigue of the player, and feeding the player if hungry (craving above 2).  Power can be used more times a day at higher levels. Chance of success is determined by the level of your opponent.  The higher their level compared to yours makes the chances of success lower. Daedra targets give greater benfits then other targets. Undead and antronach¡¦s can be drained of life force.
Vampiric Seduction: If successful, permanently modifies the touched NPC¡¦s disposition to 100 (makes them fall in love with you).  If unsuccessful, decreases their disposition and can never attempt to seduce again.  Decrease is determined by the NPC¡¦s gender.  Chances of success are determined by the following: Target¡¦s Race and Gender (male to female highest chance, female to female lower chance, male to male lowest chance) compared to the player¡¦s, player personality score, player fame & infamy, and player birthsign (if lover birthsign).  If the player lowers the successfully seduced NPC¡¦s dispositon in some way (failed bartering, attacking etc) they can seduce them again for an automatic success. Minimum disposition for a failed seduction is 10.  Does not include custom races.  Will not work if the target disposition is 10 or lower to begin with (instant failure).
Shroud Of Shadows: Fortifys sneak, adds chameleon (50 magnitude) and a shadowy mist surrounding the player for 120 seconds or until the player uses the power again.
Vampiric Shield 1: Shield 20 for 30 seconds.
Eye of Fear: Demoralises the target (50 magnitude) for 60 seconds.
Vampiric Aura: Charms the touched target by 50 points and rallys them (20 magnitude) for 30 seconds.
Vampiric Shield 2: Shield 40 for 30 seconds.
Temporal Shift: The player enters ¡§bullet time¡¨ for the duration of the power (or until the player uses the power again). Player¡¦s speed is also increased by 100 points.  Cannot be used if the player is already in Vampiric Adrenalin.  LATER VERSIONS WILL ALSO INCREASE EQUIPPED WEAPON SPEED
Configure Vampirism: Brings up the vampire config menu upon casting.  Allows the player to do the following;
Change the keys used for vampiric apperance, vampiric sense, vampiric statistics and dispel vampire powers.
Change the vampire age offset (increase or decrease to change age while in vampiric apperance).
Toggle Chameleon Refraction (predator effect) on or off.  This means when the player has the chameleon effect active, they will appear slightly translucent depending on the magnitude of the spell.  You may need to unequip an reequip a weapon for the effect to work properly.
CHEATS: There are a number of cheats including, contracting the vampire disease, becoming a level 1 vampire immediately, curing the vampire disease, curing vampirism (WARNING: if you do this you will never be able to become  vampire again), increasing / decreasing vampire experience, enabling / disabling scorn¡¦s vampirism, fix for other vampire mods.

Temporarily Removed;
Embrace: Allows the player to turn an NPC into a vampire companion.  The new vampire will retain all standard AI packages, skills and personality, but will now follow basic commands from the player (wait/follow).  LATER VERSIONS MAY GIVE MORE OPTIONS COMMANDS

Bugs, Issues & Mod Conflicts
This mod SHOULD be fairly clean as most of the scripting & spells are new and unique to the game.  It should only conflict with other mods that modify vampirism.  If you find any bugs or conflicts, please email me at  The only changes to vanilla oblivion are as follows:
„X	VampireFaction - added new relationships
„X	PlayerVampireFaction - added new relationships
„X	Vampire Cure Potion Script - modified to remove all of Scorn¡¦s Vampirism as well as standard
„X	Greetings/Hello - added flee/attack scripts when vampiric appearance showing
„X	Vampire Quest - changed from default vampire script to scorn¡¦s vampire script
Credits & Acknowledgements

Kiyoshi - For making the basis of this mod and inspiring me to make it better
Kai Hohiro - For his Bullet Time Mod script (TES Source)
JOG's Stealth Overhaul - For scripting info regarding key setup
Endrek ¡V For his Vampire Ashes mod which has been incorporated into this mod
AstralEclipse - For helping me with scripting and testing ļ
Change Log
Lowered chance of becoming sick when feeding from corpses to 15% (was 25%)
Removed limitation of corpses that can be fed from (can now feed from the lowliest of sewer rats)
Changed blood gain from feeding from corpses to a random amount equal to 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of their normal maximum health.  This is to account that some creatures would have been killed from blood loss (25%) or magic (100%) etc.
On very low level creatures, drain corpse does not give blood vials, but the player can still feed from the corpse
Changed all vampire powers to use Blood instead of Magicka.  The available blood (Blood Pool) is now viewable using the vampire stats key.
Removed magicka/blood cost from Drain Corpse.  However, if the player is sick from feeding, the cravings will still increase (using blood).

v2.0.2 BETA
Minor release. Fixed bug with bow zoom. None of the vampire hot keys will now work when the bow is equipped and drawn.

v2.0.1 BETA
Fixed Slayer spawn frequency. Now will check every 3 hours. 2% Chance of Slayer Spawn per Vampire level. Slayer¡¦s will spawn at most once every 24 hours.
Willpower now will be restored once the player is no longer craving/starving for blood
Multiple bugtesting messageboxes removed. Some replaced with normal messages.
Temporal Shift will now reset on player death so the game will not stay in ¡§bullet time¡¨ after dying.
Added ¡§Fix Game Speed¡¨ to the vampire dispel button (F12 by default)
Fixed Speed dropping to 0 after temporal shift ends
Reduced prices of bottles of blood
Fixed bug where player could still contract Poryphic Haemophilia as a vampire (Oblivion bug). If the player contracts it, it will be immediately removed.
Added Dremora, GoldenSaints and DarkSeducers to the list of Daedra for feeding
Blood Empowerment tweaked for balance. Removed Fatigue/Health/Magicka boosts for normal blood, and only kept Magicka boost for daedra blood. This is because health and fatigue should be increased anyway with the increase of player endurance.
Blood Empowerment would dissappear shortly after being gained when feeding from corpses. Fixed.
Player will now burst into flame upon death.
All vamp powers now have descriptions for script effects (eg Boosts Strength, Athletics etc etc)
Added personaility boost to Vampiric Attributes
Drain Corpse power tweaked: Now does not completely feed the player. The amount of cravings reduced will be determined by the corpses maximum hit points (when alive). Eg, if a corpse normally has 200 hp when allive, 100 craving points will be removed. If there is 50 or more points left over, blood bottles will be added to the player¡¦s inventory. There is now a 25% chance when feeding from corpses that the blood will be ¡§spoiled¡¨ and will cause the player to collapse to the ground wretching, and will increase cravings by a random amount between 1 & 20 (due to the amount of blood vomitted).
Paralyse removed from vampiric touch (too overpowering). Now cannot be used constantly either. At level 1, the player can only use it once per hour, at level 2 oncer every 45 minutes, 30 minutes at level 3, 15 at level 4, 12 at 5, 9 at 6 and 6 at 7.

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