Sentient Weapon

A wandering weaponsmith gives you an offer- he'll make you a sentient weapon if you can just get him all the materials. It promises to be p...

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File Description

A wandering weaponsmith gives you an offer- he'll make you a sentient weapon if you can just get him all the materials. It promises to be powerful, but also potentially comical as the weapon will audibly comment on your adventures as you go.

You will get to choose between three different personalities:

Fred the Coward, who is an eternal pessimist. Sample: Atkivir the Murderer, who delights in misery and killing. Sample: Samson the (wanna be) Hero, who's just a regular guy and isn't terribly special. Sample:

Each personality also has mildly different combat abilities, but this is especially true if you make a critical hit (which are fairly rare). A critical hit from Fred might make the enemy run away, one from Atkivir deals heavy damage, and one from Samson cripples their combat abilities.

You may also choose to take all three personalities- in which case they will go back and forth over control of the weapon.

Version 2.0, released April 28, 2006. Big update! * Added 250+ more weapon voice lines! * Added unsheathing effect, along with new voices for this. Removed yellow glow effect. * Added player ability gain when using weapon. This was in place before, but did not announce itself, now it does. * Increased the base value of all weapons, and also increased durability of all weapons by 15-20%. * Increased magical hit damage of all weapons. They now do 30% more damage on a magic strike. * Added new situational voices, and voices for weapon when not in use. * Added a subtle change in original quest. * Changed the "marble" part of the quest. It is no longer possible to lose the marble. (I should've done it this way from the start, I knew that problem might occur). * Changed the wording for the marble hilt and the mithril bar quests. * Added bows to the choice of weapons! * Added the option to have all three personalities on a weapon! Each one will have control for a period of time. * Added weapon frenzy! Your weapon may get tired of it all and go berserk. Tri-personality weapons can still do this, but less often. * Removed two dialogue conflicts from previous version (they weren't altered before, but marked as so needlessly). * Greatly increased the chance of a weapon talking.

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