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A wandering weaponsmith gives you an offer- he'll make you a sentient weapon if you can just get him all the materials. It promises to be p...


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A wandering weaponsmith gives you an offer- he'll make you a sentient weapon if you can just get him all the materials. It promises to be powerful, but also potentially comical as the weapon will audibly comment on your adventures as you go.

You will get to choose between three different personalities:

Fred the Coward, who is an eternal pessimist. Sample: Atkivir the Murderer, who delights in misery and killing. Sample: Samson the (wanna be) Hero, who's just a regular guy and isn't terribly special. Sample:

Each personality also has mildly different combat abilities, but this is especially true if you make a critical hit (which are fairly rare). A critical hit from Fred might make the enemy run away, one from Atkivir deals heavy damage, and one from Samson cripples their combat abilities.

You may also choose to take all three personalities- in which case they will go back and forth over control of the weapon.

You have the choice of single or double handed blade or blunt, as well as bows. You will be given the option to pick a single weapon personality, or have it randomly rotate between all three. Fred now gives you an extra defense, Atkivir does more magical damage and Samson does magical damage more frequently. When a weapon's miniquest is completed, they get more bonuses, and these bonuses increase the more of the weapon's hated enemy you defeat. These miniquests will start themselves after using the weapon for a period of time. Once a quest is started, the weapon will not switch to another personality (assuming you have the tri-weapon.) (Note that Atkivir's quest will cause your infamy and bounty to go up...)

When you receive your weapon, you will also get a Talk to the Weapon spell. Casting this gives you many options. You may increase or decrease the weapon's chat frequency. You may toggle the weapon's health damaging ability, in case you have companion NPC's. You may sacrifice mana regeneration to increase your weapon's damage, proc frequency, or both. Note that if your mana ever runs out, the weapon charge features will cancel out and it will go back to normal.

Weapons may occasionally frenzy. When this occurs, you have a short period where every hit done by the weapon will have a special effect. You may also notice this effect when hitting a weapon's hated enemy. The more of these enemies you hurt or kill, the more powerful the weapon becomes, both in damage and enchantments. It will take more than a few kills for this to occur, just keep at it.

Weapons never need to be recharged, that's one of the benefits. Their magical damage also scales with your level. The higher level you get, the more damage they do per hit (this goes by pure character level, not by any skill.) Weapons also have a slight chance of doing a critical hit, which may do great damage (or in the case of Fred, may make them run away!)

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