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What This Does

This mod removes the Pauldrons (shoulder armor) from the Cuirasses and adds them to...


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What This Does

This mod removes the Pauldrons (shoulder armor) from the Cuirasses and adds them to the game as separate pieces of armor. Pauldrons can be found on NPCs, for sale by merchants and in certain (usually quest related) locations. The Pauldrons will now take the Ring slots, so you will not be able to have Pauldrons and Rings equipped at the same time. I recommend 'Unlimited Amulets & Rings' by timmypod to get around this limitation.

All gauntlets set to 'Hide Rings' have been altered to allow Pauldrons to show. I also edited the arena quest for integration reasons. See Uninstallation section for details of Cuirasses altered by this mod (most).

Future Plans

- Fix the rigging on the Steel and Blackwood Cuirass. - Maybe make a Bound Pauldrons Spell. - Implement method for maniquin/companion support.

Version History

1.1 - Stopped auto-equipping script running on player. - Fixed player getting freebee Pauldrons to match the cuirass. - Removed unused Female Dwarven Cuirass mesh (meshes\Armor\dwarven\f\cuirass.nif).

1.0 - Initial release.

0.x - Internal testing versions.


Copy or extract all the files contained in the archive into your Oblivion/data/ directory.


Remove these folders: textures\menus\icons\P1Dseperates\ textures\menus50\icons\P1Dseperates\ textures\menus80\icons\P1Dseperates\ meshes\Armor\P1Dseperates\

And remove these files: P1DseparatesPauldrons.esp meshes\Armor\Steel\M\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\orcish\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\orcish\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\mithril\m\cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\mithril\f\cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\legiondragon\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\legion\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\legion\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\leather\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\iron\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\iron\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\imperialwatch\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\imperialpalace\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\glass\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\glass\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\elven\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\elven\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\ebony\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\ebony\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\dwarven\m\cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\daedric\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\daedric\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\championlight\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\championlight\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\champion\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\champion\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\blades\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\blades\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\blackwood\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenalightyellow\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenalightyellow\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenalightblue\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenalightblue\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenaheavyyellow\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenaheavyyellow\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenaheavyblue\m\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\arenaheavyblue\f\Cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\amelionceremonial\m\cuirass.nif meshes\Armor\amelionceremonial\f\cuirass.nif

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