Sheogorath's Master Craft 2

This mod enhances the amazing Mart's Monster Mod by added a l...


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This mod enhances the amazing Mart's Monster Mod by added a large array of crafting. Runes and runic metals are scattered around Cyrodiil and you have a chance to find crafting material in any container. These metals can be fused to make runes, socketed weapons, and armor, and the runes can be used with the socketed items to create very powerful enchanted items.

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Sheogorath's "Master Craft Mod 2"

So I've enabled the mod, what do I do now?
My advice is to search all the shops in cyrodiil first and gather as many tools and runes as possible. Then you should go 

hunting for what you didn't find.

Still searching... whats wrong?
If you get frustrated because you can't find that 1 last tool to make your crafting work, then your missing the point of this 

mod. It's supposed to be hard and take a few dungeon runs.

Best way to play
This mod is very tricky, if you are a low level, you are more likely to find items in shops, but if your a low level who 

doesn't cheat then you probly don't have much money, so go find some! If you are a higher level(about 15 or above) tools and 

runes will less likely spawn in shops and more fequently in enemies, your probly used to this kind of work if your an 

oblivion veteran

How long before I can start crafting?
This is dependant on how you can pillage dungeons and camps. The most likely to spawn runes and tools are goblins, so try to 

look for them. Litterally anything in the game has a chance to spawn a rune or tool but it seems that goblins are the most 

frequent to spawn these things. In this new version you will find a new shop called "Runic Roots" where tools will be sold, 

it's located next to the Imperial City Stables.

What will I find?
Socketed shields, socketed cuirass, socketed gauntlets, socketed boots, socketed greaves, and socketed weapons.
Just extract it to oblivion/data
Enable the Master-Crafting-1.1-mmm.ESP
Please install Mart's Monster Mod 3.0 for this mod to work

I have played through it and couldn't find any. Please comment if you do find one.
MUST HAVE Mart's Monster Mod 3 and OBSE
What's New?
Oh my goodnes... so much.
-Added 12 new runewords
-Raw Runic Metal
-Enchantment Cores
-Rune Fusion Crafting(Runic Metal to Weapons/Armors/runes/Cores)
-Rune Defusion Crafting(Weapons/Armor to Runic Metals)
-Socketed Greaves
-Socketed Boots
-Socketed Gauntlets
-Voice Acting for rune merchant Horvias Matron
-New Special enchantments and spells
-New Meshes and Textures for all armors and weapons
-Added new hidden "item set" bonus "Warlock"

Special thanks to the Oblivion Voice Actors Guild for providing voice acting.

Cerberus Mods of course!



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