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If you've already seen the videos of this mod, you will hav...


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If you've already seen the videos of this mod, you will have seen how amazing it is.

Basically, it allows you to use runes to create weapons using a variety of tools found in the dungeon's of Cyrodiil. Even though it's at beta stage, it's extremely polished and adds some very cool effects. See for yourself above or, better yet, experience this wonderful mod yourself by downloading it here. Enjoy!


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Download '' (2.59MB)

Heres the Release for Non Mart's Monster Mod users.

I would like you to read this before downloading.

Just extract it to oblivion/data
Enable the Master-Crafting-1.02-Beta.ESP

So I've enabled the mod, what do I do now?
My advice is to search all the shops in cyrodiil first and gather as many tools and runes as possible. Then you should go hunting for what you didn't find.

Still searching... whats wrong?
If you get frustrated because you can't find that 1 last tool to make your crafting work, then your missing the point of this mod. It's supposed to be hard and take a few dungeon runs.

Best way to play
This mod is very tricky, if you are a low level, you are more likely to find items in shops, but if your a low level who doesn't cheat then you probly don't have much money, so go find some! If you are a higher level(about 15 or above) tools and runes will less likely spawn in shops and more fequently in enemies, your probly used to this kind of work if your an oblivion veteran

How long before I can start crafting?
This is dependant on how quickly you have you can pillage dungeons and camps. Litterally anything in the game has a chance to spawn a rune or tool.

What will I find?
This is the beta, so the only thing you are able to craft runewords are Socketed Weapons and Socketed Cuirass.

How is this different from Master-Craft-1.0-beta-MMM.esp?
This version is almost the same thing except it is only injected into the standard loot in oblivion. You will notice considerably less finds, this is mostly because there are less enemies and less loot per enemy in the standard oblivion game than MMM

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