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Welcome to the new modder, and say hello to some new playable races!

If you have the Shivering Isles Expansion pack, then you will most l...


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Welcome to the new modder, and say hello to some new playable races!

If you have the Shivering Isles Expansion pack, then you will most likely know of the Golden Saints, Dark Seducers and the Knights of Order. Well, now you can choose to play as a Golden Saint, Dark Seducer or Daedra (yes, also Daedra or Dremora).

The mod also allows you to wear the Knight of Order armor, but it has some bugs (see readme). The mod also allows you to wear the Golden Saint, Dark Seducer armor long before they are unlocked. I think Daedric armor is also unlocked, but I haven't had the time to play through this mod (cousins are over) so I don't really know.

There are a few bugs for the Knight of Order armor, but fixes for those are hopefully going to be made in the next version, hinted by the author.

So all you Shivering Isles fans, those who have a Daedra at heart, Dark Seducers on the mind and a hint of Golden Saint on your breath this is your mod.

Download and enjoy!


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Download '' (669KB)

 ==========THE ELDER SCROLLS IV================                                                                
=========SHIVERING ISLES MEGAPACK 1.0===============   
       ===by CoughCoughShitShit===                            EMAIL(

Thanks to: PC ACTION, the best pc mag in the world and Thomas, for showin me how to mod this game                                              


  Hey guys, This is my first mod and the first version of it so I hope you find it satisfying. It's basically a mod for the Shivering
Isles that enables the dark seducer, golden saint and daedra races. It also lets you use knights of the order armor (see bugs) and 
dark seducer and golden saint armor before they are 'unlocked'. In other words, you will be getting the armor anyway but you need
to have gotten pretty far in the game to. Daedric armor cannot just be picked up from daedra corpses also, so this mod lets you do just that.

-DLCShiveringIsles.esp (The Shivering Isles expansion pack)
-Oblivion.esp (The actual Oblivion game)

------Known Bugs-------------
-Since Knights of the order armor was never meant to be worn, the first person view will not show the hands of the player. There will
just be a sword in midair. I can't fix that because im not that experienced, but i'll try. Don't worry about third person view, though,
there it loods fine.
-There are no icons in the inventory for the knights of the order armor, i'll try fixing that too.
 Any other bugs that you find make sure to tell me at

 Very simple, just put the Shivering_Isles_Megapack.esp in your oblivion data folder and tick it in the launcher data list screen.
(My Computer/Os:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data)

----Possible Game and Installation Problems--------
-If you can't gain access to your OS or Program Files because a sign is there saying that the files are hidden then there is only
one very basic thing to do: Click on show hidden file:). Just don't mess around with the stuff TOO much, you might screw up your 
-If the mod isn't working, check if you ticked it in the launcher data list.
-You might need to have a file decompressing program like winrar to even open the mod folder but I dont think so.
-If you wanna change your race you can just press ~ to open the console (on most pc's over the left TAB button) and type in 
ShowRaceMenu and press ENTER. That will take you to the race and appearance menu. However, if you are planning to start a new game
with a race in my mod from the very beggining, you will have to have a mod/utility called Custom Race Fix, by a modder named KyneTarse.
It can be downloaded from When you are in the prison
in the beggining of the game the dark elf in the cell next to you says something to you. This triggers Uriel Septim and his Blades
to come and free you. If you are not one of the game's default races he won't talk and you won't be freed. Thats why its important
for you to download custom race fix. I know most people won't know what to do because they didn't read the readme.

 This mod is to be posted for download only at and if is to be posted anywhere else by someone othar than
me I am to be notified beforehand for permission. 

---Things to be improved for version 1.2:---------
-Knight's of the order armor will have a more realistic defense as now it is very high.
-I will try as hard as i can to make the hands for knights of the order armor in 1st person mode.
-I will try as hard as i can to make an icon for the knights of the order armor in the inventory.

Any more bugs to report or questions or problems you got, don't hesitate to ask, just send me an email(written above).
PS:Anyone wanna see some videos i got, my account on youtube is CoughCoughShitShit! (duh)

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