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This incredible mod is back again, and this update makes it even better. Now your block skill is taken into account, as well as how good you...


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This incredible mod is back again, and this update makes it even better. Now your block skill is taken into account, as well as how good your shield is. Make no mistake, I genuinely am a fan of this mod, and I urge you to d/l.


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Download 'spelldeflection2.1.rar' (17KB)

Spell Deflection 2.1

A mod for TESIV: Oblivion

Author: Omzy
email: osamarah@gmail.com
(please, no silly emails)

1.0 Release Date- June 6th, 2007
2.0 Release Date- June 11th, 2007
2.1 Release Date- June 14th, 2007

See http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/User:Omzy for download information.
*This mod requires OBSE v0011 to function.<-----------
OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender) is a 3rd party application that allows additional script functions to be performed on the game, meaning more mod possibilities. Without OBSE, this mod would be completely impossible, so thanks to the writers!
See http://obse.silverlock.org/ for information on how to install OBSE without problems.

-Thanks to all the modders at BethSoft forums for the support and advice on this release.
-Also, this mod is fully compatible with Skycaptain's Deadly Reflex mod, which adds an additional challenge, as it makes you have to catch incoming spells instead of simply keeping your shield up and waiting for them.
-Got some help on the alpha transparency option from DragoonWraith.

*NEW in 2.1
-Gave the player the option to change alpha transparency while blocking. The default value is 0.5. This can be increased by holding the (+) key or decreased by holding the (-) key. (These keys are located on the main keyboard, not the keypad.)

*NEW in 2.0
-Accuracy rating included. The higher your block skill, the more accurate your aiming.
-Not every attempt to block a spell will be successful. This is dependent on your block skill. At around 10 block skill, the chance of success is about 33%. At 100 block skill, it is about 90%
-Shield is slightly damaged for each successful deflection. The higher the shield's defense, the less it is damaged.
-Basically, if you have low block skill and have a crappy shield, the effect will be out of control and will actually hurt more than help, since you could otherwise evade the spell. As you increase in block skill and shield defense value, the effect will be more under control and will actually begin to help if you have the skills to use it and aim the deflection well. At higher block skill and shield defense values, there is still a chance of failure, but it is minimized and your ability to deflect spells can significantly enhance your chances of survival.

-Persistent references used so as not to create bloated save-games
-Cleaned up code a lot by making more stage functions and condensing redundant code

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where the effect didn't work outside of the test cell
-Fixed many small things that number too many to remember

Effect Enhancements
-Made it so that your shield turns partially transparent during blocking so that you can better aim deflections. This eliminates the necessity for a specially-sized shield. Now it is easy to use any shield with this mod.

1) Unpack SpellDeflection2.0.rar.
This can be unpacked with many utilities, but WinRAR is the most appropriate. You can find WinRAR at www.rarlab.com. The website suggests that you buy it, but the free version they supply is sufficient.
2) Copy the contents of the archive into your Oblivion folder
Don't worry, the data folder will not replace the existing folder; it will only update it with the new files contained inside.
3) Run OblivionLauncher.exe, which can be found in the Oblivion directory. Do not press &quot;Play&quot; at the screen. Press &quot;Data Files&quot;, put a check next to SpellDeflection.esp, and then press &quot;Exit&quot;.
4) Run obse_loader.exe
If you read the OBSE installation instructions fully, you should have no problem at this point. The game should load up fine and you should be on your way.

*Test it for yourself!
The effects of this mod can be tested easily by going to my test cell, which I have so conveniently not deleted for your pleasure. To enter the test cell:
1) Save your game, you cannot get out easily
2) Open the console with the ~ key
3) Type coc SpellDeflectionTESTCell
4) Look around
You should see that there are several spells flinging themselves from the walls, just practice deflecting them with any shield.

*Q&A (NEW Content for 2.0)

What's inside?
    This mod gives the player an ability that allows him/her to use any shield to deflect almost every targeted enemy spell. The player's current screen target (the location of the crosshair) determines the direction that the spell is deflected back. This means that if an enemy casts a spell at you, you could effectively deflect it with your shield back to the same enemy or even a different enemy, depending on where you are looking. Your shield actually becomes a spell mirror.

How do I get this ability after installing the mod?
    The ability is automatically added.

Will this unbalance my game?
    This mod is meant to remedy something that was originally missing in vanilla Oblivion. I have done everything in my power to make it cool without unbalancing the game and only improving gameplay. I spent many hours on the forums conversing about how to make this mod more balanced, and I believe the finished product is solid. See the v2.0 release notes above to see the game-balancing changes that I have made. If you find any issues about balance, please email me at the email link provided above.

How come the effect doesn't always work and my shields are breaking so fast?
    Stop crying. Some of the changes incorporated in v2.0 added these features to improve the realism and balance of gameplay. Without them, there would be no challenge. The effect works better if you have higher block skill and a better shield. I spent considerable time tweaking the functions that determine accuracy and success so that they meet these criteria.

How will this affect the Oblivion experience?
    As we all know, Oblivion's open-endedness gives it tremendous replay value. We beat it once and then return and play with mods to make the gameplay more unique and fun for us. This is one of those mods that will completely revamp the combat system by giving the player an additional tactical challenge that will make combat more interesting. If you become skilled with the shield you can actually improve your chances of survival by dispatching enemies more quickly with their own firepower. Suppose you are in a den of goblins that has a fire-casting shaman. You now have the option of hitting the shaman with an arrow from afar and deflecting his ranged spells back onto his companions. Doing this successfully requires good aim and well-placed combat maneuvers.

Any bugs?
    You tell me, I fixed everything that I saw. If you find any bugs that actually hinder the effectiveness of the mod, please do report them to my talk page and email. If you see something once in a blue moon that cannot be replicated and does not give reason for concern, consider it an egg and don't bother telling me about it. 

Where did you get the idea?
    I took the idea from Zelda, Ocarina of Time's Mirror Shield. Don't worry, that doesn't mean this is a 'themed' mod, because it is not. The effect is there without all the advertising and drama. I was really impressed with the idea of the Mirror Shield and was even more impressed with what it might be like in Oblivion. 

What was the development process like?

Is this an FAQ or something? Are you really that pretentious to ask yourself this many questions?
    Don't chastise me, I just felt like typing words instead of script functions for a while. 

*Additional Information

For my bio and other mods, see http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/User:Omzy

If you are interested in modding for yourself, http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/Main_Page
has everything you need.

*Legal Agreement

Do not redistribute, rerelease, or join this mod with any others without my permission. Send all requests to osamarah@gmail.com

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